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    This story is based on the annual event “Talk Like a Pirate Day” taking place each year on September 19. It is a real thing – check it out .

    The story is – of course – fictional and based on the (unacceptable) premise of bondage with reluctant acceptance. The author does not condone of any re-enactment and/or bondage without consent and ample safety observed.

    This piece of fiction with or without alteration is free to be used at will for commercial or non-commercial purposes with no accreditation or accept of the author.

    Feedback is welcome.


    Sophie: Lawyer, works for a solicitor. Has a huge taste for bondage (switch). Keeps a facade as a no-bullshit business woman. Lives in a (mostly) platonic relationship with her friend and flatmate Caroline. Tends to be sarcastic, rude at times but with a good spirit. Needs action and gets easily bored. Hard to pin down.

    Caroline: Nurse. Sophie’s flatmate. Has an un-explored flavor for bondage (submissive). Open minded, also sexually. Respects/trusts authorities. Keeps promises. Easily persuaded. Happy to be around Sophie who includes her in her active and go-ahead lifestyle.

    Jack: Friend of Sophie. Wealthy. Arranges an annual “Talk Like a Pirate Day” party which is nothing more than an excuse for a charity slave auction.

    Marie: Environmental engineer. Former flatmate and friend of Sophie. The misunderstood dominant but in reality submissive. Secret crush on Sophie who tops her constantly – intellectually and otherwise. Desires to nail Sophie in a bondage session. Long one, that is. Tends to take matters a little too serious. Respects rules, love systems. Hates to see her plans destroyed.

    The Baroness: Eccentric millionaire and lawyer/solicitor. Owns a mansion where she entertains herself by having (other) people training slaves.
    Heather: Airline pilot and in The Baroness’ service professionally and otherwise. Submissive.


    Apartment: Any living room will do.

    Jacks house: Multiple options.
    A) Studio. All we see is “the booth” (as described), a stage. Limited amount of extras is needed. Can be shot with the actors (Jack, Caroline, Sophie, Marie, The Baroness) alone. Shadowy effects, lighting can create the illusion of a room with more people.
    B) Live event. This could be a bondage convention. Opportunity for interesting cameos.

    The baroness’ mansion: There are plenty of those in England, Right?… Doesn’t need to be a mansion. Story can be re-written to suit a variety of locations.

    Luxurious mediterranean villa: Just a pool is necessary.

    Episode 1: The costume

    Caroline and Sophie are in their apartment. Caroline standing up. Sophie uses a tape measure on Caroline.

    Sophie: Ok. I need just two more measurements and we are done!
    Caroline: Talk Like a Pirate Day? Really?

    Sophie: I told you… It’s a costume ball. We dress like pirates and talk like pirates.

    Measures wrist. Scribbles.

    Caroline: And … how do pirates talk?
    Sophie: You say “ahoy”, “aye” and “arrr” a lot. And drink grog.
    Caroline: Arrr?
    Sophie: No.. More like “AaaAarrrr”
    Caroline: “Aaaarrrr”
    Sophie: You need to practice… Everyone will be dressed as pirates and they take it pretty serious.
    Caroline: And we will be pirates too?
    Sophie: Arrr.. Of course… Well… I will be a mighty pirate and you.. err… Will be my captive!
    Caroline: Captive, – ME? Then I want to be a French aristocrat captured on my adventurous journey to the caribbean colonies. I think I would like that!
    Sophie: Aristocrat…? Might work out… Personally I would have gone with “harem girl”. Much cheaper.
    Scribbles on paper, punches numbers onto calculator…
    Sophie: Ok – now we are done!
    Caroline: “Arrr”. Or is “Aaaaarrr” better?..
    Sophie: Arrr, right you arrr!
    Caroline: And whe’arrr is it?
    Sophie: Arrr.. Friend of mine. He has arr’anged this event for ages. Usually there is live music, free baArrr and a charity slave auction.
    Caroline: Arrr…?
    Sophie: AaaAAaarrrr!!!

    Wine glasses on table, bottle. Fade/blur out

    We see some cardboard boxes in the room. Various clothing items are scattered. Sophie takes a hanger with a huge dress and puts it on the bed in front of Caroline.

    Caroline: Wow. This… This nice!!!

    Takes out the clothes

    Caroline: Thought you said you preferred me as harem girl?
    Sophie: Arr… Changed me mind.
    Sophie puts on a pirate hat. They laugh. Caroline starts to undress and put on the outfit. She signals that she is done
    Sophie: Arrr. Ye will bring me a good bounty, ya scurvy landlubber
    Caroline: Ah haha.. you are putting me up for sale, are you?!!
    Sophie: Naaah. You deserve better… Besides – the auction is usually overbooked. We should have reserved a ca… err … spot weeks ago… Oh there is more in the box.

    Sophie motions to a small brief case

    Sophie: You haven’t seen your jewellery yet… Open it!

    Caroline opens the briefcase

    Caroline: What?… What on earth is this??

    Holds up a set of SM-factory shackles and collar.

    Sophie: I told you – you are my prisoner, and shackles comes with the job.

    Caroline holds them up, looking a little suspicious.

    Caroline: They are really heavy… And what’s with the locks?
    Sophie: They lock! Holding it all together.

    She giggles. Caroline looks suspicious, turns serious.

    Caroline: These are just toys, right?
    Sophie: All a matter of definition. They have a certain visual impact I prefer with the rest of your outfit. Try them on!
    Caroline: Where are the keys?
    Sophie: They should be in the briefcase as well. Now – put them on, I want to see how they fit!
    Caroline slips her hand inside a shackle but doesn’t lock it. Takes the hand out again. Bites her lip.
    Caroline: Ok, but I want to hold onto the key.
    She takes the key from the box and tests the key in the lock. Puts the keys on the table
    Sophie: Think of it as a wristwatch or fitbit… Only with the slight difference that it is a little more difficult to lose… and it doesn’t really tell you what time it is.
    Caroline: And the collar?
    Sophie: Necklace!

