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    I rated these sets as 1-2 stars, but a few changes would have had me liking them a lot more. In order from most to least important:

    1. NO SHOES! Keeping Tillie barefoot throughout all four sets would have been a big boost.

    2. More bondage! One way to do this would be to keep Tillie in leg irons or ankle-hobbles, except for the brief periods where they needed to come off for the costume change. Better yet, keep her in leg irons plus handcuffs, with only one of the two coming off at any one time, as needed for the costume change.

    3. Short sleeves or sleeveless for the “cheerleader” costume. Maybe the silver top could have been left off entirely.

    Overall, I have to call the series a nifty concept, but with bleah execution.



    I entirely agree with you, but the execution was largely out of our control as this was a custom photoshoot.

    The customer paid for a whole day’s shoot covering the costs of Tillie, Ariel, me, and Michael Stamp (who helped out shooting some behind the scenes footage which he’s currently editing). They also bought all the costumes. So of course we did the best we could to satisfy their requirements, and they specified the shoes and the emphasis on the changing as well as the bondage.

    I don’t propose to turn RE into a customs-funded site by any means but it is hard to turn down offers like that when they come along. The difference it makes to the economics of shoots can be considerable.

    Cheers, Hywel



    “Custom photoshoot” OK, somehow I missed that part. It does put a completely different complexion on things: I can’t bring myself to blame anyone when a custom photoshoot is done the way the customer wants.



    Hywel explained to me about another custom shoot where the shoes stayed on. When I saw these I instantly thought, “Custom shot”.

    I too would like to see a shoeless cheerleader get restrained. It was always a treat to spot a cheerleader in uniform but without her shoes in school. And if you’re like me, and I know I sure am, you always want to tie up a pretty barefoot lady.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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