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    As enamored as I am of Miss Harriet Cooper, the video of Natalia struggling hogtied on a four poster bed in the Damsel Bound (Natalie fourposterhogtie) video has completely blown me away. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

    First off, The model Natalia is not only weapons grade gorgeous as your models tend to be, but she throws herself into the damsel in distress role with such enthusiasm that if she turned it up any more we might worry. But Natalia makes us believe that she is genuinely frustrated and angry at her confinement and her inability to escape from it, there is also a clear sense of underlying arousal that is so important to “Love Bondage”. Natalia appears to be so turned on that her inability to release her arousal with an orgasm might be more frustrating than her confinement itself. Natalia’s performance makes me think of a woman that is so turned on by being tied up that she becomes hopelessly aroused whenever confined. And prankster found this out and tied her up in front of a camera so her involuntary arousal would be recorded for the world to see. And here she is: moaning and groaning and writhing uncontrollably because she’s been tied up with an ridiculously small amount of rope that can’t possibly be making her so totally helpless. I really can’t tell if Natalia is acting on the two levels of aroused and indignant, or if the models own arousal is shining through her damsel in distress routine, but I like it. I think Natalia deserves a “Best Struggling Actress Award”. And just her name and apparent ethnicity make her just that much more exotic like a James Bond(age) character. At least to a California guy.

    Secondly the rigging here is as masterful as Natalia’s performance and compliments it perfectly. I’m amazed at how such a relatively small amount of rope was used to render Miss Natalia helpless enough to be able to struggle with total commitment and not get free, but comfortable enough to enjoy her restraint and her performance

    I’m not sure I’ve seen a better balance of what looks like a very stringent inescapable rigging job with what looks like an absolutely pleasurable experience for the captive. To me, the captive feeling helpless and vulnerable while feeling as safe and loved as possible is what I’m all about. And here you filmed it. Thanks.

    Ballgags are visually not my favorite gags as a general rule. If they portrude out from the mouth too far they can give a woman a bubble-blowing or croaking-frog look. But Natalia wears her ballgag well here, even regally and keeps it well behind her lips for the most part while struggling like in an Olympic competition.

    The trappings in this shoot are exquisite. The four poster bed with red sheets is so “Princess”. The rooms decorations give a sense of old luxury in an ancient castle. So rife for story possibilities. And I also like the presence of a mirror. Not necessarily to provide the viewer with another angle to see the model, but just as a prop so the character has the option of admiring herself in the mirror. Maybe just to pass the time. Maybe because being tied up barefoot is what it takes to get a woman to realize how beautiful she is. Some women are so critical of their own looks. Some even think their feet are not pretty. They need to be hogtied barefoot in public until their opinion changes.

    The only thing that I wish was done a little differently is that I wish we could have gotten a better and more frequent look at the tops of Natalia’s feet. The top of the foot is my favorite part to look at. I realize the angle that Natalia being filmed from in her hogtie probably made it a bit difficult to get ideal visuals of the tops of her feet and you did a pretty good job, but the result was still rather rich in favor of sole shots. Which are lovely… Really a very minor criticism in an overall flawless creation. Congrats and if you do more of what you did here and it will be good. Thank you.



    Seeing Natalia’s toes tied would have been interesting. As well as the possibility of Natalia starting out with shoes that come off quickly and that she is unable to get her feet back into. I know. My little thing.



    I’m really not as fixated on tied toes as it might seem. I’d rather a woman’s toes be untied for an entire shoot than tied for an entire shoot. Just as I would rather see a woman ungagged than gagged for an entire shoot. But if a sequence starts without tied up toes, and concludes with tied up toes it allows us to see the models feet restrained both ways. Just as seeing the model ungagged and then gagged lets us see her both ways.

    And as a story element tied up toes are special. Most people who only think of tying up someone as something done only for the practical reason of immobilizing them and keeping them from escaping would never think of tying up someone’s toes. If a person (say Natalia) is hogtied securely, tying their big toes together does next to nothing in terms of them even less able to escape. It has little practical value. And since it never happens in conventional movies or TV shoes, who would think of it? I never saw a ladies toes tied together until I saw it in bondage magazines.

    So if a captor ties a barefoot ladies toes together it shows they really care and are paying attention. A nice captor ties a ladies toes toes to further enhance her beauty, or to increase the pleasurable sensations of her captivity. If a woman is being driven nuts by an inescapable hogtie, being toe tied might just push her to the “next level” of arousal. The next step would obviously be to connect the ladies tied toes to the knots/ropes around her torso, forcing her ankles to stay in a toe pointed position. Toe tying can be like the cherry on top of the ice cream dessert.

    A mean captor on the other hand (like the Prime Minister above) could use a toe tie to do nothing but mess with a captive who is already effectively immobilized. A genuinely helpless captive who is left tied up for a prolonged period of time has very very little that they can do to amuse, distract, or comfort oneself. A lady who enjoys being barefoot would naturally be drawn to stroking her feet together for the pleasurable sensation, and the distraction. She might even conclude that her ability to rotate her ankles and play with her feet is the free-est part of her current existence. For a captor to allow a captive the comfort/freedom of untied toes for no practical reason to then tie the captives toes would be denying the captive one of their few comforts just to be mean.

    As a final note. Some women with a tragic condition clinically known as podophobia (look it up) don’t like to be barefoot, have people see their feet, or have their feet touched. The actress Tina Fey has gone out of her way in interview and her script writing that, “I hate my feet.” A woman like this who was tied up while wearing easily removable shoes might accidentally lose her shoes while struggling frantically. When she realizes her shoes have fallen off of her feet are now bare, her sense of vulnerability and helplessness is increased since her bare feet can now be easily seen and touched by anyone. She might even start struggling to get her feet back in her shoes more than she struggles to get free. Especially if she is convince she can’t escape her restraints, and getting her shoes back on her feet is now the most she can do to cover and “protect” herself. This would be fun to watch for a while. But eventually this woman’s toes should be tied together to make sure she remains barefoot, and drive the point of her helplessness home further.

    These are the reasons my own fictional captives usually get their toes tied as their confinement progresses.


    Mr. Nice Guy from Midian



    I’m glad there are pictures in other set’s of Natalia Forrest ungagged so we can see her angelic face clearly. She looks very fetching in a 3 cornered hat in The Highwayman.



    Check the Show Your Work Section for stories inspired by this video

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