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    I thought people here might be interested in this piece of “fictional non-fiction.” http://www.sablesword.com/drawings/y2017/draft-notice.html

    It’s a window into a dark future – but a different dark future from RE’s “Game of Slaves.”



    🙂 A dark mind a work..

    Its a bit ‘Handmaidens Tale’ but this could inspire a variety of videosets. Girl(s) excited to be called up, reluctantly complying or being dragged out of the house. Cue training / indoctrination and escapes or rebellions. Rarely does sch a simple prop inspire so many stories.



    It’s modeled off of the draft notices that men had been receiving for decades in the 20th century (in the US). And yes, it does bear a variety of interpretations, with the ones most people jump to being darker than the one I intend. What I’m imagining is a world where the response to receiving one of these is more typically “drat” (without even an exclamation point) rather than “Oh my god I cannot believe that this is happening to meeee!”

    Or even, as you say, excitement at being called up.

    But the general note I’m trying to strike is that it’s all bland and bureaucratic, happened to millions of women before, nothing to get hysterical about. That it’s accepted, even by the draftees themselves, as an ordinary part of everyday life. Resistance and escapes are a fringe minority, and one not all that well thought of by the majority.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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