Perky Petgirl Played With, Flogged, Tied Down and Begging To Cum

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FILM: Perky Petgirl Played With, Flogged, Tied Down and Begging To Cum


Perky Petgirl Played With, Flogged, Tied Down and Begging To Cum

Starring: Lucy Lauren, Hywel Phillips

Crew: Hywel

Mega-cute bright and bouncy athletic blonde UKCuteGirl Lucy Lauren’s got a BDSM session with pro-dom Hywel.
What does she want to happen to her? She likes being restrained in rope, so there should be rope bondage.
She loves to be a pet, so some playful pet-girl play to start – fetching a ball, that sort of thing.

Lucy starts in a brightly-coloured outfit with matching bright coloured rope harness in a tight rope hug.
She’s frogtied, which leaves her able to move around on her knees but slows her down a bit. He starts by tying her
hands in front and the play catch – she’s pretty good at it, so he makes it a bit harder by moving her hands
behind her. She’s collared and led around on a leash, pampered, and played with – but she starts being a bit
too sassy and criticising him for his lame throws, so she gets a good hard warm-up hand spanking on her butt,
and he gags her with a ball gag and a cock gag to cut down the back-chat. He feeds and waters her, making her
lap water out of a pet bowl and throwing treats for her to catch.

Then it is time for the second part of her session – a brutal flogging! She was very clear in the pre-scene
chat that it had to be brutal – so he tries out his stingiest and heaviest floggers on her! She is tied standing
to the bondage pole, in just her lingerie, obliged to stay on tip-toes by a rope at her wrists pulling her up.

He flogs her hard, turning the skin on her pert bum a bright, bright red, before tying her hair out of the way
and undoing her bra so he has full access to her shoulders for the second part of the flogging. First the small hand flogger
for warm-up, then the thuddy red flogger, then the heavy sharper red and black flogger, and finally the stingy brown
flogger all turn her into a moaning, punished pet – and she loves it!

Then it’s upstairs to the bedroom where she is tied down to the bed in a legs-crossed hogtie including ropes over
her feet and tying her toes, and ropes around her fingers. He tests the bondage and is not satisfied because she can
still rock her shoulders from side to side – so he adds another rope, tensioned off the ropes around the bed, so that she
can’t even do that any more. She’s given a little while to enjoy her predicament but then he adds to her torment with
a teasing vibrator – set just too low to get her off! She has to beg and plead with him to turn it up enough that she might
be able to cum – but of course he isn’t going to let her get off the first time, he’s going to edge her for several agonising
minites before he finally relents, turns the vibe up to high, and gives her permission to finally cum!

This is a very cute and sexy, sassy real BDSM session – and hot as hell!

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