    Sophie shows Caroline how it works. She starts with a wrist cuff.

    Sophie: The rings attaches to the lock like this… You close it and snap the lock shut … et voila!
    Caroline: I can’t believe you bought this for me!

    Caroline giggles. She waves her shackled hand around. Sophie assists Caroline with the other wrist cuff, then goes to look in the mirror and put on makeup. Meanwhile Caroline puts on the ankle cuffs herself.

    Caroline: Wow. They are quite heavy…. And they’re cold!.

    Sophie talks while putting on makeup

    Sophie: Just wait a few minutes, you won’t even notice… The… err.. necklace can be a little difficult to put on by yourself. But it works just like the other ones.

    Caroline proceeds to lock on the collar while Sophie attends the mirror. There are two chains left in the brief case. Caroline holds them up to the shackles and tries to put them on but cannot figure out how they connect.

    Caroline: How do these attach?
    Sophie: Oh. You have to use the extra padlocks.
    Caroline finds the padlocks and – with some effort – attaches the chains to the cuffs, connecting ankle to ankle and wrist to wrist. She walks around a little showing moderate discomfort with the ankle chain.

    Caroline: These chains are short. I feel clumsy!
    Sophie: They are designed to limit your mobility. You’ll get used to it.
    Caroline: But people can’t even see my feet!? So I can’t really see why that particular chain is necessary.
    Sophie looks in disbelief
    Sophie: Believe me – people will know! Do they hurt?
    Caroline : No, but…
    Sophie: I would be a lousy pirate if I did not take care of my property! Keep them on for now! We can take them off if they get too annoying.

    She opens and closes the hand holding the keys. She tests the chain, gets up and walks around, lifting the skirt now and then.

    Caroline: I don’t know about this!
    Sophie: Relax! You look fantastic! Almost done,

    Caroline runs her hand around the collar, grabs the ring, adjusts the wrist cuff – twisting her hand, visibly unused to the feeling and not quite comfortable… Sophie turns away to look in a box, and goes through some stuff before producing a leash. Meanwhile Caroline tries to pull her hand out of the wrist cuff but quickly stops as Sophie turns around. She puts her hands on her hips. Caroline smiles apologetically.

    Sophie: Oh go on – never mind me! Give it a go. I would be really disappointed if you were able do that. I had them custom made to fit you.
    Sophie snaps the leash to the collar. Stands back to admire her “work”.

    Sophie: All ready to go.
    Caroline: Seriously?! You are dragging me by a leash?
    Sophie: If you are going to be my prisoner, leash it is!

    She grabs the handle of the leash and starts to walk Caroline out of the room. Caroline resists…

    Caroline: Whoa… Hold it… I don’t think I am ready to go out in public like this!??
    Sophie: What do you mean? Why not?

    Caroline holds out her hands and raises her left foot as far as the chain allows, displaying the ankle cuff. Sophie rolls her eyes. Looks up and down.

    Caroline: I mean.. People will notice the… err…
    Sophie: Well… First of all it is Talk Like A Pirate Day, and you are wearing a costume. I spent a lot of time – and money – on this… Secondly we are only going down the lift and into a waiting cab. It’s not like we are taking a bus or the underground… Thirdly I would expect people to appear in much more daring and flamboyant costumes. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

    (Car sounding the horn outside.)

    Sophie: That’s the taxi right there.
    Sophie once again makes a notion to get going.
    Caroline: Wait wait wait… I.. I’ll need my purse.
    Sophie: <talks like pirate> Arrr.. Me captives don’t carry purses…. <changes to normal tone of voice> Hm… but since I made great effort to assure that you don’t have pockets in that outfit, I’ll hold on to the keys for you. It would really be a drag to lose them just because you got drunk … again. <giggles>

    Caroline reluctantly sees the keys pried from her fingers by Sophie who puts them in her pirate-themed purse. She takes a deep breath.

    Caroline: Well since I don’t have my wallet, I guess drinks will be on you tonight.
    Sophie: Arrr.. Grog it is!

    Final shot is the two of them exiting the room. On the way out Sophie slaps Caroline with her pirate cutlass!
    Sophie: Move along, captive!
    Caroline: Ouch. Stop that!

    Episode 2: The trap

    We’re at the party. They enter an (almost) empty room. Location could be a big living room with a normal fireplace. Sophie has Caroline by the leash. They go to the side of the room, table with drinks (champagne glasses).

    Caroline: <whispers> I think we are the first to arrive.
    Sophie: Yeah. I wanted to have a word with the host before it starts.

    A man comes towards them dressed as a British naval officer.

    Sophie: Ahoy there Jack!
    Jack: Sophieee! Well blow me down – Arrr… How have you been?
    Sophie: Great. Fabulous… And you? And the misses?
    Jack: Arrr . the misses is doin’ … Good you came so early. Lots of things to catch up on.

    Big hug

    Jack: And this is…?
    Caroline: Caroline, pleasure to meet you!

    She extends her hand(s),

    Jack: Arrr. En chatee avec les bouillonees… A captive. Maybe off to be sold on ye auction?
    Sophie: Haha. Your’ French is impeccable! I think I will hold on to this slave for now. I believe I can get a better price off market. Also – it is her first time here.
    Jack: Fair enough… How about a drink?

    We see them with drinks.

