New Year Competition – Free Custom Video!

Hi Everyone,

In the bleak mid-winter… we’ve had floods followed by freeze here at Restrained Elegance central (don’t worry, not affected by the floods although our little town does get cut off for a day or two each year by flooding all around us). Ariel’s had enough and is off on her travels already – she is having an OnlyFans adventure in Fuerteventura (you can follow her on if you want to see what she’s up to.

That leaves me home alone minding the fort, and the main thing I am doing is putting together shoot plans for the next three months. We’ve got several new-to-Restrained-Elegance models coming, so it’s very exciting!

Which leads me to an announcement: send in your custom video ideas for these new models, and the one we like best we will shoot for you for free!

Terms and conditions:

1) You must be a current member. I will confirm this using your email address, so please either send it from your registered email or mention what your username or email address is in your message.

2) The custom must be bondage, solo model, and be set at our studio at our house. We have hallways, bedrooms, dungeon, corridors, kitchen, conservatory, living room, study sets and the “Japanese room” with the pole and paintings on the walls. We might be able to shoot some set-up shots outside but it’ll be weather dependent.

3) Obviously, the model will have to be happy with the script and we reserve the right to make some changes or to shoot with a different model. As it is our first shoot with most of them we don’t know their limits in detail yet.

4) You will get delivery of the custom in advance, months before it goes up on the website.

5) Email your script to me at by CLOSING DATE 19th JANUARY 2024.


(Images are not mine, they are from the model’s twitter feeds)

Charlie Monaco:

Cherry English

Brianna Olivia

Ruby Alexia

Lucy Lauren

We also have a location shoot coming up in March. Most of the custom video slots for that one have
gone already but we have space left with Lucy Lauren:

Screw the competition, give me a custom

Of course you are very welcome to skip the competition and just book a custom with the model of your choice! Price start from 300 UK pounds / $400 US for a bondage video of 15-20 minutes run-time. Email your script to me at

December 2023 Previews

Hello Everyone,

Unbelievably another year draws to a close! It’s getting colder outside, but it’s as hot as ever inside for members. Here are some sample winter warmers coming you way next month!

Watch out for bonus updates and extra archives over the holiday period, too!


And a sample of the archives for next month too:

Your feedback

Hi Everyone,

If you are on the mailing list or follow me on Twitter you’ll have seen the saga of the disgruntled ex-customer claiming RE’s bondage has gone all bland, and the subsequent replies to me, and thence mine to him. His reply to that was pretty rude, so I’m not going to fret any more about him directly.

What I do want to say though is thank you to the dozens (so far!) of you who have written to tell me your thoughts. It’s actually been a great conversation starter, and I’m reading all your feedback both good and bad with avid interest. We can’t please all the people all of the time but there are some valid complaints and some great suggestions, and I will try to get back to everyone individually with equally thoughtful replies.

However, it’s going to take me a while – weeks at least – to get back to everybody because of my other shoot commitments and being away from the computer a lot for various reasons until December. Please bear with me, thank you again for writing, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.