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    This is a re-creation from memory of the lost post I tried to make earlier.

    Like a lot of other concepts in RE tutorials, “broad lighting” is something I stumbled into on my own. As for “just shoving loads of light into the scene,” yeah, I do that, too. I still like big soft fluffy light from large off-camera modifiers. It comes from my days of photon poverty with a point-and-shoot. Being able to do off-camera flash is the reason why I bought my first DSLR.

    I’ve been less conscious of “making the model look good from different angles” and more conscious of “making the model look good when she sifts away from the central Spot.” This includes the difference in lighting when sitting on the Spot vs standing there. Or lying down.

    I mostly use big “PLM” umbrellas. I have Alien Bees because I’m in the US and because AlienBees/Paul C. Buff was the only one offering those big PLMs when I started out. Also, I figure that if I’m going to use big modifiers on lightstands, there isn’t any useful size/weight saving in speedlights vs monobloc studio strobes.

    Because I don’t do video, continuous lights are much less attractive to me.

    I don’t use window-light because my shooting setups always seem to include a nice big window – that’s positioned to be the backdrop. I keep telling myself that I need to figure out how to use such windows creatively, but for now I just curtain curtain them off and rely on the strobes for 100% of the lighting.

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