    Jack: Caroline, you really should consider the auction. You are already wearing an … err.. appropriate costume! The rules are simple – highest bidder wins and for each 1000 pounds you have to dedicate yourself to one day for a charity of the winners choosing. We call it “Slave to Charity”.
    Sophie: Jack. Stop it. This one belongs to me and I am not letting her go.
    Caroline: Voluntary community service? How many days of work would I risk?
    Jack: Voluntary? Haha. Who said that? Nonono mon cherie… We have a binding contract… In order to get the tax deductions for charity donations you see – just a formality. No worries though – you can always pay the money you bring in from your own pocket to free yourself from any obligations.
    Caroline: And what would a girl like me go for?
    Jack: What do you say Sophie?
    Sophie: As she stand there. <Lifts, peeks and pokes/tickles with her cutlass> Mint condition. One previous owner. No dents or scratches. Service ok. Inescapable shackles with all sets of keys included…

    She ends her “demo” by slapping Sophie on the bottom with her sword.

    Caroline: Hey! Don’t do that!
    Sophie: I would say 6-7.000. <pause>
    Caroline: But… that would be… six or seven days?
    Sophie, Jack laughs
    Jack: Ayeee. She’s a saucy wench. But I would say 1200 max! <laughs> Tell you what. I’ll stop the bidding if you exceed 1500. Sophie is good for the money!

    Caroline laughs

    Sophie: Who holds the record nowadays?
    Jack: Aye… I bought my wife and we went golfing. Arrr 3000 pounds sterling. Goddamn only way I would ever get her to join me. Worth every penny!

    Caroline smiles.

    Jack: You know… The donation really makes a difference. Last year we got 11.000 pounds for schools in Burundi. Who can say no to such a noble cause?
    Caroline: Burundi?
    Jack: Yes. And there’s more.. I forgot to mention that the winner will be Miss Pirate Slave. There is a prize, you know!
    Caroline: OK. OK… Where do I sign?
    Sophie: Caroline??
    Jack: Arrr. That’s the spirit. X marks ye spot!

    Pulls out piece of old-ish paper. Caroline signs at the line marked with a pirate X.

    Jack: AVAST me hearties… We have our first lot in ye auction. Sophie? Please escort your merchandise to ye inspection stand, booth number one.
    Sophie: Arrr. Aye aye.

    Yanks the leash. They leave the room.

    To be continued…

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    Episode 3: The cage

    They arrive to a booth (sides covered in velvet) used to put a slave at display. The idea is that there are other similar neighboring booths. In this play two booths will be used but since there are walls between them it could be the same set piece but just with different colored lighting. There is a small metal cage in the middle, a comfy chair and coffee table next to for friends and potential bidders to chat with the captive… Plenty of space around it.

    Jack: Caroline. Meet Marie
    Caroline: Pleasure to meet you.

    They shake hands. C smiles nervously

    Marie: Pleasure is all mine. Hi Sophie.
    Sophie: Hi Marie. Good to see you.

    Sophie and Marie kisses on the cheek.

    Jack: Marie is the display warden. She will take care of you from now on.

    Marie opens the cage door.

    Caroline: Oh. Am I going in there?.
    Jack: Arrr.. It will only be a short stay! No worries.
    Sophie: You signed the contract, didn’t you?

    Caroline shrugs. Slips out of the dress with help from sophie leaving her with underwear and corseted.waist.

    Caroline: I have a bad feeling about this!
    Sophie: For charity!
    Caroline: Arrr. For charity! May the best slave win!

    She crawls in, Marie closes the door and locks it. Caroline twists and turn and tries to get – somewhat – comfortable.

    Caroline: This place could really need a pillow!

    She points to the recliner chair with some loose pillows

    Caroline: Can I have one of those cushions?
    Jack: Arrr. All slave-pillows have been sold… so we could get these nice comfy cages. In ye olden days slavery was all pillowy and comforty but them scumwagger billow-ratting slaves they … mutinised! Ayeee. Pillows were to blame… How about a nice mug of gag? Did i say gag?… I meant grog! Arrh-haha must’ve been one of them bladderwaggen freudian slips.
    Caroline: Nono… Just… Hand me one of the pillows over there… I won’t go anywhere… Hey!!
    Jack: Ayeee.. I know!

    She gives the bars a good shake. Jack leaves to get drinks. Marie goes too. Sophie sits in the chair. Places her drink on the coffee table.

    Sophie: I do not think you are supposed to be comfortable down there, sweetie.
    Caroline: So what happens now!?
    Sophie: You wait for the auction to start. I would have warned you, but Jack is a smooth sonofabitch. The rules are that the first to volunteer will be the last to be auctioned. Therefore you will also be the last to be released from the cage. On the upside the last one is usually the one attracting the highest bids. The auction starts at ten and now is… (looks at cell phone) seven. I hope you like the view, ‘cause you’ll enjoy it for at least three hours.
    Caroline: Wooot?? Shiver me timbers! Three hours? He did NOT say anything about that?
    Sophie: Relax. It won’t kill you!…
    Caroline: What if I have to use the bathroom.
    Sophie: You call Marie. But there is a price to pay. And she can be such a bitch!
    Caroline: You know her well?
    Sophie: Flatmate. She lived in your room. Introduced me to Jack. Good times but we … err .. drifted apart.

    Caroline tugs on the bars in the “ceiling”, generally moves around.

    Caroline: Hmm. This cage couldn’t possibly be any smaller.
    Sophie: The cages were my idea … and design. I was the “warden” years ago and persuaded Jack to have them made. Solved the problem of mutiny instantly. I specifically designed them small. It is practically impossible to sit up straight and find a dignified posture. And with hands and feet chained together like that <points> you cannot stick your arms or legs out for comfort. Good entertainment for bystanders and potential bidders. Go ahead try!

    She scuffles around some

    Sophie: You sure look good trying though.
    Caroline: Was this part of your plan? You tricked me into this, didn’t you???

    Rattles her restraints. Sophie smiles – she gets up and walks around the cage.

