Scarlett’s Second Session: Submission

Starring: Scarlett Foxett, Hywel Phillips
Keywords: slave training, submission, dom/sub, bondage, BDSM, spanking, slave training, remote control vibrator, edging, made to cum, forced orgasm, outdoors, intimate
Running time: 1 hour 13 minutes
A film by Hywel Phillips
Crew: Steve



1080p Full HD, whole movie

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Scarlett’s Second Session Submissive Training (PART ONE, VID0790A, 4K MP4)

Scarlett’s Second Session Remote Control Vibe Edging (PART TWO, VID0790B, 4K MP4)

Scarlett’s Second Session Spanked to Orgasm (PART THREE, VID0790C, 4K MP4)

Scarlett’s Second Session aka Scarlett’s Submissive Session

After that first dynamite meeting, neither of them could sleep. They had to see each other again. One BDSM session was not going to be enough! In Scarlett it had awakened desires and fantasies held in secret for years. In her dom, it had reminded him of why he loves BDSM. They’d soon exchanged emails and arranged a dinner date. Meeting, greeting and eating passed in a total blur. Neither of them really tasted the food. He was eager to start, but was not going to spoil the mood by jumping in too soon. She was desperate for him to take control, to make her submit and surrender again. Main course finally finished, at last he turned the conversation to bondage, dominance, submission.

He told her of the many roles that people can enjoy. Dominants, submissives, tops, bottoms, masochists, primal hunters and hunted, humiliation, degradation. Their first session had established that she loved and craved physical stimulation from spanking, being tied, toyed with, teased, punished, bastinado’d, nipple clamped. All of those sensations would come into play again in due course. But what of the emotional arc? What of the head-space? What was the context of the pleasure and pain? He asked her which sounded interesting to her… breathlessly, she gave the only possible answer. “All of them!”

It was the answer he was sure she would give. He decided to begin with an identity he felt sure she would immerse herself in and enjoy: SUBMISSION.

“We’ve finished our main course. It’s time for desert. I want you to bring in some dessert to serve me. There’s a trifle through in the kitchen, bring that through and serve it to me. You will be handcuffed while you do it. And you will serve it to me on yourself. I will eat the trifle from the soles of your feet. Of course, that means your feet must remain clean- so you must do this task without your soles touching the floor, so you will do it on your hands and knees. Stand up and strip, then remove your shoes.”

She stands, and obeys. She removes her satin wrap dress and stands before him naked. He locks her wrists behind her with heavy steel Clejuso cuffs, double locked to make sure they cannot tighten and cause her pain. Her first task is to remove her shoes – surprisingly awkward with hands cuffed behind you and under orders not to let your soles touch the floor for so much as an instant! She laughs as she realises the challenge he has set for her, and sets to with determination. She has to fall to her knees, but the floor is very hard- he has anticipated this and stands right in front of her to guide her gently to her knees before him. “Why don’t you clear away the plates and cutlery first?” he says, framing her strict orders as a friendly request. From her knees and with hands cuffed behind it isn’t so trivial to collect the plates, but she manages.

“Oh, and the kitchen door is only unlocked at the bottom. You’ll have to bow as you go through.” She makes her way through to the kitchen to perform her task with good humor, as he leans back in the chair to drink in the view of her trim shoulders, slender waist, round bum and beautiful bare feet as she does his bidding. Back she comes with trifle and serving spoon. “I think you should clear away these glasses”. He says. She shoots him a momentary glare. Bastard! of course he let her go through the whole rigmarole only to send her through it again! It is a game, after all, and he likes the view.

When she gets back there’s a little puzzle – how to get herself onto the table without touching her feet to the floor? She asks if she can be inventive. Of course! Up she goes, and with her usual style and poise she soon has his dessert ready to serve on her soles. He digs in with a spoon, exerting firm but pleasant pressure. But there’s cream and custard everywhere and he needs to lick his “plate” clean. The sensation of having her feet licked and then firmly massaged while she is naked on a table, handcuffed and submissive drives Scarlett’s subby desires absolutely WILD. She is soon moaning and gasping at his every touch. I love it when a plan comes together!

Time to step it up. Thus far they have not done anything overtly sexual together, but it is obvious that submission and sexuality are deeply intertwined. Time to see how she takes to sexual submission. He pulls out a strange pink vibrator with a little tail… she yelps in surprise as he uses his phone to turn the vibrations on. It seems VERY strong! And the tail is a receiver so that it can be controlled remotely. He orders to her to go and insert it and head out for a walk. He will control the stimulation of the lovense vibrator as they walk.

