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    In Harriet Cooper’s seminal Bedroom Kidnap photoset the fact that Harriet is an amateur enhances the look and effect. She’s not acting up a storm like Natalia Forrest Hogtied on the Four Poster bed. She really looks like she’s just a sweet young woman who is always nice to everybody. And she reluctantly let a friend tie her up. Your can tell that she’s feeling hesitant and not sure this is a good idea and probably laughing nervously from time to time. The demeanor of captured innocence and purity is a large part of why she is my favorite model at this site.

    Aside from the mystic restraint idea I already posted about. The Bedroom Kidnap Photoset puts me in mind of an evening during which two friends were sitting barefoot on a couch, sipping wine or maybe Harriet was smoking a little Marijuana for the first time. Laughing and gossiping while massaging and lotioning each others feet and watching some movies Harriet’s friend has selected. They are a couple of sexy movies that just happen to have prominent and significant scenes where a woman gets tied up (like Whispers in the dark or Birthday Girl). Harriet makes the mistake of commenting that it didn’t look that hard to get loose if you got tied up. Her friend surprises Harriet by asking if she’s like to try.

    In the spirit of their tipsy camaraderie Harriet says,”Why not, tie me up.” She expected her friend to go find some drapery cords or something and wrap a couple of loops around her wrists and ankles. She was quite surprised when her friend started binding her with a pile of rope big enough to rig a sailboat that just happened to be laying around.

    Harriet’s consternation grew as her friend wraps a latticework of rope around her that binds her wrists and arms snugly but comfortably to her chest. Then her friend proceeds to tie Harriet’s legs and ankles together while smiling smugly. Harriet joked nervously about her family paying a ransom for her, and that she’s pay the rent if only her friend didn’t tie her to the railroad tracks, to try and keep the mood light, but she was starting to wonder just what the heck is going on and what is up with this friend of hers.

    Her friend takes her time binding Harriet. Harriet gamely tries to struggle out of the ropes, but she can’t work up much enthusiasm for the struggle since she can tell that there is no way for her to reach any knots or wriggle free. Harriet’s friend commented about how beautiful Harriet was and how sexy her bare feet looked. Harriet blushed a little. She had never thought of being tied up as something that could be done for fun, but she has long enjoyed the sensuality of being barefoot. Her friend had helped her select the tattoo on her foot, and sometimes teased her by calling her “flower foot”, or “always barefoot Harriet”. Harriet appreciates the praise, but it makes her a little uncomfortable.

    Harriet makes zero progress getting loose and tells her friend she gives in, but her friend shows no sign of being interested in untying her and continues to compliment the shapeliness of her Harriet’s body and feet. The embrace of the ropes starts to give Harriet a wet feeling between her legs. She feels embarrassed at at being aroused because of her restraint in front of her friend and really wishes she would be released, but her friend just continues to admire her. Harriet starts to plead with her friend to let her go, and her friend approaches her with the apparent intent to begin the long process of untying her.

    But instead her friend hogties her. Harriet didn’t even know what a hogtie was, and she’s not pleased to be in one. She does her best to laugh it off. She doesn’t want her friend to get mad at her for not being a good sport, and she realizes she’s not in a position to make demands. Her friend continues to admire and praise Harriet’s beauty. Then the talk turns to tickling. Harriet opens her mouth to say, “Don’t you dare”, and gets a mouthful of gag for her trouble.

    What follows could be a playful tickling that ends in mutual fun. Or her friend could come from a degenerate rich family with enough money to get away with anything and a sex dungeon on each of their estates. I prefer the first, but I’m a Nice Guy after all.

    Mr. Nice Guy from Midian

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