Videos not playing on iPads – UPDATE

UPDATE: the issue a known bug when Apple devices cannot play video hidden behind HTML authentication. It is discussed on the thread here:

So until Apple fix this, we’ll have to use the following workarounds:

1) Download videos via PC or Mac, transfer to iPad/iPhone via iTunes.

2) Download another web browser from the App store. Mercury appears to be a good option which people report has solved the problem for them.


A member just reported that members’ area videos are no longer playing correctly on their iPad.

I just tested and found that the RE preview area videos are playing OK, as are all videos on But the RE members’ area videos won’t play on my iPad either.

I’ve not changed anything in the video encoding or on our part of the web pages recently. So it must be a change in the web server configuration or the security scripts specific to the RE members’ area. I am pursuing this with tech support and hope to have a solution soon.

It would help to have a bit more information, so if you have noticed a problem playing the RE videos recently please could you email me and let me know the following:

a) What device you are using and what version of the operating system (eg iPad, iOS 7.1.2)

b) When you first noticed the problem

In the meantime, downloads appear to be working fine on Mac OS and Windows so you can download the clip and use iTunes to upload the video to your iPad etc.. Sorry I know that’s not ideal, hopefully we’ll have a fix for you soon.


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2 thoughts on “Videos not playing on iPads – UPDATE

  1. Hywel,

    You may have already thought of this as the problem with playing videos, but I have noticed for the past few weeks or so, when I open a page that has a video in the member area, the site will ask for login information again. It is not required to download anything in Windows, but that may be what’s causing the problem on iPads and other devices. Just a thought.


    • Hi Jason,

      Thank you, that is suggestive. I have passed it on to tech support. Might be something to do with the members’ area verification- if it is asking for login again on Windows, it could easily be throwing iOS.

      Cheers, Hywel

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