    Sophie: Let’s just say you made it easy. Other than providing your jewelry I did nothing. You put them on yourself, remember?

    Sophie rests her arms on the cage

    Sophie: But it does provides me some sort of satisfaction to see you like this.

    Marie returns.

    Marie: How about you, Sophie. I still have some vacancies.
    Sophie: Thanks but no thanks. I like the outside view much better.
    Marie: There is quite a bounty on your head. I would perso…
    Sophie: Oh! Was that Susie? I just saw Susie. I haven’t seen her in for a long time. Stay here, I will be back.
    Caroline: No don’t …. go



    Episode 4: Bounty

    We see Sophie with a drink in her hand chatting with other people. Then another. And another. visibly impaired having a good time, laughing etc. We also see Caroline now and then change her position. Legs of people standing by the cage.
    We see The Baroness. She wears a mask. A little bit spooky. She nods to Jack, who touches his nose and nods back with a serious face. We see a briefcase similar to the one with Caroline’s restraints handed to him. Jack approaches Sophie.

    Jack: In the name of King George II, I hereby place you under arrest.
    Sophie: Arrrrrr’est? Arrr’ you kiddin’?
    Jack: <lowers voice> it’s ok. Jeff and Karin had to leave early so we are one lot short. They left these and mentioned your name.
    Sophie: Oh they did, did they!.. You all just want revenge for last year.
    Jack: You left before the party even started. You owe it to me, or… Are you afraid Caroline will bring in more money than you!?

    Sophie shakes head while laughing

    Sophie: Ok, but you keep Marie away from me.
    Jack: Agreed!

    Fingers crossed.

    Sophie: And no cage. I hate that cage! I sit next to Caroline until the auction.
    Jack: But why not? The cage is the best part of…
    Sofie: Jack!
    Jack: Agreed – no cage. Arr.. You don’t even have to worry as the cages are all taken anyway. And even if you were locked up, you would only be there for five-ten minutes. We are about to start.

    Half-drunk, loving, overacting Sophie yells melodramatically

    Sophie: Jack… How can I resist a man of His Majesty’s navy? Clap me in irons. Let me have me day in court. Bring this pirate to justice.

    Jack turns around, places briefcase on table. Sophie signs the paper. Holds out her hands for Jack to put on the shackles…

    Jack: Heck no! I can’t work those! You are the expert!

    Sophie reluctantly picks up the collar and cuffs and expertly puts them on.

    Jack: Wow that was quick – you really are an expert. Chin up you bilge-rat! Arrr.

    Sophie pulls her hair up while Jack puts the collar on and attaches a leash. Hands padlocked behind back.

    Jack: Arr. One last thing.
    Holds up a gag.
    Sophie: Dammit! I forgot how much you like those.
    Jack: Say “Arrr”

    She opens her mouth and gets gagged. As he tightens it, she throws her head, signalling it is tight enough. A yank of the chain causes a small yelp. Jack escorts her to Caroline’s booth. Sits in the chair. Sophie tries to get her hands free. Tests her restraints.

    Caroline: Been there, done that!… So I would really be disappointed if you were able to do it!
    Sophie: <mumbles> Can’t hurt to try.
    Caroline: What happened?

    Sophie signals that she is gagged but tries to explain

    Caroline: I kind of hoped you were going to buy me! What now?

    Jack returns

    Jack: On your feet. I have something to show you.

    Jack pulls her away. We see a booth with an empty cage. This one does not have the floor so Sofie will sit directly on the bars. Marie sits on top with a crop.

    Sophie: <protests wildly, mumbles in gag> Oh Heilll no! Jack!!! You promised!!

    Jack: I promised you a place next to Caroline. And this spot was free.

    A riding crop from Marie helps her forward.

    Sophie: <yells into her gag> Hey. Lay off!

    Cage is padlocked shut by Jack who takes the padlock keys and bundles them with the shackle keys.

    Marie: Gotcha!.

    (Btw. There is no visible contact between the booths (so the same one can be used in the shots). They leave her. We see her scuffle around.)

    We hear jacks voice as the presenter.

    Jack: AVAST.. All hear, all hear. We have eng-caged our last slave for ye auction – the lovely mighty pirate Sophie <crowd cheer>. All slaves are now on display. The auction starts at 11. That is in one hour and forty minutes.
    Sophie: <yells/mumbles> Evveven?!.. WAAACK!

    She kicks the cage door. We see Sofie look up as if someone stands in front of the booth
    Marie and Jack comes up to the cage. Marie jumps up and sits on top. She has a cane in her hands and uses it to poke Sophie a little.

    Marie: Want your hands in front?
    Sophie: Hrmpf
    Marie: Can’t hear you
    Sophie: <mumbles> Yeff … Pweafe.

    Jack unlocks the padlock. Moves hands to front and relocks the padlock. Jack drops the keys on the coffee table. Sophie rips the gag off and throws it out of the cage.

    Sophie: Get your fat butt out of my face!

    Marie makes no motion to get down

    Marie: How do you like the shackles?
    Sophie: Oh they are lovely. They do – however – look a whole lot better on you!
    Marie: I am happy to see that they fit you so well.
    Caroline: <from neighbor booth> Hey. I’ve been in here for almost three hours I really need to go to the bathroom..
    Marie: You bought her set too?
    Sophie: Part of squatting at my place – comes with the room.. And I do get a healthy discount.
    Jack: Marie you got work to do. Nice to see you again Sophie. And this time I don’t think you will miss the auction, ye scurvy scalwaggin’ cage-lubber….

    Marie drops her cane in the reclining chair – it lands on the floor just outside Sophies cage. She jumps down, goes to Caroline. Opens cage, attaches leash and drags her away.
    Sophie looks at the keys. She can just reach the cane. She gets hold of it and goes fishing for the keys. She gets the tip of the cane onto the key ring and slides the keys down to her hand. Almost successful, Marie returns and grabs the keys in the last second.

