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    Wow. I could be lazy and just say, “Everything you did here should be done again”. But that wouldn’t really be concrete enough to constitute useful suggestions for future efforts.

    At the center of this photo set is miss Hollie Kiss. Here portraying a Damsel in Distress of the same name. Even though this is only a sequence of photos and not a video, Miss Hollie emotes a range of feelings from meek submissiveness to standoffish defiance to seductive suggestiveness with great credibility. You can almost forget you are watching a model/actress. Miss Hollie’s Eyes, hair, and body, are statuesque. Along with belonging within the ranks of glamorous stars like Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock, and such; her physique combined with her tunic like clothing give the impression of an ancient Greek Goddess, or Nymph, or Dryad or Muse. Maybe Zeus lost a wager and had to give a muse to a unscrupulous conniving sorcerer who wants a muse whose divine arousal while being barefoot and tied up will fuel his magic. And be nice to look at. Who knew there was a muse of barefoot bondage? It’s not in most of the mythology books. But if you look close at the Andromeda story…

    Sorry for getting sidetracked. Hollie can look like a “little girl lost”, a lady who knows she got caught doing something bad and just wants her deserved punishment to be gentle, a defiant captive playing the, “OK, so you tied me up. I don’t really care” card. Or Hollie can look like she is pulling against the ropes with all her little might. Her eyes shut with the effort and to help little sobs of girly frustration from being whimpered into her gag. Hollie Kiss can give a look that says, “OK, so you got me, what are you to do with me?” She can give a peek-a-boo glance that suggests she was caught struggling after being instructed sternly not to, and is now trying to pretend she wasn’t struggling. And at times Hollie can imply a strength, athleticism and confidence that suggests she allowed herself to be restrained for her pleasure and that she is (or at least thinks she is) in control of the situation. Or possibly that she a Wonder Woman like super heroine who was overpowered (maybe her magic slippers came off, or perhaps her magic underwear came off) and could escape now if only she hadn’t been bound with her own magic rope. I admit, there must be a strong element of projection in my assessment of the range of things Miss Hollie can emote and suggest, but I believe it’s not just me. And she does this without over doing the emoting and looking like she’s in a bleak or cheesy horror movie And Miss Hollie does this with only still images (a video would be sweet obviously). She even has matching Finger and Toe-nail polish that compliments her hair and eyes and probably the rope as well. She could use a toe ring or getting her big toes tied near the end of the sequence, but she really looks perfect, and I don’t use that word lightly, despite my positive reviews here. And I can give individual examples. There’s even at least one shot of Hollie leaning a little so she can look down and examine the ropes. Is she plotting escape, or is she just admiring the security and beauty of her restraints and the beauty of her feet?

    On top of that, even without the rigging, the pose of the model is possibly my favorite pose for a lady to be in for showing off the tops of her feet (my favorite part visually). My preference for a good view of the tops of a ladies feet is the reason I almost never buy or download photos/videos of ladies tied up with their ankles crossed instead of side by side. Bad view of the tops of the feet usually. But here we get a perfect (again not said lightly) view of Hollie’s feet side by side like symmetrical sculpted works of living artwork while knowing the soft virginal soles of her feet were resting on the cold hard floor of the dark dungeon/cargo bay she seems to be confined in.

    The lighting and photography that captured these elements had to have been superb. The stark setting contrasts and accentuates the damsel visually and adds to the sense that this lady has been bad is being punished. But in a fun way.

    I mentioned I just love it when a barefoot woman pulls her knees up to her chest and leans over to clasp her ankles or play with her feet. It’s also one of the best positions to tie a barefoot lady up in. Usually this is best done with the ladies knees tied together, or a rod between the bottom of the knees and above her elbows with her hands tied to her feet. I’m not sure you’ve done the rod between the knees/elbows pose, but Lightspear has recently to excellent effect with your shared model Gwen. You have recently done something similar to excellent effect tying your Model Delta’s wrists together and behind her bound ankles while she is scrunched over in the “Replacement TV” photo set (whose story is one of your best).

    In this photo set the rigging clearly makes the woman hopelessly helpless, which is a big plus for me. The amount of rope makes the statement: You are staying put!! (did she try to escape before?) That much rope being applied tight enough so that the model is helpless, but still comfortable enough is a fine accomplishment. I hope Hollie enjoyed herself. Your photo shoots look fun for the models, but that could also be projection on my part.