They head out into the gardens and the grounds of the house, stopping off to look down into the forest. As Scarlett bends over he triggers the vibe. She jumps and yelps and laughs as the sensations hit. And what if anyone sees? “That’s got some treble to it” she gasps as she grabs his arm and digs in her fingernails for grip to steady herself as the vibrations rocket through her. The expressions on her face are ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!

They find some old dog houses in the grounds and Scarlett goes in to explore. “I quite like it in here!” she says. Then “Oh my god!” as he turns the intensity right up. She is soon clawing at the walls with the intensity of the vibrations right on her G-spot. He lets her have it for a while – she’s not coming back out of that doggy door until he turns it down a bit, she’s not capable of crawling, let alone walking. She kicks and gasps and bites her knuckles and laughs as he toys with her.

Their walk continues around to the front of the house, where he demonstrates a different mode of the remote control vibe: music mode. He plays her a tune and the vibe’s strength varies with the sound. Beethoven’s Seventh is a good place to start; lots of dynamic range and the occasional good old “parp” of brass to really wake her up! And oh no, but Mrs. Richardson might be able to see them. Scarlett has to try to keep a tranquil pace as the vibe drives her wild! Better gag her with a ballgag so she doesn’t make any noise, too!

Back inside for sensory overload as he gives her a wedgie to really connect the vibrations to every sensitive portion. When he finally turns it off, Scarlett is completely defeated. She slumps head down, relaxing on the table, and holds up a single finger as if to say “Give me a minute, that was a LOT!”

Now it is time to give her her reward. He takes her through to the main living room and ties her tight in reverse prayer, hands once again behind her back… where she is starting to feel they belong. Then over his knee for a good hard hand spanking to boost her endorphins and elevate the pleasure sensations from the vibe to a whole nother level. He allows her to demonstrate her submissiveness by toying with her as she sucks on the cock gag, eager to please in a haze of surrender.

Then, finally, after SO long, the anticipation of months of correspondance, the electricity of the first session, the amazing, frustrating, fulfilling hours of edging at the mercy of the remote control vibrator… it is time to adminster and allow her first submissive bound orgasm. He takes her in hand and adds the unbearable stimulation of a magic wand to the pulses of the G-spot vibrator to finally drive her over the edge into pleasure overload. She comes and comes and comes and lies in his arms utterly spent.

The cool-down is just as pleasant in its way as the build to the crescendo had been. She lies supine in his arms as they debrief and discuss. And he has one more suggestion – there is a hot tub outside. He has one more thing to test her submission and surrender, come sunset….

This film contains an honest portrayal of the cool-down from the intense made to cum scene. This is something we’ve rarely seen portrayed in BDSM erotica but which forms a huge part of the vital aftercare and loooking after each other that one needs to do when one actually does BDSM in real life. We wanted to film it because we think it is important to show that even as performers we need to check in and chill out and make sure everyone is OK after filming something as intense as this. We can’t just jump straight from something as involving and draining as this into the next tie and the next film like robots!


Hywel’s Notes: 2022’s surprise smash hit video has been Scarlett’s First Session. It was a surprise because we didn’t plan this movie – we invented it pretty much on the fly on a location trip when several of the models we’d planned to shoot with couldn’t film due to injury and illness. I had this idea in my head of Scarlett visiting a dom for the first time and working in establishing her consent on camera as they tried out lots of hot BDSM activities together by asking her to surrender parts of her body in turn to my control. Once we’d filmed it of course it was no surprise at all that it was a smash hit – the movie was absolute goddam dynamite!

We started with two dynamite ingredients – Scarlett, and the idea of a live BDSM session with her giving progressive consent. The third dynamite ingredient was Steve filming the whole thing with a single roaming camera on a gimbal rig for a very immersive, put you right in the scene with us. With a big location to roam around in, Steve could go from wide shots showing the action to drift in to tight closeups of Scarlett’s face showing her intimate reactions to everything I was doing to her.

In October we had another big location, Scarlett, Steve and me in one place. OF COURSE we were going to film Scarlett’s Second Session! For me the challenge was to think of an angle as the dom so we weren’t just repeating ourselves. We’d established Scarlett’s consent and her willingness to try different activities, so instead I decided to concentrate on the mental aspects and introduce her character to submission. I wanted you to see what she was feeling and have a true portrait of how it felt as she gradually surrendered more and more control.

Steve’s camera work again does an immaculate job of showing you everything – from the hand falling on Scarlett’s satin clad bum to her reactions, from the upskirt shot of the remote control vibe to her helplessly biting her knuckle when I turned the power up to full and drove her (in her own words) LOOPY. It’s warm, it’s intimate, and it shows Scarlett exploring her submissive side both in terms of bondage and BDSM activities but also in terms of emotions and head-space. We think it is really beautiful and we hope you enjoy sharing this very intimate session with the three of us.





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