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    One thing that has bugged me for a long time is overhearing a beautiful woman complain that she isn’t pretty because of some imaginary or exaggerated imperfections of her physique. Worse is overhearing a beautiful woman with lovely feet complaining that her feet are not pretty. Some women are so averse to their own feet that they sleep in socks and hate it when anyone else sees, let alone touches their feet. How sad.

    Although their are dramatic possibilities for a damsel in distress reacting to barefoot restraint with particular and peculiar sensitivity to the possibilities of her feet being seen and touched (especially if she is in public), I think all ladies should know and be proud of how divinely beautiful they and their feet are.

    Not much I can do about it in the “real world”, but I’ve thought of fantasy therapy sessions for addressing a beautiful woman’s aversions to barefootedness. This can easily overlap with enchanted kingdoms that worship and are empowered by the pleasure beautiful women feel being barefoot and tied up. In such a kingdom a woman thinking her feet aren’t pretty and wanting to keep her feet concealed is heresy if not blasphemy and possibly treason.

    In such a kingdom therapy or rehabilitation would involve detaining the lady in question for assessment/interrogation, and if found guilty of mental disorders or foot crimes is treated/rehabilitated by being kept in constant restraint where a therapist can work with her by examining the patients feet and telling her not only that they are beautiful but exactly why to make the praise believable. The ladies feet will be pampered with lotion,s and massages, and nail polish, and toe rings, and tickling, and kissing. All the while reassuring the patient that she and her feet deserve to be treated so lovingly.

    Sometimes a breakthrough can happen when the therapist surprises a the patient by presenting her with a photograph or painting that just shows a woman’s feet. If the patient admires the image and responds positively to it, maybe stating that she wished her own feet were that lovely, she will then be informed that the image is of her own feet and the name of the patient will be revealed to be written above or below in the framing.

    When the patient improves she will be bound outside in the village/town/city center with her feet prominently visible where the public will be encouraged to admire and praise the patients feet. When the patient becomes comfortable with her feet being praised she will be rewarded by being left tied up in public for a while longer since she likes it now.

    The photo set of Hollie Kiss Bound and Kidnapped and the video of Natalia hogtied on a four poster bed work well with this narrative for me, and do a lot of other images.



    Women confined for insufficient barefootedness or in treatment for an aversion to barefootedness will often have their big toes tied together to remove any possibly of shoes getting slipped on her feet while in treatment.



    Another thing that bugs me is the attitude that a woman’s feet are unattractive if they are large. Now we all like a nice cute pair of little bare feet, but Sissy Spacek, Audry Hepburn, and Princess Dianna all had large feet that were very beautiful. Two of the loveliest frequently barefoot women I’ve known in my life were tall and had large feet that were perfect.

    What matters is the contours, proportions, and the smoothness of the skin, not the size itself. About the only thing that can make a woman’s feet unattractive to me is excessively pronounced tendons. So ladies, please embrace and show off your lovely large feet. You might just get the notice of your Mr. Right.

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