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    Even in a perfect fantasy kingdom there has to be some rules regarding when a lady can have her shoes confiscated and be tied up on the spot, in public or in her own home. To clarify things a list has been provided of all the things that warrant tying up a woman and taking away her shoes:

    A lady may be restrained barefoot if she is ever…


    Not late


    Not early

    Fails to work well

    Doesn’t fail to work well

    Fails to finish work

    Doesn’t fail to finish work

    Is not helpful

    Is helpful

    Has a bad attitude

    Has a good attitude

    Has a sandwich

    Doesn’t have a sandwich


    Doesn’t complain

    Fails to follow instructions

    Doesn’t fail to follow instructions

    Watches TV

    Doesn’t watch TV

    Ties up other barefoot ladies

    Doesn’t tie up other barefoot ladies

    Reads this list

    Doesn’t read this list

    Memorizes this list

    Doesn’t memorize this list

    Asks questions about this list

    Doesn’t ask questions about this list

    Objects to any of these rules

    Doesn’t object to any of these rules

    Is barefoot

    Isn’t barefoot

    Wears shoes without permission

    Wears shoes with permission

    Enjoys being barefoot

    Doesn’t enjoy being barefoot

    Gets tied up

    Doesn’t get tied up

    Does anything

    Doesn’t do anything

    We hope this clears up any misunderstandings. If you think you are a beautiful woman who is not barefoot and/or tied up, please make a free call to our security services, and a security officer will arrive and get you tied up securely as soon as possible. Thank You,

    The management

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