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    I like this; you should use this lighting again every so often. Although I’d be just as glad if you skipped the crystals & diffraction gratings. (Were the LED strip lights something you rented, or something you bought mostly for video?)

    The set avoids what I dislike about low key; it’s ‘noir’ without being low key. The orange rope was an inspired choice too; I don’t know if it would have worked nearly as well with metal cuffs or with rope of another color.

    Putting aside my geeking about the lighting, Louisa Lu is a model I’d like to see in more photosets.

    One last thought: Toe ties. Maybe not with this tie, but in the future when the model’s ankles are tied together parallel. Or maybe with this tie, with the toes “leashed” with six or eight inches (OK 15 to 20cm) of cord between them, rather than being directly tied together.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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