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    I rented the Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 lens for the occasion, and while I can see (if I look closely) that it’s better lens than my 18-108 kit lens, it’s not enough better to justify getting one for myself. What I really need, I think, is a third light to act as a hair/rim/backlight. And practice with lighting, lots of practice.

    (Speaking of which, would a reflector cut it as a third light, if one doesn’t have an assistant to hold it in just the right position for each shot? I have to say that I’m skeptical, but if it would work, it would be a cheap and easy solution. Also, any recommendations as to what I might use as a “test dummy” for practicing with lights?)

    Anyway, here’s a double-handful of my photos:

    Isobel Wren:


    Kim Marvel:




    Rain Daniels:


    Hi Lurker,

    Some nice shots there, but the lighting does look a bit flat and rim/back/hairlighting would certainly help.

    You could certainly try using a bounce board or a big reflector for fill and the second flash unit for backlight. But a third light will be more flexible, quicker to set up and generally a good investment.

    Test dummy- I use cuddly toys. (I have a live-in “live test dummy” of course but she’s away working a lot, and the cuddly toys have more patience with lights and f-stops).

    Cheers, Hywel.



    Hi Hywel,

    Thanks for the comments and the constructive/confirming criticism. It would be nice to get away with a big reflector, but I was afraid that I would need an actual third light. Besides, these sets were done in a hotel room, and as you said last year, hotel rooms are a pig to light. Making things even piggier by trying to use a reflector would not be good.

    Now I need to decide whether to get a third Alien Bee(monobloc) or use a speedlight as the third light. One advantage of the speedlight is that I could get a clamp and attach it up at the top of the curtains. But there are also disadvantages to this solution.

    Anyway your advice, as always, is helpful.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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