New email address

Hi Everyone

Over the years my work email address (webmaster @ has got more and more unreliable, with more and more emails not getting through to me. I believe this is because of shadowbanning with some mail routers just swallowing any emails to “porny” domains. It’s annoying to say the least, and came to a head this morning when MY OWN WIFE couldn’t send me an email of her appearance on Irish TV to my work address and had to resend to my personal one.

It’s clearly got out of hand, so I have set up a new secure email system using protonmail and a custom domain.
So from now on if you need to email me, please send to

Hopefully that will prove more reliable!

The old email address will still work as well or as badly as it is right now, and it’ll take me a while to change all the “contact us” links and so forth. But hopefully the new address will be more reliable.


Previews for September 2023

Hi Everyone,

Here are some samples of what’s coming your way in September, including some amazing feature videos (Ariel vs. The King runs to almost an hour), videos with effects (Scarlett and Kate vs Stargate) and more of our Horror-films-that-never-were – watch out for much more next month on that front as we glide towards Hallowe’en!

And returning in the archives for members to enjoy: