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    Another drawing, and another sales-pitch from Gaz:

    Welcome great-boss sir! Welcome snaga-shop of Gaz! Iz Gaz me. Iz sell finest beauties in all Nebelbergheim! Iz here haz special dark-elf beauty, with bright blue eye. Name iz Nelywen Bluebell. Iz wood-elf name. Wood-elves were, how you say, step-parents. She speak wood-elf good, too, when not gagged with sticky-cloth gag. But she also have prophesy, make her worth very much gold. Prophesy iz that she make owner very happy, always.

    Iz true prophesy: Orks come to raid wood-elf forest, wood-elf step-parent make Bluebell slave, with chains, become her owner, sell her to orks for cheap. Orks go without burn forest; wood-elf, orks, both happy. See? True prophesy! Then orks pleased with Bluebell except she always talk wood-elf talk. So orks trade Bluebell to priest for barrel of ale. Magic barrel; never run dry. Orks happy. See? True prophesy!

    Then priest train Bluebell. Priest follows South-god of harem-masters, trains Bluebell to please men much. She learn blessed-quick, waz, how you say, talented. Learn to please men in kitchen, in great hall, in bath, in bedroom… She make priest happy – true prophesy! Only priest not like her talk so much wood-elf talk. So Gaz trade three beauties to priest for Bluebell and much sticky-cloth for gags. Priest happy. Gaz happy too. (True prophesy!) And now bring much good luck to snaga shop. Boss-sirs come and buy many beauties. But not Bluebell. She talk too much wood-elf talk, unless gagged. And me, Gaz set price very very high. Ten thousand ork gold-mark. But if great boss-sir can listen to much wood-elf talk, she make him very happy, always. Iz prophesy!

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