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    I offer this attempt at a photo-story in the hope some fellow members will find it fun. As a showcase of photography, I admit to not being specially proud of the pictures or of the lighting. The “cold ill-lit country house” look was not really what I was aiming at. Lack of familiarity with both the set and the available lights were factors but I am sure a large part is that I just got it wrong. I’m still learning.

    I hope fellow members will enjoy the story/set for several reasons.

    1. The story, if silly or unoriginal, is a bit of fun.

    2. The performances by Restrained Elegance stars Ariel and Temptress Kate are, as will surprise nobody, exemplary. Some of Ariel’s faces are alone enough to make the set worth sharing.

    3. It was shot in a room set at Top Hat studio in Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK. Sadly that studio has since closed following a fire in nearby premises. They have announced they will be unable to re-open on the same site. I hope everyone will join me in wishing them well finding new premises but in any event it seems unlikely we will see an identical room set.

    So, on with the story.

    Kate is sitting alone in her big, old, slightly dilapidated country house.

    Her deep-buttoned armchair is comfortable and she has a small stool for her feet.

    There is a knock at the heavy front door. Could this be the package she ordered?

    “Don’t just leave it there. Bring it all the way in.”

    Let’s get this open.

    Yes, it’s what I’ve been waiting for.

    “Up and let’s see you, slavegirl.”

    “Out of that box.”

    “Kneel for your new mistress.”

    “Move that away. I won’t need that old footstool now.”

    “Get into position.”

    This is the life.

    The country house settles back into its routine.

    My thanks to Ariel and Kate for their patient help.




    Great stuff…thanks for posting it!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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