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    Another drawing, and the patter that goes with it:
    [attachment=0:2o01q9jj]Terran Twins.png[/attachment:2o01q9jj]

    The House of Gemini Presents: Genuine Terran Twin Clones!

    Now, on Lorelei Station, in the Dilithium display hall, a special auction of Terran twins! Certified genuinely Terran, and genuinely emotional! Don’t miss the best and most desirable merchandise to be sold this metacycle!

    TERMS: Certified or validated credit vouchers only. Transshipment & life-support fee of 10% applies. Computer-generated bids only permitted from AIs – certificate of sapience required. All others must bid in person. Bids invoking deities, eldritch abominations, or energy beings in any form will be disallowed. Not liable for any psionic modifications. Females sold only in units of two – no singletons. All disputes to be adjudicated by combat to the first blood.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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