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    I hope others will enjoy this selection of picture of Christina Carter in a role she is rightly famous for – Wonder Woman.

    It was a great thrill to have Christina visit us and to find out she was bringing her Wonder Woman costume. Among other sets, we put her in some spreader bars and she responded with wonderful creativity and energy in her posing.

    With previous offerings to this forum I have sometimes admitted the bondage may not be as strict as we would expect on RE. I don’t think I need to this time. Although the bars are just clipped to the wrist cuffs, it is difficult or impossible to open the clips or cuffs with the same hand and, of course, it is impossible to reach one wrist with the other hand.

    True followers of Wonder Woman will point out, however, that I have omitted to remove the superheroine’s “power belt” so she would quickly bend my bars to her will. Never mind. Hope you have fun with them.

    Thank you.




    These are great pics! I love what you’ve done with those spreader bars, really creative and works really well 🙂 x



    Thank you, Kate. That arrangement of spreader bars may have provided the context but we can all thank Christina for the imaginative ways she used them. She is an absolute star performer.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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