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    I’d love to get some 3d video, particularly of some of your more 3d models, such as Hannah Claydon… 🙂 Fuji makes a pretty decent point and shoot 3d 720p camera in the FujiFilm w3, available through amazon for as little as $200 on sale. See Youtube for what it can do. You’d need to add Software to reencode the W3’s dual stream motion jpeg as a side-by-side mp4, but this can be cheaply done using Magix Movie Edit Pro 17 plus. This is available for tens of dollars now, because it’s not the latest version. It works great, though.

    Make this a beta/bonus/extra and market it as such (you aren’t going to get Avatar quality from inexpensive equipment) but I’d love to see it. Give Ariel the camera while you’re shooting, and just let her video candids. Don’t even work hard on editing them, since only a fraction of your audience will see them. Again, a bonus, not a primary product.

    I was drawn into your site over some other competitors by how cool it was to be able to have the full medium format photos in all their resolution. This 3d would be another cool technical hook to snag people who dig state of the art technology in addition to your beautiful and erotic work. And if it turns out that people are joining just for that, then take a look at upgrading equipment later. There’s only a couple of other sites on the web regularly shooting adult material in native 3d. None that I know of in the fetish arena. You could be an early entrant in what should be a growing market.


    Hi Wrapper,

    Interesting idea! 3D is something I’m keeping an eye on. I don’t think many people have the capability to view 3D footage, but you are right that looking into some of the cheap and cheerful 3D camcorders might let us experiment and beta test to be ahead of the pack.

    I suspect my “image quality fetish” may drive me mad with low-end kit, but as a bonus it is worth looking into.

    Cheers, Hywel.



    Just watched a feature on the Gadget Show about 3D camcorders… http://gadgetshow.channel5.com/gadget-show/bestbuys/camcorders/3d-camcorders
    I figure it will be like digital cameras were – they will be sub quality and expensive for a bit until it levels out in a couple of years time…. fun though!! x


    I guess 3D is on its way so anyone making video has to think about filming in 3D so that their library is usable once everyone expects it. I realise I might even be able to watch it now that I have been forced to buy a new tv set and all large ones come 3D ready and capable of watching stuff from the internet. Speaking entirely selfishly, however, it is of no use to me because I have poor vision so that if I sit at the optimum viewing distance for 3D, I see nothing at all.

    C’est la vie.


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