Getting tied up because a beautiful young woman is barefoot.

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    I like it when a lady get’s tied up because she is barefoot. A story line I like a lot is that which involves an isolated that has laws to the effect that a woman who is barefoot in public will be tied up on the spot. Maybe this is a town of pagans who worship a barefoot captive Goddess whose blessing protects them. In this case the women of the town deliberately take their shoes off in public to give thanks and empower their goddess. Maybe nobody remembers the reason for this law. Maybe it is meant to be punishment and a deterrent.

    The story starts when a beautiful woman who is an outsider visits the town. Maybe she is a lone traveler going cross-country. Maybe she is a celebrity that ditched her entourage and the paparazzi to get away from all the noise and chaos. Either way the beautiful woman likes the look of the small town and stops. After putting gas in her car she decides to go for a relaxing barefoot walk in a nearby park.

    Since young women tied up barefoot in public because they were barefoot in public are usually freed by friends or family members who slip shoes or sandals on their feet so they can be released the stranger in town remains tied up indefinitely while the local magistrate and barristers deliberate. And that can take years. Naturally when the young woman is released she decides to stay. A harried celebrity might welcome the tranquility of a small town where a lady can be tied up in public in peace.

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