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    Congratulations on, and thank you for, “Hot Tub Karada”. The girls’ antics are fun. The videography is beautiful and the whole thing is another wonderful example of the crazy imagination I love RE for. OK, the music was a little loud for my taste but I guess you couldn’t resist the relevance of the words.

    When Ariel and Penny started talking about swimming with their legs tied, I immediately thought of mermaids and the two mermaid tails my wife and I have recently acquired. These may not be rope or bondage as you understand them but they are perfectly effective in preventing the legs moving independently.

    My first picture shows Ariel wearing the gold one but without the “monofin” swimming blade. We were on tour at the time and the car was already heavily laden so we couldn’t bring them with us. The blue bed that had been installed in “China” when we visited seemed a suitably coloured background and the oversized fake chains gave this “captured mermaid” a sort of nautical feeling.

    My second picture shows Scarlot Rose with the multi-coloured tail including fin shot at our house.

    We will be taking both tails, with fins, to Spain next month when we expect Scarlot and Rachelle Summers will have great fun swimming with legs held together. We also hope for some shots of little mermaids sitting on the rocks. We will be on a glamour holiday, not bondage, but we may also take those heavy dummy chains with us. Ariel does make them look so good.

    And we could always throw Ariel in our river next time she visits us. 😉


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