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    Hi All,

    It’s your turn to listen to some of our suggestions and give us some feedback for whether you’d like to see it.

    Have a look at my latest blog post about two potential new “occasional series” of videos we’re thinking of trying out for RE. I provisionally call them “maximum bondage” and “politically incorrect”… details here:

    Let us know what you think!

    Cheers, Hywel.



    My thoughts:

    o I’m really not big into video, so I’m not the target audience for a video series.

    o I would like to see some still sets of “maximum bondage,” depending on the details. In particular I would like to see some sets where the model is heavily tied in a “skeletal mummification” sort of tie, or well strapped down to some object. I’m not so keen on suspensions or on contorted ties that look (and are) uncomfortable.

    o A rule of thumb for what I’d like to see might be “the tie allows the model to relax or go limp, but not to move very much at all if she tries to struggle.” The only problem is that this is not what you’re thinking of for “maximum bondage.” You’ve said that you want the sort of bondage that a model can’t stay in for very long.

    o Maybe more spreadeagle ties – a quick search showed only one set currently on RE. Or some creative variant of the classic spreadeagle tie.

    o For “political incorrectness” I’ll cheerfully go along with (fictional) sexism and male chauvinism, but I’d like to keep mean-spiritedness and cruelty out of it. There is a difference between sexism and misogyny. Or between racism and race-hatred, e.g. the old joke: “I don’t understand all this hatred towards blacks. Why, my grandpa, he owned a black couple, and they were just two of the nicest people.”

    o So I’d like it better if the bad guys are affably evil in their political incorrectness. Rather than have the bad guys rant (“ON YOUR KNEES, BITCH! ON YOUR KNEES LIKE THE WORTHLESS CUNT YOU ARE!”) it would be more – dare I say it – elegant for them to be polite, friendly, and at least superficially kind even as they put their victims through a decidedly non-consensual scenario. They just need a calm, unshakable belief that there is nothing wrong about holding women captive against their well.

    o One “politically incorrect” scenario might be “the best thing to do with female criminals is to train & sell them as sex slaves – not only for the safety of society, but for the criminals’ own good.” The storyline can then be about how this is applied without a gram of punitiveness in it:

    “I’ll have to insist that you wear this ball-gag, Kate.”

    “No! Ga-mmmph! Mmmmtph!”

    “Please stop trying to spit it out. You’ll only make your tongue sore.”

    “Mmm mmmph mmm mmm mmmph!”

    “Yes, my dear, I know you’re angry now. But trust me, a time will come when you look back and see how foolish your are being.”


    “Just sit back and relax. That’s better. Now lets see how long you can remain quiet.”


    A few thoughts (OK, additional thoughts, that’s me on the Blog) on the general use of occasional series and/or special designations. Hope this helps.

    I totally support the idea of trying to prevent anyone feeling surprised by the contents of a video or photoset. I suspect many people who visit or join sites like RE are nervous about what they are doing generally and can be quite paranoid about the thought of downloading something unexpected (even if, objectively, not that bad). A special designation for a type of video (as with “RE Nights”) can help.

    There are, however, other ways of avoiding surprises. A problem with a general series title like “RE Nights” or “Politically Incorrect” is that the classification is very subjective. I may feel surprised by something not called “RE Nights” and relaxed by something that is. An alternative would be to mark individual sets or videos with factual keywords like “contains spanking”; “contains bastinado”; “uses non-consensual plot” etc

    The classification of the latest video update, “Taped, Gagged and Groped” is an interesting example. I can understand why it is classified “Nights” but actually found it a delightful, warming video. This may be because I was prepared by the warning but I think the more important factor was that (like anyone who reads anything at all on the site) I know the participants are, in real life, a loving husband and wife.

    A quite different reason for a special series classification may be as a marketing tool to attract a certain type of potential member. That’s for Hywel to know what groups he thinks the series could attract – or that he’d want.



    I am all in favor of RE trying different things.

    I do have an idea for the maximum bondage idea.
    What about showing the setup and rigging to make the scene longer.
    I remember the videos of chanta tying up ariel, I found them very interesting.

    The damsel is locked in a room with a dom/bondage rigger whose job is to strip her and bind her in the maximum position.

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