    Marie: Clever girl!
    Picks up keys. Pockets them.
    Sophie: So close!
    Marie: Face it. This year you are not running away!
    She turns around to attend to Caroline. She is bent over the cage.

    Marie: Crop, paddle or cane?
    Caroline: What?
    Sophie: <from her cage> She is asking you how you want to be spanked.
    Caroline: What??
    Marie: Allright. I’ll pick!

    See her with a paddle.

    Marie: One toilet break goes at three swats.

    She delivers, released her hands and guides her by the leash into the cage.

    Marie: Gin and tonic?
    Caroline: Are you offering me a drink so I will have to go to the toilet again?
    Marie laughs.
    Sophie: I could use a drink!
    Marie: Coming up!



    Episode 5: Auction

    Marie returns with Sophie, hands locked behind from a bathroom break, (maybe breasts bared, nipple clamps)…
    Bends her over Caroline’s cage

    Sophie: I’ll take the crop, please.
    Marie: Only happy to oblige.

    She teases with the crop, caressing Sophie’s bottom.

    Sophie: I can only imagine how much you enjoy this.

    Marie slaps Sophie’s bottom.

    Sophie: Ouch!
    Marie: No you can’t – I have waited long for this. Count these out.
    Sophie: Ok … err … One.
    Marie: That one doesn’t count.
    Sophie: NOT fair

    Marie slaps her again

    Sophie: Ouch! Ok.. ONE!
    Marie: That one doesn’t count either.

    Marie slaps her and Sophie counts the slaps. One.. two.. camera blurs out

    Marie gets her into the cage and locks the door.

    Marie: I will put your hands in front if you like.
    Sophie: How utterly kind of you!
    Marie: … So you can have that drink.
    Sophie: Figures.

    The padlock between Sophie’s wrist cuffs is unlocked and replaced by a short chain. Mary places a drink in front of the cell. Sophie picks it up, leans back and takes a sip. Marie leaves.

    Caroline: <from her cage> Charming acquaintance! What have you done to piss her off?
    Sophie: Nothing! Well – except that I bought her two years ago.
    Caroline: Bought her? On the auction?
    Sophie: Yes
    Caroline: And?
    Sophie: Then… I “trained” her for two weeks.
    Caroline: Trained?
    Sophie: Much like we are being treated now. Even had a cage in our living room.
    Caroline: Wow! No wonder she’s pissed. I would be pissed after two weeks of this. Actually I am getting a little pissed right now.
    Sophie: I did her a favor!
    Caroline: Right! Hm.. Do you think she will bid on you?

    Jack announces… Camera stays on caroline and Sophie.

    Jack: Avast maties. Time for ye auction.

    Jack: Do I hear 1500, 1600, 1610, 1620, 1630, 1640 … 1650 … Arrr. Sold to the gentleman in the pirate hat.

    We see them moving around in the cage as the auction progresses. Cuts between Jack and cages…
    Jack on the PA… Marie returns as he speaks.

    Marie: You’re up next.
    Jack: How about it!? Arrr you ready for the last lot? <mumble>… By popular request there will be a 20 … err 30…. No let’s make that … 45 minutes recess before with continue with the last lot of the day. Pirate and french aristocrat slave girl. I can safely say that they are anxiously awaiting yer bids!. In the break they will be on display in booth 1 and 2. Be sure to fill yer mugs in ye ol pirate bar!
    Sophie: OK, that’s it. – I am going to chew my way out!
    Marie: I don’t mind about the shackles, but I think Jack will feel bad if you dent his cage…

    The Baroness appears in front of Caroline’s booth. Takes a crop and “inspects” Caroline (pats her under the chin, runs it down her back gently). Caroline bites lip and closes eyes. Moves on to Sophie.

    Sophie: And what are you looking at?
    Marie: Greetings Your highness.
    Sophie: Highness?
    Marie: Sophie – meet “The Baroness”
    Sophie: Err. Hi, highness.

    She walks around the cage

    Highness (HH): Cheeky, are we?
    Sophie: I’m on my knees. As polite as can be. Your humble servant is at your … Err… Service.!
    HH: Marie… Do you think you could straighten her out?
    Sophie: Stretching would really feel good right now.
    Marie: If I only got the chance!

    Jack: Next lot will be sold as a couple. the lovely Pirate Queen Sophie and her bounty, Soon-to-be french maid Caroline. Marie… Stretch them out.

    We see sophie and caroline standing tip toe. Hands chained to the ceiling. Jack is starting the auction, taking his time. Marie dominates with her riding crop.

    Marie: On your toes!

    Slaps Caroline with the crop who instantly gets back up on her toes.

    Jack: Let’s start with 50… 100… 200… 500… 1200 .. do I hear 1300?… 1250? … 1225?…
    HH: 20000!
    Jack: 20000?? err. TwnetyTHOUSAND … Err .. going once… twice… Err. Sold. I… I believe we just raised TWENTY THOUSAND british pound sterling to schools in Burundi. This is a record for the Talk Like a Pirate Day Slave to Charity.

    The baroness goes to the stage. Whispers to Jack. Meanwhile Marie does her best to keep them occupied
    Jack: This is unbelievable.

    Jack uses a cloth to wipe his forehead, leaves stage and returns.

    Jack: I am told that not only do we have an all time high, but we also have an additional offer. Our winner has offered to double her contribution if the delinquents are willing to do charity work for her organisation for two weeks. What do you say?
    Sophie <seizes a chance in the spotlight>: If she triples it, we will double it!
    Jack: Err so you will both work … one month?
    Sophie: Arrr right ye arr…
    Jack <blocks the microphone, hisses>: Are you serious? Or just mad?
    Sophie: Yup… Bit of both, really!
    Jack: She is NOT spending this kind of money just for the laughs you know!
    Sophie: Come on Jack. She is a friend of yours. I trust your judgment in friends!
    Caroline: I’m ok if Sophie is

    Jack nods to Sophie and Caroline with a serious look. Mumbles “alright”, returns to microphone.

