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    Addictive treatment

    The script/play is – of course – fictional and based on the (unacceptable) premise of bondage with reluctant acceptance. The author does not condone of any re-enactment and/or bondage without consent and ample safety observed.

    This piece of fiction with or without alteration is free to be used at will for commercial or non-commercial purposes with no accreditation or accept of the author.

    Feedback is welcome.

    Sophie: Dr. Professor in psychiatry
    Karen: Friend.


    a cat
    a mouse-like purse (or cat toy)
    usual sm-factory shackles. Light (long) chain.
    A wall safe
    A laptop


    A living room with adjoining kitchen/bathroom.

    Episode 1: The shackles

    Karen and Sophie walking around in Sophie’s house

    Karen: I am so happy you let me stay in your house while you are away!
    Sophie: Actually you’re the one doing me a favor. I need someone to water the plants and feed the cat while I am away.

    They enter the kitchen

    Sophie: give the cat some of these pellets – make sure the bowl is full. And plenty of water.
    Karen: Ok..
    Sophie: Refrigerator and freezer is full – help yourself.
    Karen: Aw – you shouldn’t have…
    Sophie: Just don’t take the Champagne. I am saving that for a special occasion.
    Karen: Of course.

    Clip to living room

    Sophie: TV has all the channels – and streaming services. Knock yourself out.
    Karen: What’s that – in the box?.
    We see a box, chain goes out and is locked to some sort of fixture (pole, ring, …?)
    Sophie: A gift from my colleagues. A kind of joke really.
    Karen: Oh my goodness! Chains??
    Sophie: It’s about my research.
    Karen: And this relates to substance abuse exactly how…?
    Sophie: In theory it would “restrain” a patient and keep him – or her – away from the agent they are addicted to. Today we subscribe drugs to defeat the effect of other drugs. Some – including me – believe it to be unhealthy.
    Karen: So you commend the use of … chains?
    Sophie: As I said… It is – or was – a joke.
    Karen: Was? Is?
    Sophie: It started out as a joke. In a lighthearted moment I suggested re-introducing the straitjacket. It was given some thought because recently studies have proven the good old “cold turkey” to be very effective. The problem is to enforce it. As a consequence we are currently investigating alternatives to the “trusted” straitjackets and bed restraints. They are effective but too restrictive for longer periods so we are looking for better low-cost alternatives – mainly on the bondage scene where my research has shown that recent developments promise better comfort security and reliability. “Why reinvent the wheel” kind of thing! People actually wear these for leisure.
    Karen: So these are … toys?

    Picks up the collar. Chain attached.

    Sophie: To some, yes! I’ve done some tests myself with these…

    Karen (giggles) So you?… You’ve been wearing these?

    Sophie: Sure! I certainly wouldn’t impose something like this on patients without knowing how it was.

    Karen: You can’t be serious!

    A little stuffed mouse pouch contains the key. Looks much like a cat’s toy. She opens it, gets the key and proceeds to unlock the collar and puts it on herself. Adds the hand and leg cuffs. Very fast. (Can be edited to be just five snaps of locks – click click click click click). She tosses the keys to Karen who clumsily fumbles, drops the keys and picks them up.

    Sophie: Tadaa.
    Karen: So … how is it?

    Sophie: Not too bad. As you can see I am not too restricted in my movement. After a while you get used to it. When the realisation that escape is impossible and whatever substance is out of reach it is easier to accept its absence. I haven’t had the opportunity to do a full test. Only wore them for just about a week.

    Karen: A week? Are you out of your mind?

    Sophie: I really want to address the misunderstanding that wearing something like this is uncomfortable. We know from certain … communities … that “toys” – like this – with proper supervision can be worn for weeks, months even.

    Karen: And these are … comfortable?

    Sophie: As comfortable as can be. A tradeoff between keeping the patient away from substances and the comfort of a home environment. Compared to being strapped down to a bed, locked in a cell or knocked out on xanax I promise you these are to be preferred. We ran a test on my ph.d. student. See if I couldn’t get her to quit smoking.

    Karen: And she’s ok with that?

    Sophie: it’s all for science! And she is very enthusiastic – wants to conduct experiments of her own. Maybe I should introduce you sometime? Do you still smoke too much?

    Karen: Hahaha. No – I am not going near those things. And I don’t smoke as much as I used to – don’t plan on quitting either.

    Sophie: just don’t do it in my living room… Or else! (Giggles and rattles the chains)

    Karen: and these are the only keys?

    Sophie: Without those keys I would most certainly miss my plane.

    Karen looks at the keys in awe. There is a moment silence

    Sophie: Quite a power trip, right?

    Karen nods, blushes.

    Sophie: Keys please.

