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    The “phone camera” tutorials have been interesting, but I have to agree with the advice to get a DSLR if serious about photography. The shortcoming of point-and-shoot (and phone) cameras that drove me to getting a DSLR is that the simpler cameras could not be set to trigger “dumb slave” off-camera flashes. The camera’s flash always had a calibrating pre-flash that could not be turned off. Frustrating!

    My own advice would not necessarily be to get a used DSLR – a new entry-level model (with kit lens) would also be an option. Part of that may be that I’m on the Nikon side, and Nikon kit lenses have a rep for being “very good lenses for their price class.”

    I also have to dissent from getting an f/2.8 zoom to start with. Those zooms come with a big price premium, and I don’t think they’re worth it, at least not when starting out. This may be my Nikon experince talking again, but I’d advise a cheap zoom (e.g. the kit zoom that comes with the camera) plus a cheap & cheerful prime. That way you can find out if you are a primal guy like Hywel, or a zoomist like some of the other RE photographers (or me). Also, primes & zooms have the ‘horses for courses’ thing going for them.

    And it worked for me 🙂

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