    Jack: <announces> Arrr. What says our winner to this kind offer. SHE NODS! Ladies and scurvy billabongies! We have just raised SIXTY THOSAND pounds to Burundi schools! How about a hand of applause to the lucky winner… and the merchandise.

    The Baroness is handed the keys. Smiles. Turns to Caroline and Sophie. Checks the restraints. Leaves stage. We see sophie and Caroline drinking and enjoying themselves. Music fades in, end



    Episode 6: The Baroness

    Caroline wakes up. Sophie sleeps next to her. They are in a big bed, still shackled. Collars connected to long chain giving them plenty of space to move around. Sophie’s purse is on a table.

    Sophie: Where the hell are we? How did we get here?
    Caroline: I think someone drove us.
    Sophie: Sure about that? My guess would have been walking!
    Caroline: Do tell me you have the keys for these…

    They go through Sophies purse – multiple times. No luck.

    Caroline: And there were just one set of keys with the set? You didn’t hide an extra key in your pocket?
    Sophie: Just one set of keys.
    Caroline: This would never have happened with my fluffy cuffs.
    Sophie: I have a bad feeling about this. I trust Jack and his sense of judgment but I like to know who holds the keys when I’m locked up.

    They try to pick the locks with contents of Sophie’s purse: tip of nail file, hairpin, safety needle – all to no avail.

    Caroline: It’s useless.
    Sophie: As it should be! I was promised it should be next to impossible. I paid good money for that.
    Caroline. Glad to hear you got your money worth, but how did we end up here and how do we get out of here?
    Sophie: Ok – let’s backtrack… I gave your keys to Jack just before the auction. He said we would get them when we went home. After the auction we had a few drinks. “The baroness” came by and said something like “she was sure the price was right”. Then more drinks. Hmm … and I lost track. Best guess is we will be saying “your highness” quite a few times this evening.
    Caroline; Not helping much…
    Sophie: We need something more tool’ish than this. Bolt cutter, hacksaw – anything!
    Caroline: And how exactly are we going to the hardware store?

    Yanks the chain attached to the collar.
    Knock on door. They look up.

    Sophie: My guess would be the highness!

    The Baroness enters. She stands in the room silent.

    Caroline: good morning… Your .. err.. highness

    She is silent

    Sophie: Good morning your highness… We meet again. What an interesting evening last night.

    Awfully quiet as the baroness walks around.

    Sophie: … I suppose we should negotiate the voluntary work we are supposed to do.

    HH: Negotiate? There will be no such thing! Deal is done. You both owe me one month of service…

    Caroline and Sophie looks at each other.

    Sophie: you do know that the auction is a game, right?
    HH: An expensive game. And I am going to enjoy myself so much throughout your … Training … In lack of a better word.
    Caroline: Training?
    HH: SHUT up and stand straight when I am talking to you!
    Sophie and Caroline straightens back
    HH: I will be reasonable with you. Sophie – you work with Stevenson and partners. Caroline… nurse right?
    Hh: If you stayed away from work you would be fired. We can’t have that. I “own” you for a limited time only.”At my pleasure” I believe was the term used. I paid a lot of money for this. But I will not accept any impacts to your normal lives.

    She walks around them with a crop

    HH: I propose that you will receive basic training course of two weeks starting today lasting the same time as your planned trip to Portugal. I will have your flight cancelled and have the refund transferred to your accounts. The remainder will be placed on ten weekends.
    Sophie: ten? I make it seven!
    Caroline: How did you know we are going on vacation?

    Baroness looks at Caroline who instinctively looks down

    HH: all good deals have a price!
    Sophie: Caroline and I will have to discuss this!
    HH: I will give you time but i think the result is already given. My non-negotiable terms…

    Hands a binder to Sophie. The Baroness leaves

    Caroline: I think she is pretty serious about this.

    Sophie takes out the first paper. A statement of a debt of 60.000 pounds.

    Sophie: Caroline. We are in trouble.
    Caroline: Let me see that! Is that our signatures? I have no memory of…
    Sophie: Actually. That part I remember. But it was late when we signed. And you weren’t exactly…
    Caroline: But… That can’t be legal??
    Sophie: Strictly speaking no. However… It appears that in the excitement yesterday we got carried away and agreed on certain terms witnessed by quite a lot of people. Important and powerful people. Granting ourselves to work for her for one month – alternatively pay the Burundi School foundation the 60.000 pounds we owe. I don’t know about you, but I can’t raise that much money.
    Caroline: But as “slaves”?? At “her pleasure”.
    Sophie: That bit is admittedly a bit out of the ordinary.
    Caroline: You could sue her. Couldn’t you?
    Sophie: Sue her? For what? I would be laughed out of court… Costume party. Slave auction. Can’t you see it? And I don’t know about you, but my career as solicitor would be done. Over! The debt certificate without context is just that. Legally we owe that money now.

    Sophie looks through the pages.

