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    Sophia is a stunningly beautiful woman with divine feet who been in a number of mind blowing video and photosets. I mentioned elsewhere when discussing Juliana’s work my fondness for coming up with storylines that link multiple videos/photosets. The video of the slave auction seems like an obvious beginning of the Saga of Sophia.

    The slave auction video is another one that takes its time getting where it’s going. Done poorly this would have me yelling, “Get on with it!”, but watching Sophia and Ariel portray a woman being seduced by a false friend into stripping nude and locking herself in shackles and a ballgag so she can be ambushed by a slave auction is hypnotic. These ladies are not just modeling, but acting. This really takes a video to another level.

    At times the shackles clanked so loud it was hard to make out the dialogue, which was frustrating. Little technical problem. More close ups of Sophia’s feet would have been nice. But they can be seen elsewhere, and a wise man once said, “You can’t have everything, where would you put it?”

    Sophia’s ballgag looked great on her. I’m liking ballgags more and more as I peruse your work. One thing I didn’t like was a photoset I looked at where I think it was Sophia wearing the biggest ballgag you had. It made her look halfway between a croaking frog and a roasted pig with an apple in it’s mouth. Too big, too much. You can’t let the ballgag wear the woman.

    If Sophia’s work is viewed as a long narrative I think it would begin with The Slave Auction where our damsel is betrayed and kidnapped into slavery. Next would be the Dungeon Strappado wher Sophia spends the night stringently restrained and ballgagged nude to start teaching her to accept her new status as a barefoot captive. All the other photosets and videos represent later stages of Sophia’s life as a barefoot bondage slave. The Sophia Boudoir video demonstrates that Sophia eventually comes to not only accept but love her captivity. Just how I like it. The narrative of a woman kidnapped against her will that eventually comes to love her captor and her captivity is common with me.

    Everyone who hasn’t already should see the photoset where Sophia is is bound in a blue dress and matching blue ballgag. Her sacred feet look so virginal, like they’ve never been walked on.



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    Just a note: Comments like these are better posted in “General Chat” rather than here.



    Thanks for the heads up. New here.

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