Mean Girls: Fem Domme Monologues

Hi All!

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new project: Mean Girls!

This is quite a departure for us. As you’ll probably know, this site is run by me, Hywel Phillips, and by Ariel Anderssen, my lovely wife. We met shooting for the sites and we are a lifestyle male-dom and female-sub couple as well as being a professional bondage producer/photographer and fetish/spanking model.

Neither of us is a switch. For Ariel, professionally, this is actually a bit of an issue. As a six foot one leggy blonde with icy blue eyes and a patrician received-pronunciation English accent, people keep trying to hire her to be the domme.

Unfortunately (from a professional point of view), she is SO not a switch that she can’t even turn it on and act it. The dom is generally the one who controls the scene and all she wants to do is to stop it and go back to being the sub and say “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!” a lot.

When she’s had to be the dom in scenes unexpectedly at shoots I’ve sometimes had to put her back together again when she gets back home.

It turns out that there’s one exception, and it involves talking. As I frequently tease her, Ariel’s quite fond of talking. Actually, she has a passion for conversation, analysing the nuances and finer points of conversation etiquette.

It turns out that so long as she doesn’t actually have to do the things she is talking about, her passion for talking can get the better of her deep-seated instinct to submit.

She found this out when a photographer asked her to shoot a domly monologue to camera one day. With only the camera to dominate, suddenly the flood-gates were unleashed and out came a whole bunch of mean girl characters- snooty countesses, stern headmistresses, strict bosses.

Because of the aforementioned passion for conversation, allied with classical training as an actor, her height and her accent, suddenly she transformed into a fem domme diva. It’s not totally without precedent, some of these characters have come out in RE videos before. It’s just that they usually get their just desserts and get tied up in the video!

Bizarrely, I find these domly monologues very sexy.

I think because I’m secure enough in my dominance that I hear the verbal humiliation she’s pouring out on the poor camera, and think “That’s cute. I think I’ll take my time to really savour breaking you and making you my sex slave. All these terrible things you are saying are going to happen to you, and many more besides.” It’s like cat-and-mouse foreplay.

The net upshot of which is that when she got home from these shoots I was very interested. The photographer was not intending them for publication, at least for the moment, but I thought Ariel’s Mean Girl monologues were far too sexy to leave undiscovered. So we decided to record some ourselves… and here they are!

So if fem-domme intrigues you, or you already know you love dominant icy blondes, or if (like me) you think it is sexy to see Ariel strutting her stuff before the inevitable takedown… why not have a look?

I’ve uploaded the first three with trailers and framegrabs to the new Elegance Studios Mean Girls Monologues section.

We’d LOVE to know what you think!






About Hywel

Particle physicist turned fetish photographer, producer and director. I run and together with my wife, who is variously known as Ariel Anderssen or Amelia Jane Rutherford, depending on whether she's getting tied up or spanked at the time.

3 thoughts on “Mean Girls: Fem Domme Monologues

  1. Although it would be interesting to see and hear Ariel do dialogues as outlined, I think they might get a bit tiresome and not very convincing if they go on for almost ten minutes (as the descriptions suggest) without some sort of action. Assuming she does not want to, for instance, actually cane someone, perhaps she could appear to be doing so, but on a subject just out of range of the camera. I mean swinging the cane and apparently hitting someone, repeatedly.

    I have been struck many times by what a convincing actor Ariel can be, and suspect she could pull this off — some sort of denouement more than just talking. Including sounds of the cane landing, etc. could add realism, too. Also, there is a type of femdom activity called CFNM the details of which she could scathingly verbalize and describe at some length in a humiliating fashion, without there being another actor actually shown (that is, he could remain “off stage”).

  2. As a purely creative suggestion, is your FX-fu strong enough to attempt an “Ariel dominating Ariel” video?

    Maybe have a short scene or two where Ariel-the-domme and Ariel-the-sub are both in the frame, but only interacting verbally, and not physically. Most if not all of the video might be cuts between Ariel-the-domme wacking something off-screen with a crop or cane, and Ariel-the-sub being wacked (bastinado or spanking) with that crop or cane being wielded by a hand that’s off-screen. The idea is to create the illusion that Ariel is inflicting (e.g.) bastinado on Ariel.

    It might be something that you only do once, as a stunt, and it wouldn’t be something I’d be much interested in (Domme and Mean Girls are not my kinks). But I thought I’d offer it as a creative suggestion.

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