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    Hello, Hywel

    Your could consider new steel device for your creative ideas?

    connector chain
    belt chain
    transport restraints
    chastity belt

    In this equipment of the girls will be even more sexual and is more defenceless

    Thanks for your site



    Like the idea of the transport restraints. Not really a fan of chastity belts.

    Some further ideas:

    Brightly colored handcuffs, e.g.
    (other models/manufacturers available, including leg irons)

    “The Grip Restraint System”

    Finally, one where I don’t have a link to an example, but a “collar and cuffs” set where the handcuffs are attached to the front of the collar. Maybe with a relatively long chain between the cuffs, running through a ring in front of the collar.

    That way, the model can reach out with her right hand, but only if she brings her left wrist up close to her collar (and vice versa). Or if she wants to use both hands at once, she’s limited to how far out she can reach. It might make an interesting “nude in steel” set or three.

    BTW, my links do tend to be US-centric; I suspect that “the handcuff warehouse” might not be so good a source for you. Do you have any preferred UK or EU links for “toys”?



    I like the collar handcuff.

    I remember Rosaleen Young used something like this/

    She had a set where the keys to the restraints were attached out of reach
    (to her) to a collar like this

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    Additional metal-bondage sets with a key dangling from the model’s collar could be cool. The models hands, of course, would be locked behind her back, or attached to a chain or belt around her waist, or maybe in a yoke, so that she cannot reach the key herself. But it would be easily accessable to others…

    This might be good as part of an “Honest Omar’s Hotel & Resort” set, or maybe as part of a “nude in metal” set.

    Maybe: Model walks into a hotel room, in leg irons, hands cuffed in front and chained to a belt or loop of chain around her waist, wearing a metal collar with the key to her restraints dangling down from it just above her breasts. Next set of shots (most of the set) shows model sitting on the bed, wrists cuffed to the metal-grill-style headboard, spread-eagle style. Or possibly laying on the bed with arms extended above her head, wrists cuffed with the cuffs attached to the headboard. Or to the footboard, if she’s lying the other way around.

    Or for those who want more pussy, maybe the model can be completely spread-eagled, each wrist and ankle cuffed to a different corner of the bed. Maybe with her original metal cuffs replaced by leather ones. Maybe the original shots can show the empty leather cuffs already leashed to the bedposts, ready and waiting, as the model walks in with metal cuffs, and then the metal cuffs can be shown laid out on a dresser or chair, before showing shots of the helpless models lying spread-eagled on the bed.

    The storyline can be “Room Service, at Honest Omar’s Hotel & Resort”



    I’ve always had a thing for handcuffs. They look good and can be quite secure. But I never cared for the clunky old Darby type until I found the rigid Irish-8s.

    A lot of BDSMers don’t like handcuffs because they allow too much movement. Thin or sharp ones are also pretty uncomfortable. The Irish-8s are the best of both worlds: they hold the wrists as closely as rope, they’re wide and smooth for comfort, and they’re even more inescapable than most handcuffs. That’s how I like my bondage so the Irish-8 is my new favorite.

    KUB makes several varieties. I see that RE already has the screw key type but you might also consider their “high security” model with a pin-tumbler lock. They snap on more easily and can actually be removed more quickly (assuming you have the key, of course).

    The only real drawback to the Irish 8 is its lack of adjustability. That’s not a problem for an individual; it can even be an advantage because they can’t overtighten and don’t need a double lock. But if you cuff a lot of models you may have to get a range of sizes.

    Anyway, I’d sure like to see them used more often. Behind the back with palms together is best: completely comfortable and completely helpless. Even with the key, most wearers can’t get out without help…

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    • This reply was modified 9 years, 1 month ago by  anonanonanon7.


    I’ve seen the collar handcuffs used a lot but I can’t say I like them much because the model’s arms hide her breasts. Hands behind the back are still my favorite. Secure but comfortable, and better yet her breasts are defenseless…

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