    Sophie extends her hands. Almost pries the keys from Karen’s hands. Keeps talking while expertly unchaining herself.

    Sophie: There actually is an extra set of keys. As a safety precaution. For obvious security reasons they are kept in the safe … with a time lock. It only opens on certain pre-programmed time intervals.

    She drops the last of the shackles in the box, puts the keys inside the mouse/pouch, zips it shut and then drops the pouch in the box

    Sophie: So feel free to try. It’s perfectly safe.

    Karen: No thanks. I think I will pass



    Episode 2: Like cat and mouse

    Sophie has left. We see Karen sitting watching TV. Bored and restless. Goes to kitchen to get a bottle of wine and a glass. Back in living room, cat in the lap. Sips wine. Curious about the shackles.

    She lays out the shackles on the couch.

    Karen: Wow, Sophie… You have a very kinky approach to work

    Messes around with them. Learns how the locks work. Trying the keys.

    Karen: Now – this is clever!

    Sits down again, drinks wine. Gets up – obviously a little tipsy.

    Karen: Wonder if they fit!

    Wears them. Waves hands in air, pulls on them. Adjusts chains. It is in a five point configuration (long chain connects to collar, hands and feet with short chain connects perpendicular to chain).

    Unlocks hands, feet, chain. She takes off jacket and pants. Wearing only pajamas. Leaves the chains on the couch and goes to the kitchen to get more wine. Returns to couch

    Karen (imitating Sophie’s voice): “After a while you get used to it”… As if!!!

    Pushes the chains to the other end of the couch.

    Drinks some more – obviously still interested in the chains. Plays with the chains while watching TV – locking and unlocking collar and cuffs. Turns off the TV.

    Karen (imitating Sophie): “It’s perfectly safe”. Hmm. Let’s see how comfortable these things really are!

    Puts chains on again. Wearing only pajamas.

    Goes to kitchen. Makes dinner. Goes back to living room, eats in front of TV. More wine. Relaxes in couch afterwards. Falls asleep. Morning light. She is woken by the cat. Yawns and stretches (of course limited by the chains). Picks up the cat and pets it. She reaches for the keys.

    Karen: Oh you want these, do you?

    Plays with the keys – cat finds the small stuffed mouse interesting. Karen drops keys on floor. Cat plays with the keys. “Aw how cute”. Leans back watching the cat play. Cat runs with keys “Wait a minute… Hey – Come back!”… Keys are dropped just out of reach. Karen lying stretched out on the floor – chains too short. Can’t reach. Keys right in front of her nose but chains not allowing her enough slack to reach – not even with her mouth. Blows hair away from eyes.

    Karen: Right!

    Gets up and goes to get a broom. Cat is enticed by the broom moving the keys around – steals the keys again, running further away. (Or something similar. Just filming the cat and dialog like “hey come back here” or “I can’t believe it – she stole the keys!!” may be enough to tell the story – cats aren’t good actors!)

    Karen: Oh… Rats!

    Karen tries out the strength of the chains, tries to pry off the shackles. Gets up and tries to pull the chain out of the fixture. No avail.

    Karen: Bugger!

    Karen gets her phone. We see the battery level – not much left (iphone has a 20% warning and a 10% warning – prepare screenshot or download an image to the phone) – we see the 20% left warning. She tries to call Sophie

    Karen: Please pick up – please pick up…

    The phone is ringing in a room adjacent to the living room (out of reach). Obviously the call has been forwarded to the land-line.

    Answering machine: Hi this is the residence of Dr. Sophie Robson. Please leave a message after the beep and I will call you right back. BEEEP.

    Karen hangs up. We see the 10% warning. Throws the phone on the couch.

    Karen: i cannot believe this!!!

    Picks up the phone – texts Sophie… We see her sending a couple of messages until the battery is dead.

    Karen: Great. Now what?

    Sophie is in a hotel room, checks her phone. Reads the message. Laughs. Opens laptop – we learn she has a live feed from the security cam.

    Sophie: recordings recordings… Let’s check the recordings…. Oh my.. Oh. MY.. Nonono. Laughs. BAD kitty… BAD Kitty.

    Phone rings. Karen looks up. Goes on answering machine. “…please leave a message after the beep…”

    Sophie: Hi there. I got your text message – seems like the cat caught a mouse. <giggles>. Just to let you know – I can see you right now on the security cameras. I have a direct link on my laptop. Internet down here is flaky and damn expensive, so I might be cut off any … BEEP BEEP BEEP <answering machine goes off>

    Karen looks around confused. Phone rings again. Answering machine… “leave a message …”

    Sophie: Me again. Not too much time to get messages across. Best keep it short. Some time soon the messaging machine will be full and I cannot call you anymore. Raise one hand if you are ok.

    Karen slowly raises one hand.

