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    This set struck a chord with me because I am just now writing a scene with a high-powered executive secretary who also happens to be a collared and (in the scene) barefoot & shackled slave woman. Along with the female protagonist, who is not a professional anything but who is very good at finance.

    It’s because the setting is 1959 in an alternate history where all women are enslaved. This puts a huge crimp in women becoming professionals in some fields, and affects them not at all in others.

    So my “lunch at the country club” scene a bit like this set, only with two women who are barefoot, shackled – and not roleplaying.

    It also helps that the itself set is the sort of thing I like, with the captive barefoot & scantily clad, but without the nudity that can quickly become boring with overuse.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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