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    Some of the photos I took at Fetishcon 2013. I was trying to rig a hairlight in my hotel room, and it was a learning experience.

    I hate learning experiences.

    Much better to figure things out without having to go through all that. In this case, I suspect I may have been trying too hard. The light is going to leak and go everywhere, and I shouldn’t stress out over controlling it too tightly. Just herd those photons so that most of them are going mostly in the right direction.

    Anyway, these are among the photos that turned out least bad.




    plus three more



    Great to finally meet you at Fetishcon! And thank you so much for posting some of your photos!

    I agree that one can stress out too much about where the hairlight is going. Generally I find it is impossible to get the hairlight looking perfect from all the angles one needs to be able to shoot from when the girl is in bondage, so I do what you suggested and just make sure that most of the photons are going in the right direction most of the time.

    I’ve found it helpful to rig with light-weight lights (even a speedlight) on a C-stand and boom sometimes when working in confined spaces like hotel rooms. That can help you get the hairlight where it needs to be, above and behind, without too much risk of the light stands getting into shot. A gorillapod can also sometimes be called into use to attach to the top of a door, or the room light fittings, too.

    If you have full control obviously a plate in a the ceiling or a scaffold pole to rig lights to is ideal, but when you can’t screw into the wall or ceiling, clamps and booms and gorillapods are your friends 🙂

    Cheers, Hywel.



    I really like the image of the girl with the black hair and her wrists together in front, her legs straight out. I think it is compelling because of the placement of the wrists and the voluptuousness of her figure. I keep thinking of some heroine from the old serials, being transported to some perilous destination deep in the Amazon jungle.



    Wrapturist: Thank you, I rather like that photo too. Occasionally things do come together.

    Hywel: A boom, or a speedlight on a clamp/gorillapod/something, to put the light above and more nearly directly behind the model was something that occured to me as well. But the more I think about it, the less I like the idea. I’m not sure what the extra effort buys me.

    What I had was a gridded reflector high up, somewhat behind the model, and well to camera right. I think it worked at least halfway decently if the model was in exactly the right place. But what I really wanted was just something to separate the model, rather than a hairlight in particular. Given the equipment I had, I think I would have done better to lower that light to five or six feet up and direct it more across rather than down. Maybe flag it instead of (or in addition to) using a grid. If I had a strip box, I might have used that. In retrospect, I was worrying too much about throwing light onto the wall to camera left.

    Also in retrospect, I could have made good use of a light meter, to figure out what my individual lights were doing.

    Here’s a sketch of my lighting setup

    [attachment=0:26xgcugt]FC2013 lighting diagram.jpg[/attachment:26xgcugt]


    Obviously, this is nothing like a normal Restrained Elegance picture but we thought other members may like to see our contribution to FetishCon. This picture was part of the “Art of Kink” show at FetishCon. Being new to the event and being the sort who like to contribute, we sent an entry and had a delightful surprise when this was accepted.

    The organiser said it would make a great sculpture. Probably, but we need the things. Two of the collars and the wheelchair wheels were in use at FetishCon itself.



    Despite your modesty, these came out quite well. Women with glasses always intrigue me, and the Asian models ( # 18 and 25) would be good to see more of. Hope you kept their contact information!



    BobCratchit: Complements always feel good :mrgreen:

    I’m a bit hard on myself because I’m chasing after the RE level of quality, which in turn is shooting for “good enough for the cover of Vogue.” If I compared myself to “photos taken with a point-and-shoot (and no off-camera lighting), in what is obviously a room in the Fetishcon hotel” then I’d get complacent, smug, and even arrogant. 🙁

    And yes, I did keep their contact information. And I should give model credits here.

    – Jasmine Mendez – Also shot with her in 2011: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2836
    – Jezebel Tempting
    – Jordana Leigh
    – Dragix
    – Briella Jaden
    – Nyssa Nevers
    – Luna Vera

    As for the glasses – I saw some opportunities, and I took them. There are times when glasses add an extra zing to bondage pics, even (or especially) when the model is scantily clad, topless, or even completely nude.

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