    Sophie: Good. Are you comfortable?

    Karen shrugs – raises one hand.

    Sophie: Good. So not in imminent… BEEP BEEP BEEP.

    Phone rings. answering machine…

    Sophie: Me again. GOD this is annoying. Look. I am going on a trip today and tomorrow. Will check up on you tomorrow evening. Remember: grab all you need from the kitchen.

    Karen: Yells and mimics EXTRA KEYS. signals keys and shows restraints.

    Sophie: Keys? Aaah yes the combination for the safe! The code is one two three four. That is one two three four. But it will not bypass the TIME LOCK. Nothing will. You will have to wait till Sunday. Before I forget – there is a charger for your mobile in the drawer in the …Beep beep beep!

    We see Sophie waving at the computer screen. “Byebye my dear friend. Hope you’ll enjoy my little mouse trap”.

    Camera shifts from Sophie to the laptop. Next to the laptop is some hotel stationary “H. Omar Spa and Bondage Resort”. Sophie passes in front of camera – follows her to the bed where a set of restraints are laid out (the neck corset sm-factory collar, wrist and ankle restraints). She puts them on then kneels naked on a circular rug. Laptop placed next to her. Person enters – puts leash on collar. She is escorted to a dungeon like room and locked into a cage. The person escorting places the laptop outside the cage (so Sophie can enjoy the show at home). We see her sitting in the cage watching.

    Back in the apartment

    Karen: Safe!? Where is that safe? SUNDAY??

    Karen looks in the room – peeks behind pictures on the wall. Finally finds the safe (wherever it may be). Tries to punch in the code to no avail.

    Karen: Goddammit!!! Sunday!! That’s… That’s!!! No way!!!!

    She punches the safe, hurts her hand. Yanks the chain i anger.



    Episode 3: A party of one

    We see Sophie sitting collared and wearing the manacles by a pool (or at least outside on a reclining chair). Opens laptop, smiles and closes laptop. Puts on sunglasses and leans back, sipping on a drink.

    Karen searches the drawers of the house. Finally finds the charger. Sophie watching the screen picks up her own phone and turns it off (or maybe a closeup of Sophie enabling the “ignore calls from…” function). Karen plugs in the phone and immediately call Sophie. There is of course no connection. Tries again.

    Hotel room. We see Sophie go to the shower, There are marks on her bottom indicating … something. Her laptop is on and the camera follows her, then stays on the laptop where we see Karen trying to pick the lock. Sophie goes to the laptop, leans over…

    Sophie: Oh is that a paperclip? Good luck with that.

    Proceeds with drying hair … or something ….(obviously confident that Karen’s efforts will be in vain). Cut to Karen who throws the paper clip away in frustration. Tries to pry out of the shackles. Gives up, sits back with arms crossed! Looks to the camera.

    Karen: Somehow I have the feeling you are watching this!

    Sophie kisses her hand and puts the hand on the screen

    Sophie: Wouldn’t miss it for the world!

    We see Karen wake up on the couch. Takes blankets off.. Goes to the shower. Tries to take of clothes. Finds a pair of scissors and cuts them off. Takes shower. We see Sophie watching and enjoying the show. Karen finishes – Manages to get a pair of underwear/bra on (panties can pass over the feet through the leg irons. A scarf around the chest).

    We see Sophie on her hotel bed, very interested.

    Sophie: Well done. took me a long time to figure that out.

    Prepares lunch. Goes through the fridge.

    Hotel room, knock on door. Roomservice. Sophie places tray on bed. Keeps watching laptop.

    Karen gets more to drink. Obviously frustrated. Getting annoyed with the chains, restless. Drink, then gets up with glass in hand and addresses camera

    Karen: Sophie! This is not fun anymore… I want these off now!

    Looks at the phone. Silent.

    Karen: Right!

    Goes to kitchen

    Karen: Dom Perignon… I guess this is a special occasion after all.

    Sophie leans forward.

    Sophie: No! I told you NOT to touch that bottle.

    Karen goes to the living room. Fronts the camera…

    Karen: Sophie – I hope you are watching, cause I am going to open up and fully enjoys this nice cold bottle of French bubbles. If I cannot go out to party, I make a party of my own! Cheers!

    Sophie picks up her mobile. Opens it. Puts it down again.

    Sophie: Just remember who’s wearing the shackles, dear!

    Karen opens her purse – gets a pack of cigarettes. Turns to camera.

    Karen: Hope you don’t mind me smoking.

    Lights it there in the living room. Sophie picks up phone again.

    Sophie: That’s it!

    At the same time there is a knock on the door.

    Sophie: Oh shit!

    She hurries to get to the circular rug, kneels and looks down apologetically. Leash is attached and she is escorted out of the room.