    I really like the way Hollie begins ungagged and gets gagged about halfway through the sequence. We get to see her lovely face unobscured and then covered with a strip of tape that befits a captured Muse. I know from the info page that real tape gags or either too strong and painful, or too weak and useless but in this fantasy world magical tape is unsticky until applied to the captive. When in place the tape attaches itself and is becomes magically affixed until the captor cancels the magic and the tape strip falls away like it was just tissue paper. So that tape over miss Hollie’s lips will not hurt her, but she cannot get it off, even with her hands free, but the ropes are probably magically affixed or at least programmed to wrap back and re-knot into place if the captive ever get’s anywhere close to squirming free. Like Betty Page as Sisyphus.

    Got distracted again, but although the photos don’t give any indication about whether the gag was packed or not, I can’t help but wonder if the missing panties can now be found behind the tape over Hollie’s lips.

    There, I hope that explains what I liked and why in enough detail so that it can be useful to guide further creations of yours if you like them. Thank you

    Mr. Nice Guy from Midian



    Some of the more submissive photo’s suggest a young lady who’s always been completely well behaved her whole life. She’d been nice, done what she was told and obeyed every rule. For the first time tonight she let a new friend she met during her first semester of college talk her into doing something just a little bit naughty and against the rules. Just a little. It was a big thrill to deliberately break a rule for the first time ever. Her friend made it seem so safe. But now she had been caught and her friend wasn’t with her any more. There was only a lot of rope; far more rope than was needed to make her helpless wrapped around her legs and wrists, a strip of steel-strong tape sealing her lips shut with an intimidating finality; like they had no interest in anything she might have to say to explain herself or implicate others, and the cold hard floor beneath her very bare feet. Why did they take her shoes? Would she ever be allowed to wear shoes again? What would become of her?



    story idea #whatever: this is another variant of the Rapunzel story. The role of Rapunzel will be played by the lovely Miss Hollie Kiss

    In this variant poor Rapunzel get’s severely punished just for asking if she might ever go outside her tower. This lack of gratitude get’s Rapunzel tied up in the dungeon and tape gagged with mystic restraints. She also get’s a long searing lecture from her evil parental unit, during which she does her best to appear contrite and submissive. But inside she has a secret. She knows how to fall in love with a rope and a gag.



    story #Whatever again:

    Hollie always was a good performing Gypsy fortune teller, and her crystal ball sometimes showed her genuine glimpses of the future. But the glimpses aren’t very far in the future, and Hollie is sometimes a little slow in figuring out what her ball is showing her.

    One night she is closing down at the end of the day and she’s puttering a bit when her crystal ball flickers with life and summons Hollie to it.

    Hollie sees a young woman sitting barefoot at a table. She is staring intently at something on the table that Hollie can’t see. Hollie also can’t see the woman’s face, but she is wearing a gypsy dress a lot like Hollies, and has beautiful straight hair a lot like Hollies. But the crystal ball only shows Hollie the back of the of the unknown woman.

    Then a second woman dressed in black carrying rope becomes visible. The second woman seizes the first and as they struggle her gypsy dress gets torn and pulled from her, revealing tunic like underwear a lot like Hollie wore. With ninja like speed the mysterious woman in black has subdued the first and is tying her up with slow but inevitable determination.

    Hollie gasps when she finally sees in her crystal ball that the woman being tied up has a face almost exactly like hers. Hollie realizes that a woman who looks almost exactly like she does is about to be tied up and kidnapped. Then she feels the hands of a woman dressed in black grab hold of her and Hollie finally understands the identity of the unknown woman who is about to be tied up and kidnapped. “Not again?” she thinks.

    “Not again” are two of my favorite words to use to describe a woman’s response when she realizes she’s about to be kidnapped/tied up . Is it considered a kidnapping if you tie up someone where you find them and leave them there?



    Another storyline

    Hollie really should have bothered to read the user agreement conditions on the software update for her smartphone. Apparently in addition to the usual crap she had agreed to let aliens abduct her for sexual experimentation.

