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    Hi All,

    We love getting members’ requests, ideas and suggestions, and we try to incorporate the ideas into our shoots. This post explains a bit about how we go about doing that.

    We plan shoots between two and nine months in advance. I generally book the location first (or decide to shoot it at our studio at our house), then book the model, then write a shoot plan.

    The shoot plan will be a list of ideas which we think will be a good “fit” with the location, where the role will be one the model will be good at playing, and will be within her limits to shoot. We generally plan one or two more things that we’re likely to have time to shoot, in case something we’ve planned turns out to be a total non-starter when we get to the location, and we always keep open minds to inspiration that strikes on the day.

    I keep a huge card file of suggestions which we take with us on shoots, because sometimes you just see the model in the location and think “that would be GREAT for that suggestion I remember from the forum”…

    Anyway, as you can see, what we shoot doesn’t necessarily bear too much relation to the shoot plan, but ideas we don’t use are held “on file” because they might be just the thing at the next shoot. (“The plan is nothing. Planning is everything.” – Eisenhower ).

    We then take all the data home (a week long location shoot can generate a Terabyte of data!) and start processing the sets. We spread them out over time so there’s a nice mix of models, styles, bondage and locations on the site. The updates are processed at least two months ahead of when they appear on the site (I’ve never missed an update, and I don’t intend to start now even if I break both arms, so I try to stay as far ahead of myself as I can!) Given the lead time for shoot planning, this means there’s 6 months between planning a shoot and the first sets appearing on the site, sometimes much more.

    I hate promising things I don’t deliver. From the earliest days of the site I’ve had a strict policy of not announcing anything unless it was already shot, which means I’m reluctant to announce the specific locations and models we’re going to be working with in case it all falls through. But planning is everything, and inspiration often comes from looking through the mega card file and getting fired up by an evocative suggestion.


    General suggestions are always welcome. Sometimes they might spur us to try a whole new location or book new models especially, more often we’ll try to work them in to the next planned shoot where they seem to be a good fit to the who/what/where.

    More specific suggestions are even more welcome, I know it is a lot easier to think of ideas when there’s an idea about the location or available bondage gear to spur the imagination! Even if we don’t manage to shoot it that day, it’ll stay in the big “melting pot” card index file for us to pull out at our future shoots, so no idea will ever be “wasted”.

    The trickiest thing of all is usually suggestions for specific models. Scheduling the models is a real juggling act between their limited availability and our need to keep a good mix of people on the site. So “a cute blond like Frankie” is a lot more helpful to us than “I’ve got this idea for Frankie, it wouldn’t work with anyone else” ๐Ÿ™‚

    So what I’ll be doing is posting a “Wish List” of things we’re hoping to do if we can, and hopefully that’ll generate some great ideas and some sexy sets for us all to enjoy!

    Please do send in your requests, either on the forum or by email to webmaster@restrainedelegance.com – even if we don’t have a suitable location planned right now, it’ll always stay in the “melting pot” card index to be pulled out at just the perfect place!

    Cheers, Hywel.



    Hows about a jigsaw of Ariel at her wedding and honeymoon I bet these would be best sellers and could start a new craze for jigsaws.



    Huge fan of the site and have been a loyal follower for years now. However, there have been a recent increase of Ariel galleries and a decrease of other models (besides archived sets). Do not get me wrong, Ariel is great, but I think that there should be much more of a balance between all the models. Thanks for your great work!

    My personal favorite models:

    1. Sophia
    2. Sabrina
    3. Paige Robbins
    4. Natasha A
    5. Honey



    Yep, due to a few scheduling issues we’ve ended up having a few more shoots with just Ariel rather than Ariel plus other models as originally planned.

    Ariel now works half-time on RE and makes a huge contribution to all aspects of running the site. Restrained Elegance is her site as much as mine these days, I’d say about half the storylines and ideas are hers. She assists on nearly all shoots even if she isn’t starring in them. A lot of her day-to-day work on the site is behind the scenes editing videos, processing photosets, writing scripts, etc.: stuff you don’t see. She’s taught herself to rig, and has become indispensable to the running of the site. Check out her crew page: http://www.restrainedelegance.com/crewbio.php?id=Ariel+Anderssen&members=1 to see how much work she does as part of the crew rather than as a model in front of the lens.

    If we need a dom or an extra character in a video, chances are she’ll step up to do that while I man the cameras, as in today’s video with Scarlot Rose. I figure people would probably rather see her than me, and I definitely find it easier to shoot good quality footage without trying to be in front of camera myself. So for videos especially that’s really upped the frequency of Ariel’s appearances. She’s also had to step in to be the main model when circumstances have dictated a change of plans, too.

    So her increased number of appearances indicates the large amount of time, energy, creativity and input she puts in to the site. But as I said a few scheduling issues recently have pushed the ratio higher than we’d like.

