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    Just as Harriet Cooper is the final reason I have become a member of Restrained Elegance, Juliana is the reason I became a member of Bound Feet for a time. In particular a video and photo set in which she is hogtied to a bench that Lightspear sometimes uses. She is struggling barefoot in jeans with metallic sea blue toe nail polish and a light peach/orange perforated ballgag. anyone reading this that has not seen these images should go do so now. Really. Now. I mean it. I’ll wait.

    Isn’t she divinely beautiful? Looking at Juliana makes me think of the first line of the first Brigit Bardot movie, “You have the feet of a Queen”. Her feet look so virginally soft.

    As good as all the work Juliana did/does with Lightspear, her work with Hywel is even better. Her damsel in Distress acting is a little less intense and is now spot on. She has perfected the “Oh Woe is ME” Sweet Gwendolyn melodramatic early Tanya Roberts (See Tourist Trap and Forced Entry) expression of the damsel that knows she’s going to get tied up yet again and there’s nothing she can do about it.

    I’m looking at the Tabletop tied photoset right now. And that slightly pouty look has enough playfulness to make it erotic melodrama and not horror, but has a smoking innocent intensity. Juliana looks like the sweetest and most innocent of Angels that some villain pulled from heaven and cursed/blessed to walk the Earth as a barefoot young woman that is doomed to get tied up over and over again no matter where she travels.

    Juliana looks so innocent and naive as to have no idea that being barefoot or tied up could have any sexual associations. Nor can she fathom why anyone would want to tie up an innocent young lady like herself who never said or did or even thought anything mean about anyone. Let alone why almost everyone seems to want to tie her up. Juliana really looks like she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

    Often in my fiction the trigger that sets off people to tie up a “bondage magnet” type lady is seeing her barefoot. She rarely knows this. And since being barefoot is one of her greatest pleasures and fondest distractions when tied up she is almost always going barefoot, not realizing that this is what keeps prompting strangers and family members alike to tie her up all the time.

    And she can never resist. It’s just not in her nature. She can only plead. The Tabletop tie photo set looks a bit to me like Juliana tried to find refuge in the back stage area of a theater she thought was closed for day. Aside from wondering why people always tie her up, Juliana wonders why she can’t help responding the same way every time it happens. Just the prospect of being tied up fills her with such dread that her spine shivers and her tummy quivers. Once she get’s tied up and is left by herself she usually settles into it pretty comfortably, thought she doesn’t appreciate the feeling of abandonment.

    Juliana takes off most of her clothes and her shoes and is enjoying a nice barefoot non-tied up moment when she is surprised by the current play’s female lead who dropped by to rehearse on her own.

    Juliana’s expression all but makes me hear her pleading as the actress wordlessly advances towards Juliana.

    “I’m sorry, didn’t think anyone would be here. I’ll just leave.”

    “Oh please, don’t tie me up with some of this long sturdy rope that’s lying around here for some inexplicable reason.”

    “Oh no, you are going to tie me up. Why does everyone tie me up when I never did anything to them? Just don’t tie me up too tight please?”

    “Oh, you’re tying me up as tight as I can stand. Just please don’t hogtie me to this table? I’m not sure I could stand it.”

    “Oh no! You are so cruel! Will you just please leave me ungagged? Please??”

    “I guess that’s what the ribbon is for. Then if I can have only one mercy please don’t tie my big toes together!! Nuzzling my bare feet together is about the only way I can pass the time when I get tied up. Especially when I’m left all alone for a long time, As I think you’re going to.”

    “Oh woe is me! (voice slightly muffled by largely cosmetic if lovely looking cleave gag) You’re one of the meanest ladies to ever tie me up. I just hope you’re not like that one cruel woman who tickled me for an hour before leaving me hogtied for two days.”

    “Wait, my toes are tied quite tightly. I’m pretty sure you’re done. Why are you fondling my feet? Stop doing that!! I’m ticklish!!! So Ticklish!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAA…”

    If Juliana weren’t so innocent you’d think she was deliberately telling her captor what she wanted. But not Juliana.



    Usually a bondage model’s photo sets and videos aren’t meant to have any narrative continuity. But just as I like to think of all possible stories that could be behind an image of a tied up barefoot woman, when I am looking at many images of a woman who has been tied up many times (Like our beloved Juliana) my mind wonders what stories could be behind the multiple kidnappings. Are these consensual? Is the lady a sorceress who gets her power from barefoot restraint? Is she a typecast actress (close to reality here)? Was she cursed/blessed with witchcraft/Faerie magic/Gypsy magic/voodoo/thatvoodooyoudosowell/etc.? Juliana’s extensive and heart stopping body of work is perfect for the “serial damsel” idea.