    Sophie: Hmm. Actually this could be worse. Let’s see… Blablabla. Two weeks “training” with dedicated “trainer”… <looks up> That will probably be the worst bit. After training… Free time. Available 24/7. Work as special maids. Restraints to be worn only while on the estate.
    Caroline: So we will work as … slaves?
    Sophie <keeps reading>: Let’s see… Will not take existing staffs’ jobs. Ha that means we don’t have to cook or do gardening work. There’s even a safe word to be used if personal preferences are exceeded… Oh. Hm. Blablabla. Yadayada… Own room. Accommodation. Chauffeur. Allowance. Clothing budget. All expenses paid.
    Caroline: I could live with this room.
    Sophie: More blah. Small print. Non disclosure agreement… yada yada yada…
    Sophie looks up
    Sophie: I think this is a good alternative to paying a 60.000 pound debt.
    Caroline: Fun and games rather than work. I can live with this!
    Both of them wesr skimpy maids’ outfits. The baroness stands before them in her office (or living room). They wear shackles and collar but no chains.
    HH: I am glad you accepted my terms
    Caroline: We find them very reasonable your highness.
    Sophie: As a lawyer myself I admire the work.
    HH: Ah.. Yes. The chains that bind you are well crafted. Those <points to restraints> serves only as a reminder at your minor discomfort… And my visible pleasure.

    Knocks on door

    HH: That would be your trainer.

    Door opens and Marie enters. She has a whip in her hand.

    Marie: Greetings your highness… Hi girls.

    They visibly lose their posture. Looks at each other.

    Marie: Now don’t worry. I will be the best trainer … ever!

    Marie walks around them, caressing with her whip.

    Marie: And I think we will get started right away… Off you go <slaps Caroline on the bottom, signals to exit>
    Caroline and Sophie are in their room. There is a cage in the middle

    Marie: I cannot believe how privileged I am to get the chance to show you <places whip on Sophie> how a proper training is done. Remember the cage?
    Sophie: You looked so good in that cage.

    Marie slaps her with the whip.

    Marie: Believe it or not – Jack sent this one as a complement of the house. Caroline… I do not expect much trouble with you. Am I right?
    Caroline: No. I mean yes… No… Err.. There will be no trouble.
    Marie: Good.

    She goes to Sophie. Pulls the collar ring.

    Marie: You get to be the first occupant. Lock yourself in

    Sophie obliges. As she locks herself in the cage, Marie keeps talking

    Marie: We have a thing in common, Sophie.
    Sophie: Let me guess… You prefer earl grey tea?

    Marie slaps her ass which is only halfway inside

    Sophie: Ouch! STOP doing that…… please.
    Marie: We both enjoy using the cage but hate being in it ourselves. It makes me so hot to see you right now.
    Sophie: Only happy to amuse.
    Marie: First there is the entrance bit. You have to crawl on your knees to get in. Secondly you are instantaneously humbled – forced to an uncomfortable position. Thirdly – time! Time will do its job. After one hour you get bored. Two hours restless. Four hours impatient. Most break after six. Some take longer, but that’s ok. Cause this cage has got all the time in the world.

    Sophie snaps the last padlock shut.

    Sophie: Fourthly there is the ever present blabbering. Thanks for the lecture, but I am done now. You can leave me to number one, two and three if you like.
    Marie checks the padlocks
    Sophie: Caroline – follow me.
    Sophie shows discomfort, different positions. The Baroness enters the room. She walks around the cage, takes a chair and sits right next to the cage. Delivers a Hywell quote…

    HH: I love the way different girls react to being caged for the first time. Some curl up, some test the limits of their space, some do acrobatics… and some just do a bit of all three. Frankly I find it satisfying.
    Sophie: Under other circumstances so would I
    HH: Haha. You are not like the others
    Sophie: What do you mean?
    HH: You don’t admit defeat.
    Sophie: What have I got to lose? Apart from the shackles, I mean.
    HH: So it would appear…. But just to spice things up a level, I am giving Marie free hands with you. You are a gift, you know! For long and loyal service.

    She gets up

    HH: Have fun.



    Episode 7; Caught in the caribbean.

    Sophie is by the pool working on her tan. There is another chair and a table between them. Closeup. We hear a cough. Sophie open one eye and looks to the right without moving her head.

    Sophie: Hi Jack.

    Jack has slipped into the other chair

    Jack: Sophie!
    Sophie: how’s the misses?
    Jack: she’s….. Right now plowing through Harrod’s
    Sophie: And Caroline?
    Jack: She stayed after you left. The baroness let her go but she is still a guest of the house.
    Sophie: Good! Glad to hear that. And glad to see you too. What took you so long finding me?
    Jack: You were hard to find. Running away like that… <shakes head>
    Sophie: Running away? Hardly! The Baroness owns this house. Pity she doesn’t come here more often.
    Jack picks up a briefcase from beneath the chair
    Jack: Will you do the honors?
    Sophie: Sure. You can call off the goon squad.

    Sophie opens the briefcase.

    Sophie: How I missed those.
    Jack: HA!
    Sophie: What? It’s true!

    She starts putting the collar on. Jack dials on his mobile. Signals his (imaginary) backup to back off

    Jack: Got her. All under control. No. Not necessary.

    Hangs up

    Sophie: They’re fun toys. They both attract and scare me. <Giggles>.. I like the look and feel when i put them on, but once they’re locked, all I can think of is how to get them off.
    Jack: They are not toys. This time they stay on twentyfourseven.

    She puts them on, making a show.

    Sophie: we’ll see about that. Is this a new set? I believe it is!

    She smiles and examines the shackles.

    Sophie: New locks I believe.

    Jack in the reclining chair takes a cigar and lights it.

    Jack: We figured you had a secret key somewhere. Either a key or a locksmith. Her highness didn’t take it well. Marie got a good feel of her wrath. As well as the rest of us for that matter. She has changed all the locks you know.
    Sophie: I think even a locksmith would have his problems. Don’t think I haven’t thought of that? Cutting, filing, sawing… chewing – too close to the skin and vital arteries. And that’s the bit that scares me… They are elegant <runs fingers over ankles> yet brutal in a sense <pulls ring on wrist cuff hard>… Heavy and constantly gets in the way, completely unforgiving… I feel trapped, secure, privileged, humiliated and appreciated – all at the same time. With Marie holding the keys it was easy though!

