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    Like some of RE’s other tutorials, “Flash Lighting On A Bed” describes things I’ve already more-or-less worked out for myself.

    One difference is that I compensate for the lack of ceiling height by putting the model on the floor. I also use a rim/hair light to the side & back, on a low “backdrop” stand, about two feet up, gridded and sometimes heavily flagged to keep light off the background. I’m still experimenting on just how to best do this, but I’ve found that raising the rim light higher up doesn’t work well for me.

    Other than that: Key and fill lights at roughly 90 degrees to each other, with big soft modifiers and the fill light a stop or two down from the key light. Yes, that sounds familiar… I do have the lights (especially the key light) somewhat higher up, with the key pointed down at roughly a 45 degree angle and the fill pointed down just slightly. Model “eye level” varies, since my models do a combination of standing, sitting on the floor, and lying down (plus the occasional sitting on a covered trunk or a cushion). But my key and fill lights are usually well above the model’s eye level, rather than just slightly above. And I don’t mess around with raising or lowering the height, once I have things set up for a shoot.

    Also, my key is almost always a medium-big PLM, sometimes white, sometimes “soft” silver. The fill will often be a shoot-through umbrella (or smaller PLM in shoot-through mode) with a black backing to keep light from spilling out the back. But in my last few photoshoots, I’ve used a Buff “omni” reflector (18 inches across) with a diffusion cover for softening, as my fill light.

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