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Many thanks to everyone who commented, tweeted or filled in the recent survey I did for I’ve had more time to digest the results and cogitate about what I should be doing to diversify my business- see previous blog post for the thoughts that started this off.

It’s a little over two years since I relaunched SilkSoles, and for most of that time it has been a lot of fun. But the pressure of the update schedule means Silk Soles now feels like unpaid work rather than the fun artistic project it once was and should be. I’ve also been struggling to coming up with fresh ideas for new films (although not for stills sets).

After a more sober assessment of the number of Hywel-hours in the week, I need to find a non-website, non-kinky sideline for my business in case censorship closes us down. Something has to give, and my gut feeling is that Silk Soles videos are the place where the axe has to fall. I can’t keep working long unpaid hours to keep up and they are a LOT of work, for both Ariel (who does most of the video editing) and me.

Regular Video Updates will stop at the start of June

Regular video updates will stop on Silk Soles at the start of June. You will get the video updates for more than a month, as promised, so you won’t be missing out on updates I promised you if you signed up today. Video updates will be irregular, as inspiration strikes, after that. There will not be a regular video update schedule.

Stills updates will continue as we have more stills on disk, and they are easier to shoot. I’ll keep them coming at one a week until we’ve got through what we’ve already shot, which will take us at least until the end of the year. And as long as the sales stay OK we’ll keep shooting more stills sets for you too.

Silk Soles will be updated with videos on an irregular basis as and when the whim takes us to shoot something for it rather than on a regular update schedule. We’ve still got ideas we want to shoot, films in the pipeline… taking away the pressure to make 52 films a year will let us do a much better job of the ones we DO decide to make.


Your current membership will not be affected. You are welcome to stay on the recurring billing you have now if you want to access the site continuously of course but be aware that the regular video updates will stop in June. Regular weekly stills updates will continue for now, and I will give at least one month’s notice if/when that changes.

I will revise the preview tour information on the site to this effect over the next few days.

I’ll also email all subscribers to explain the position so everyone has the chance to cancel in good time for the end of the weekly video updates if that’s their preference.

We’ve got around 20 stills sets on disk, and another 20 from Russian photographer Alexander Lightspear, and several sets planned for the next few shoots. So the weekly stills updates will continue at least until the end of the year, hopefully longer depending on how membership figures go, how inspired we are at shoots, and how much fun we’re having. I’ve got dozens of ideas I want to shoot!

I hope you’ll understand my reasons for making this change. I’ve been feeling under a lot of pressure since the regulations came in in December and something has to give.

Custom Foot Videos

We will still be shooting custom foot fetish videos as well as all our other custom video options- see here for details. So if you’d like to get exactly the film you want, we will make it for you!

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Particle physicist turned fetish photographer, producer and director. I run and together with my wife, who is variously known as Ariel Anderssen or Amelia Jane Rutherford, depending on whether she's getting tied up or spanked at the time.

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