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    Hi, Here are some of my photos from some past shoots.

    Hope you enjoy them!



    The Pink Duck Series (Starring a Pink Duck and Ariel Anderssen)

    Pink Duck

    Tied By Pink Duck

    Dominated by a Pink Duck.

    The Woodland Series (Starring KateTT)

    Kidnapped by a woodsman

    Caught in a wood.

    Gags (Starring Ariel Anderssen and KateTT)

    Ariel and the Giant Penis Gag

    Kate and the Spider Gag

    Pandora Nude (Starring Pandora Blake)

    Pandora Nude

    The Cage Dress B&W’s (Starring Ariel Andderssen)

    Cage Dress B&W Pole

    Cage Dress B&W Handcuffs

    Cage Dress B&W Skirt

    Spread Square (Starring Ariel Anderssen)

    Spread Square!



    Sheep, thanks very much for the pics of Ariel. Any more you have would be appreciated as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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