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    Hi Hywel, Ariel, Kate, Belle, and everybody else here.

    I joined R.E a few months back before i got injured and i think i managed to catch it before it ran out at the end of the month, but i missed it on the following renewal date, (i can’t afford the auto renew one).

    Now i tried to log in as myself “VE” so i could just pay for another month and get on, but it wouldn’t let me in without a subscription, so i figured my account was dead, so i tried to Register as “VE” again, but it said another member already has that name, which of course is me.

    Is there a way for me to continue with the “VE” account or do i have to keep new user name “VM” now please?
    As an aside, if Hywel sees this…

    Please, oh great lens god, we beseech thee to send unto us, more video’s than we could shake a stick at, of lovely Belle.
    Especially longer ones where she adlibs, because i love it when she makes s*** up as she goes along, she has a talent for comic acting, so she’s funny as well as sexy. You gotta love Belle because erm, well because it’s Belle. Makes me laugh like a drain when she says: “I Won’t Doidagaaain!”.

    So more Belle being funny would be my R.E new years wish.

    I hope EVERYONE involved in the sites and community have a happy warm safe Christmas/Yule, and a better more prosperous new year with everything that you’d wish yourselves.
    (And lots more of Belle being very very naughty). 🙂
    Greetz & Big Hugz from VE in Bristol. Xo. VE




    I think I’ve replied directly via Email to the first question, but in case I haven’t… your forum membership is independent of your website members’ area membership. You can stay and post and read stuff here on the forum regardless of whether you are current an RE member or not. The usernames are independent.

    Unfortunately, there’s no new material of Belle- she retired about 10 years ago!

    Cheers, Hywel Phillips

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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