    Part of the concept of the innocent and naive “serial damsel” that never thought about the possibility that being tied up or barefoot could have any sexual significance, is that one reason she objects to and is made nervous of the prospect of being tied up is that to her getting and being tied up feels kinda good in a way that she doesn’t understand, but she’s pretty sure it would be disapproved of if others knew about it. She doesn’t know why the feel of the rope is like a comforting embrace, and the scary experience of helplessness also gives her a delicious warm tingly feeling all over, or why being barefoot is so much more pleasurable when she’s helpless. But she’s pretty sure that a good girl doesn’t get feeling like that, so she does her best to hide them.

    She genuinely wishes people would stop taking away her freedom and mobility without her permission, but once she is subdued she can’t help getting certain feelings that she can’t help enjoying. So much helplessness. Our damsel not only needs to be rescued from her current captor, she needs to be reassured that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying barefoot restraint. Her story could have a happy ending when she meets someone who is immune to the magical compulsion to tie her up because they want to tie up the damsel and take away her shoes even when she is not barefoot. The damsel has found her true love and spends the rest of her life with them. She spends even more time tied up than before, but is completely happy.



    One variation of the serial damsel is the woman who wakes up unexpectedly and inescapably tied up in her own bed. Let’s say her hands are bound behind her box style and her legs/feet are tied together and a relatively short cord connects her ankles to the foot of the bed. She is tape gagged, and lives in her own house so no one can hear her call out for help. The cord binding her to her bed keep the lady from hopping over to the front door or squirming over to the phone or computer. Inch worming into the kitchen to find a knife to cut herself loose. The close proximity to so many things that could free her if but for that one damned connecting cord is maddening and she soon comes to hate that one cord that binds her above all others.

    The woman spends all day tied up in bed, struggling with waning energy and enthusiasm. After a few hours she accepts her helplessness and lays there spent, emotionally cycles through resignation, worry, confusion, curiosity, and latent arousal. Finally falling asleep.

    The next morning due to the blessing/curse of the voodoo charm/gypsy hex/pagan magic/aliens/who really cares the woman wakes up feeling refreshed. She’s also now tied to an antique but sturdy chair in an attic room on a farm. She’s cleave gagged or stuff gagged with 2 scarves now and wearing an elegant dress. She’s barefoot. The shoes that go with the dress are empty nearby. The lady again spends the day tied up. She struggles, puzzles, imagines, and maybe remembers a childhood friend or sibling that would playfully tie them up.

    Sleep overcomes our damsel who awakes with her wrists tied to the back of her ankles (like Delta in her replacement TV video) wearing cut-off shorts, a T-shirt, and another tape gag. This one packed. She is located in a small tree house 50 feet off the ground in a forest on a different continent than she started out in.

    Unless the poor lady has been cursed to go on forever spending each day tied up differently in a different location, she starts having dreams of a captive barefoot pagan goddess. The lady get’s recruited into the goddess’ tied up barefoot priestesshood and finally wakes up untied back in her own bed where little time has passed (like the ending of my first Harriet Cooper story). She’s ready to spread the good word of her pagan goddess and start getting her barefoot friends tied up.

    Any amount of one models videos and photo sets can be thematically linked this way, no matter how dissimilar. In fact, the more dissimilar the better since it enhances the “how the heck did I get here tied up like this while I was asleep?” question.

    Mr. Nice Guy from Midian



    Another variation is a woman who wakes up barefoot and elaborately hogtied. She spends the day trying to free herself and makes significant progress before falling asleep. But when she awakes she is hogtied exactly as she started out as. All her progress was taken away. Frustrated she tries again, and makes a lot of progress, but falls asleep exhausted before the job is done again. This keeps happening like the movie Groundhog day unless she can finally escape. Will she?



    An ultimate way to link photosets and videos is an enchanted set of wrist and ankle shackles that enable a woman who falls asleep wearing them to have her consciousness transported through time and space into the body of a tied up barefoot woman. She is only a passenger there to experience another captive’s feelings. Her mind drifts from captive to captive possibly forever. This can link any photoset or video or even mainstream movie or TV or book scene.

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