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As you may have heard, most forms of BDSM have just been banned from UK websites, despite the fact that it is legal to peform, legal to film, legal to own and legal to buy from a website outside the UK. It’s just not legal for a UK-based producer to put on their website.

The regulations are ignorant of BDSM safe practice, ignore the consent of the performers, and also prohibit many other forms of sexual expression and enjoyment, especially those involving women actually taking pleasure in the activities. For more details, see these posts by lawyer Myles Jackman and feminist film maker and Restrained Elegance and Silk Soles model Pandora Blake.

Please help us repeal this ridiculous censorship. Sign the official UK government petition here: and share with everyone you know. Enough signatures and the government is legally obliged to respond. (For UK residents only- sorry, only just found that out).

You can also complain about the new regulations to the censor directly (more details on that from Pandora Blake).

If we cannot get these regulations revised or revoked, fetish production in the UK will cease and your favourite UK models will no longer appear in bondage and spanking films for your pleasure. RE model Nikki has already had to close several of her websites. Virtually all of Pandora’s scenes have suddenly and unjustifiably become illegal. Northern Spanking, AAA Spanking, Spanking Sarah and others have been forced to leave the country – and that is just in the last four days.

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Particle physicist turned fetish photographer, producer and director. I run and together with my wife, who is variously known as Ariel Anderssen or Amelia Jane Rutherford, depending on whether she's getting tied up or spanked at the time.

9 thoughts on “Save BDSM in the UK

  1. “legal to peform, legal to film, legal to own and legal to buy from a website outside the UK”

    I’m sure that those who imposed and those who support the new rules would like to change that, as well. 🙁

    • It either failed to post or got lost in the spam trap, but I also wrote a second post to note that the official UK petition is only for British citizens or residents: “You must be a British citizen or normally live in the UK to create or sign e-petitions.”

  2. I wish everyone the best of luck, but this isn’t about censoring “pornography”. It’s about the control and monetisation of the Internet.

  3. If sexually explicit material, “porn”, leads to unwanted sexual acts, it is only logical that violent material, “entertainment”, would do the same. We should be terrified.
    Maybe we should ban primetime TV and mainstream movies. Or maybe we only have to wait.

  4. Greetings from New Jersey,

    Since I’m not a citizen of the UK I can’t sign the petition against this piece of nonsense that passes for “law” in a supposedly “free” country otherwise I surely would. For what it’s worth you have my full support in trying to get it repealed. While we are not facing similar censorship nonsense here in the US, at least not yet, we certainly have our fair share of people who rail against big government and how we need to get government off the backs of the people. Then, of course, once these twits are voted into office they then pass every piece of garbage legislation they can dream up to make sure that everyone conforms to how they think society should behave and individual rights be damned. I wish you the best of luck for success in the repeal request.



  5. I am a US citizen and today is the first I’ve heard of this new law. Needless to say I am horrified. How can this possibly happen in a supposedly modern, enlightened, progressive country such as yours? Can a small, narrow minded, backward thinking minority dictate their agenda to the rest of us? Laws are meant to protect society as a whole. They are not meant to be a vehicle for legislating morality!

  6. Well, I have signed the Petition & written to my MP. I doubt my MP, being a Tory, will do anything, but at least I tried.
    It… “£$^*$$£”$%^* ridiculous…..!!! The UK WAS going in the right direct, gradually relaxing censorship – but now this.. FFS. All they will achieve is forcing websites to relocate – and peile to be a bit inventive. So… why bother..?? Shows how well Dave & Co understand who the Internet works.

    Meh….. May their gonads wither & fall off…..!!!!!

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