    We see Karen leaning back on the couch. Smoking and drinking champagne.



    Episode 4: Reaching out

    Next morning Karen wakes up on the couch. She goes to the shower. Returns to living room. Gets her phone. Does some surfing and writes phone numbers on a piece of paper.

    Karen: Hello? Yes. My name is Karen. I seem to have gotten myself in a bit of a pickle and need urgent attention from a locksmith… Yes… The address is Chillswell Road number 2. Ok…. Blacklist?. What do you mean “blacklist”? So you are not able to help me?… She hung up?!! I cannot believe this.

    She strikes out the first number on the list

    Karen: First question. Is the address Chillswell Road 2 on your blacklist? You don’t use a blacklist – fantastic! Aha. Yes… If I will hold? … Hi again…. What do you mean “unpaid bills”? <hung up>. Un-be-lievable.

    One by one the numbers on the list are wiped out.

    Karen: Emergency? May be a little over the top but I have nowhere else to turn to. I am in a bit of a pickle here. I have locked myself into these … err .. restraints. Yes this is Dr. Sophie McKenney’s residence… What difference does that make? What do you mean “don’t call again” – I am locked up here against my will. Send someone here with a hacksaw NOW! <disconnected> WHAT?? I cannot believe this!

    She throws the phone on the couch and has a attack-the-restraints tantrum, trying to pry her hands free and thrashing around. She finally gives up and sits on the couch. At the same time her phone rings. It’s Sophie

    Karen: Sophie!

    We see Sophie on the phone

    Sophie: Hi Karen.
    Karen: I want these off NOW!
    Sophie: Relax. As you have probably figured out by now there is no escape. No tools, no locksmiths, no police, no firemen. All you can do is sit tight and wait for Sunday.
    Karen: You are SUCH a bitch
    Sophie: Talking dirty are we? As a matter of fact, there is nothing I can do to get you out of your … predicament.
    Karen: I cannot believe this. This is sick, you know!
    Sophie: Not at all. As a psychiatrist I could admit you to even further … treatment.
    Karen: You wouldn’t!
    Sophie: Relax. Just kidding. But I believe you are out of cigarettes and wine.
    Karen: And a staggering three days to go. (sighs)
    Sophie: I’m glad you are such a good sport about it. And while I’m at it, I’m afraid I can’t make it home before Sunday. The next three days I will be on an excursion so you are on your own.
    Karen: I think I can manage to unlock myself, thankyouverymuch
    Sophie: I hope you are not mad at me for all of this.
    Karen: I kind of feel you set me up.
    Sophie: (laughs). HA. No one couldn’t have planned something like this. I must admit that I love the show though.

    There is a knock on Sophie’s door.

    Sophie: Ooopsies – someone at the door. Take care. And catch you later. byebye..

    Karen throws the phone on the couch



    Episode 5: The clever mouse

    We see Karen wake up. she goes to the safe, punches the code and it opens. She unlocks the shackles and puts everything back in the box. Takes a shower then goes around the house. Finds a box with various bondage equipment under a bed. A whip, handcuffs, nipple clamps, ballgag.

    Karen: Hmm – Interesting.

    Karen walks around in the house. Finds the cat’s basket and retrieves the pouch. She unzips it, checks the keys then zips it again. Weighs it in her hand – a smirk on her face. We see her with a manual in her hand in front of the safe (filmed from inside the safe and out). Closes the safe.

    Sophie is home again (Karen obviously left). Her bags are left unpacked in the hall but brings her purse. She proceeds to the living room and directly to the box with the restraints, throwing the purse on the couch.. She opens the pouch to make sure the keys are there, zips it again. She undresses to her underwear and locks herself in the restraints and retrieves a vibrator from her purse. Once finished she lies on the couch relaxing, only to get up. She opens the pouch and inserts a key in a lock. It doesn’t open. Tries another key. None of the keys fit. Tries another restraint.

    Sophie: DAMMIT!!!

    At the same time Sophie’s mobile rings.

    Sophie: Karen?
    Karen: Thought it was time for you to do a real full length test!
    Sophie: What do you mean – full length?
    Karen: Two weeks.
    Sophie: TWO WEEKS!? Here all by myself? Are you out of your mind? What about food? Have you thought of that?
    Karen: Relax. That has been taken care of. I can see you on the camera right now. That’s right – smile and wave… Smile and wave. Actually you have quite a busy schedule. I’ve had a friend of mine reach out to … certain communities … and I believe one of them is at the door in a few seconds.

    We see a silhouette of a woman wearing not much except for a riding crop at the door. Camera zooms out on Karen. We see that she has the live feed on her laptop.

    Karen: I need to go now. I really want to enjoy the show. Catch you later! Byebye.

    The end.

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