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    Here is an idea for a video.

    It would involve two featured models playing the role of female tourists or students lured away from a resort to be “guests” at an ancient native ritual.

    The idea is the women are separated from each other. They can’t see each other but they can hear each other.

    They talk back and forth to each other as the natives “prepare” them for an unknown fate.

    The one woman is the adventurous type. She sees this as facinating adventure, even a great learing experience, “Can’t you see, we are going to witness something not seen in decades”

    She happily drinks down the obviously drugged drink offered to her. She does’nt mind when the natives touch her hair and Tug at her clothes. When she realizes they want her clothes off she eagerly helps by undressing “when in rome”

    Her friend is more nervous and worried about the situation. She drinks from the cup reluctantly. She complains when they start to unbutton her clothes,
    she initially resists but the drink has sapped her will to fight.
    She carries on a running dialog with her friend “They’re taking off my top” “I don’t like this”ect as she is slowly undressed.

    After another round of the drink, which they drink wether they want to or not. they are slowly examined, decorated and elaboratly bound with rope.

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