    We will be addressing this immediately, as we’re just heading off for a multi-day, multi-model location shoot ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cheers, Hywel.



    I suspect that I’m in the minority, here, but when there’s on-screen doming, I’d rather see you or another guy do it, rather than Ariel or another woman. (But then I’m one of those weird people who is left cold by “Hot Girl-Girl Action!”

    One thing that bothers me more than “lots of Ariel” is the shortage of brunettes in the recent sets. Lots of blondes, a good number of sets with redheads, but few brunettes. Even setting the Ariel sets aside, the blonde/brunette ratio is higher than I’d personally like to see.


    Love your work, and would like to make a couple of suggestions:

    – I like just about everything about Play Time with Natalia, except that it’s presented as a series of closeups; the action seems choppy and you never quite get a complete picture of what’s going on. I understand that this is to accommodate those watching it on the itty-bitty screen of an IPhone, but was wondering if you could, in the future, do an edit of videos like this for those watching it on a larger screen?

    Kidnapping Katy Cee was another good idea. The struggling scenes were excellent, except that she never turned over. I’m sure the foot folks got an eyeful, but for me it was a little disappointing.

    Look forward to seeing more!



    I loved Hannah Claydon in chatroom tease, I would like to see more similar stories like that one involving other models, create a whole Honest Omar’s storyline of kidnapped girls for the slave auctions!!



    Recently joined and your fantasy realm is remarkably similar to my own. You photograph yours. I write mine down sometimes. I’ve begun feeling my way around the forum here and am leaving suggestions for photo shoots and story elements to go with them in the “suggestions” and the “show your work” where they seem to fit best. I’ve begun essentially writing review/critiques of particular photo sets or videos in suggestions and then following it up with story ideas in the show your work section. Forgive me if I screw something up or waste your time.


    Ariel Anderssen

    Hi Midian; please don’t worry about wasting our time; you’re very welcome and I’m sure that some of your ideas will be super for Restrained Elegance ๐Ÿ™‚



    You probably have a mind palace full of suggestions and ideas alreadyโ€ฆ Please forgive my reviving this thread and audaciously adding a few of my fantasy ideas to the list. Which you probably have already thought of/ done countless times before. Sorry.

    Am quite partial to the video stories on RE, especially ones featuring Hywel and Ariel and involving (corporal) punishment (LOVED the Long Term Bondage series and the Buying Shoes series!) This is what I have in mind at the moment:

    – Hywel is feeling particularly sadistic one day and asks Ariel something along the lines of “Is there something you need to tell me” to coax a confession from her and give him an excuse to punish her

    – Ariel doesn’t know what Hywel is referring to and tentatively starts listing a huge catalogue of the bad things she’d done recently (like buying expensive jewellery behind his back, or accidentally burning one of his favourite T-shirts with an iron or similar) while Hywel, showing no emotion, listens and plots silently

    – Armed with list of confessions, Hywel administers a series of punishments for each of the misdeeds. Free reign! Spanking, bastinado, nipple clamps, whatever you feel is appropriate for the offense, for film, for you to engage in (personally prefer impact punishments over bondage punishments, but that’s just me ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Setting, rope colour (if rope is used), outfits, positions, implements, all to your comfort and desire. Don’t know if the following has been done before, and don’t know if it’s safe/feasible/interesting: tying her wrists in front of her + crotch rope (+ more rope to complete the picture) + spanking? Don’t know what you make of the crotch rope + spanking comboโ€ฆ for me it might be sensory overload lol

    The idea is for this to be kinda domestic and light-hearted, like Buying Shoes. I love the banter, and it’s a joy watching you two interact. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I apologise for the long long long post. I hope reading it hasn’t been a waste of your time. I shall be quiet now. xx



    One suggestion is not to limit the number of clips one can buy each day. Last night I brought underground parts one-four. When I attempted to purchase part five, I received a message essentially saying because of the number of successful purchases I couldn’t buy anymore for the day. I understand trying to limit fraud but stopping somebody once they spend about forty dollars is a bit extreme.
    And Today, when I tried to buy the fifth clip I made a typo in putting in the information. So re inputted it and received the message that I had too may unsuccessful attempts (I made one unsuccessful attempt today)My purchase was refused! …after one failed attempt?..Really? I never encounter anything like this in years of purchasing clipsoff the net.
    I put in a ticket several hours ago, but this issue could be avoided by expanding the number of clips purchasing allowed. I also wish you would have these clips available on Clips4sale if only as a backup option for purchases. I am leaving soon for an area without internet access and I hoped to be able to purchase all of the underground before I left. It been very frustrating trying to buy part five…and part six/seven since last night.
    Great and unique high quality work. Just wish I could actually buy it.



    Restrained Elegance is the best bondage site ever. For me there is nothing better to see a young girl tied up with rope with her arms above her head.

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