    She sips from her drink.

    Sophie: So you are working for the Baroness again?
    Jack: Mhm.
    Sophie: And she paid you to haul me back to her mansion? I wonder how you will get me through airport security with these on!
    Jack: That part is taken care of. She is quite influential… She’ll arrange for our transportation..
    Sophie: Uuh. Private jet. Nice! Didn’t expect that.
    Jack: It means we will have to stay here a few days. Personally I hate the tropics.
    Sophie: Good. Gives me time to plot my next escape.

    Sophie gets out of the chair and jumps in the pool.
    Sophie is walking around in the house with a long chain attached to her collar.
    Arrival of Heather. She is dressed in her captain’s uniform. Conseils a collar (with jewels embedded) beneath her uniform.

    Jack: Sophie… Meet Heather.

    They shake hands.

    Sophie: Pleasure to meet you.
    Jack: Sophie… Show Heather her quarters.
    Sophie: Aye aye cap’n… Hmm Captains.

    They sit by the pool. Sophie with a long chain attached, Heather just wearing her collar. They sit in the reclining chairs talking to each other without looking, enjoying the sun.

    Sophie: Do you do this often?
    Heather: Do what?
    Sophie: Pick up Her Highness’ … properties
    Heather: Ha. That would include myself. But to answer your question… No. I think you are a special case. Most of The Baroness’ employees ride coach.
    Sophie: I like your collar. Diamonds?
    Heather: It was a gift. One that you cannot easily reject. Think they’re just glass though.
    Sophie: If it wasn’t so damn hot I would fume with envy.

    They sit for a while

    Heather: I think Baroness likes you.
    Sophie: huh?
    Heather: She likes a challenge. I am not sure what kind of game you two are playing but I can tell that she enjoys it immensely. I wouldn’t be here if she didn’t.
    Sophie: So why didn’t she come here herself?

    Heather shrugs

    Heather: You tell me!

    Jack arrives. They barely take notice.

    Jack: I just had her Highness on the phone. She wants to know when we leave.

    No answer

    Jack: Heather!!
    Heather: That would be “Captain Heather” to you if you want a seat on my plane.

    Sophie smiles

    Jack: When … “Captain” Heather!?
    Heather: Well, Jack… Planes need fuel. And apparently today is Saint José de Muerte Sancti-something’s day. Airport is closed for the weekend. So we cannot leave until Monday
    Sophie: How about a drink Jack?
    Jack: Jesus Christ.
    Heather: No. Saint José de Muerte Sancti Delgado de la Patio… Not Jesus.

    Jack points to the sky. A small plane.

    Jack: And that plane. How come he can fly?
    Heather: I don’t know Jack. Maybe because he doesn’t need ground handling, jet fuel and a flight plan. Now – how about that drink, Jack?

    Jack leaves, returns and snaps a chain onto Heather

    Heather: Hey!
    Jack: Higness’ orders. She didn’t like the thought of two renegade subjects and a plane capable of flying intercontinental distances. Furthermore she is worried about your manners. She said that you – and this goes for you too Sophie – should not feel too comfortable just because you are a few hundred kms away. Told me to enforce her rules. Strictly.

    Heather sighs.

    Sophie: Dammit Jack. Can’t you just relax sometimes. Loosen up!
    Jack: Two of you at the same time gives me ticks.
    Heather: If you two will please excuse me. I have some paperwork to do. Jack… Is there a computer in there?
    Sophie: Office upstairs. Next to your room.

    Heather locked to the chain leaves the pool….

    Heather: One more thing Jack.
    Jack: What?
    Heather: I don’t fly with girls in shackles.
    Jack: Why not?
    Heather: Insurance and safety…. Mostly insurance

    Last shot is a small business plane taking off.



    Episode 8: Rebellion

    We are back at the “mansion” (dungeon). Marie has Sophie and Heather locked in a standup position. Spreader bar between their collars. Center of the bar is attached to chain leading to the ceiling. If one relaxes it will force the other up. Hands are chained together in front, over the bar.

    Marie: Tippy toe, Sophie!

    She walks around them, tickling Sophie bringing her out of balance. Nipple clamps are applied. Using her whip rigorously. After a while the scene ends with Marie dragging Heather by a leash. Heather is locked in the yoke. Sophie is left chained to the spreader bar on the floor. Neck connected to ankles. Hands locked to the middle of the bar.

    Marie: Goodnight Sophie. Sleep tight!

    The keys are dropped on a table – obviously Marie is confident they are out of reach. Sophie looks up, defiant look. Starts to move towards the keys.
    Cut to bedroom. Marie has heather in the yoke standing by the bed. Champagne is opened and the bottle is placed in heather’s hand. Marie is given rope from the baroness. She starts to tie her up. Nice hogtie. Soon the baroness is gagged and helpless. Marie pours herself a couple of glasses champagne (from Heather’s hand). Then caresses the baroness. Passes out next to her. The Baroness is awake. Looks at Heather. Heather excuses herself and exits. Goes to Sophie. Finds the keys.

    Heather: I got a plan! In or out?…
    Sophie nods!

    Plane taking off. Cut to the pool we used earlier. This time Sophie and Heather are not wearing chains. Marie and the Baroness are lying hogtied on deck chairs. Sophie and Heather each equipped with a crop “entertains” the baroness and marie.
    Heather: when do you think Jack will arrive?
    Sophie: He can be here anytime. Hmm. Second thought – since you are here he will have to take a normal plane. And next flight in is in four days!

    Marie and HH shows discomfort

    Heather: May as well make the best of it!

    Heather holds up the shackles implying they are soon to be worn by HH and Marie.

    Sophie: No worries! I will have these two purring like kittens within a day!

    Caresses with the whip. Zoom out. Blur.

    The end

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