    Hollie was gazing out a window at a star field full of unfamiliar constellations and listening to a recorded greeting, “Thank you for being kidnapped by Gwendoland Intergalactic Transportation. We appreciate your willingness to help us with our research. While our technicians were securing and gagging you a small amount of gel was applied to your skin. This gel contains a colony of self replicating nanotch robots. In addition to keeping captives healthy and comfortable, these nanobots seek out and stimulate a ladies erogenous zones, typically her breasts, feet and clitoral region. The nanobots are capable of creating precisely calibrated sensations of pressure, suction, warmth, cold, and tingling on a cellular level. Biomonitors in the walls will provide us with all of your physiological data, but you will be ungagged later to allow for verbal feedback.”

    Hollies eyes were by now wide over her tape gag. Hollie pulled involuntarily at her restraints but knew that struggling was futile since the rope that bound her hands and feet was also nanotechnology that had been instructed to molecularity bond with itself and cling to her. Likewise the tape over her lips was held in place with nanotech and would remain in place until it received a release command. But Hollie still cried out in muffled protest.



    All Hollie had to do to get in the sorority was to spend the night in an allegedly haunted house. No problem. They’d all done it. What no one knew was that there actually was a ghost (The ghost from the Ghost Bride set would do nicely) that could only appear one night a year, and could only manifest with any solidity in the presence of a beautiful barefoot lady.

    Tonight was the haunting night, and Hollie had slipped her slipper like shoes off of her shapely feet almost immediately before setting out to explore the house. When the ghost appeared and bound Hollie with solidified ectoplasmic restraints Hollie somehow knew that if she didn’t get her shoes back on before dawn she would join the ghost in eternity when they both would fade away into the spirit realm when the Sun rises.

    But those shoes are several rooms away. And Hollie is tied up so tightly. She rolls and squirms and wriggles for hours until she reaches her shoes minutes before dawn. But just before she can side her feet into them the ghost causes Hollie’s groping big toes to get tied together with a thin cord.

    The story could end here with Hollie fading away with the ghost. Or the ghost could plead with Hollie not to abandon her to the spirit realm where she has been so lonely. The ghost makes the toe restraints disappear so Hollie has a choice. Hollie moves to push her feet into her shoes, but at the last moment she looks at the forlorn ghost and instead of slipping her shoes on she kicks them away.

    The ghost is so happy she begins to weep softly as she and Hollie fade away together to the ghosts personal spirit realm that she finally has a kindred soul to share with.



    My August 28 post about the idea of Hollie being an innocent virginal good girl (I like innocent virginal good girls) who never broke a rule or did anything mean until she broke the rules just a little and got caught got to me thinking on an extension or variation of it.

    Hollie Kiss lives in a dystopic authoritarian world/country where individuals are forbidden to ever be barefoot, even indoors, but especially outdoors. Hollie had always been obedient until she joined a crowd of ladies in college who would sometimes gather in private and take off their shoes, and when feeling adventurous would even go outside.

    Hollie is so intoxicated by the transgressive thrill of walking barefoot on cool nighttime grass that she is slow to respond when a security patrol surprises the ladies. Now she’s tied up and tape gagged with her guilty feet visible for all to see.

    Only once before has a woman in this land been caught barefoot outside. It was centuries ago, and she was sentenced to be tied up barefoot and toe tied in public on a pedestal inside a sphere of mystic energy that would keep her young and vital as long as she was inside, as a warning to all that saw her, for the rest of her natural life.

    Hollie’s people are long lived, and that woman is still there. Struggling, and pleading with her eyes at the passersby. Hollie saw this woman as a child while traveling. The sight of that uniquely barefoot and confined sorrowful woman had stuck in her mind. Hollie couldn’t stop thinking of that captive woman, and fearing that a pedestal was being prepared for Hollie nearby. Because that woman who’d spent centuries serving her sentence as a public warning was tied up in almost the exact same manner as Hollie was now. Hollie twisted her ankles and played with her feet while she was still able. Before her big toes were tied together, locking her feet together side by side for rest of her life. Left out in public for the rest of the people to be warned by the example of her guilty feet.



    My August 30 post about Hollie listening to a recording on a spaceship would have the recorded speech end with something like, “Your abduction may be recorded for training and quality control purposes. And to maybe to be sold on the internet.”

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