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    My wife and I have visited FetishCon in Florida for three years now, and this year we got more fully involved in what many people think is the main purpose of that convention: arranging private shoots in hotel rooms. For a UK photographer, it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet and shoot with US models. We had several wonderful experiences but the one I had been most looking forward to was shooting Kendra James.

    Kendra James is definitely well up the top rank of fetish models and well known to Restrained Elegance for sets like (to name one of my favourites) “Kendra Consents”. She also made a strong impression on us for her performance in the story of “the New Accountant”. Elsewhere, she is probably better known now for her video work, including as a very striking Batwoman. We were therefore delighted when she agreed to shoot with us.

    Here are some of the results. I should explain the bondage is not meant to be to RE’s level of strictness: our aim was to show someone having fun.

    One for fans of red shoes – especially when coming off the feet.

    Let this be a warning: we are the silly people who now have cute bondage bears with us and do not let even the greatest model leave without a few shots with at least one of them.

    No bondage in this one but something more for foot fetishists.

    Kendra had brought a latex Supergirl outfit and of course we wanted some shots of her in it. For storyline purposes, we all agreed that the rope cuffs must be impregnated with Red Kryptonite. 😀

    Finally two images using stools or a chair in our room.

    I hope you enjoy these pictures. If so, all the credit is due to the photographer/ It was my wife who took all of these. Camera: Canon EOS 70D

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    Mmmmm! I like the red shoe shot especially! Thank you very much for sharing them!

    Love to see some more of your photos if you’re willing?

    Cheers, Hywel



    Thank you for your kind words, Hywel. I’ll aim to post a few more sets from time to time. Meanwhile, here are 3 more shots of Kendra James from our shoot at FetishCon. My own work this time. Camera: Panasonic DMC FZ1000.

    I’m sure it would never have occurred to us that my wife or I would be posting on this forum when I wrote to Hywel introducing ourselves saying neither of us was a photographer and we just dabbled on the edge of this fun fantasy world of bondage. It is still less than 2 years since we plucked up the courage to turn our cameras off “full auto” and only just over a year since our first shoot with a professional fetish/bondage model. At least that name has stuck and we are now accustomed to being known as the Fantasy Dabblers.

    I hope you all enjoy these.

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