Should we run a British Fetish Film Festival in 2016?

Earlier this year we ran a British Fetish Film Festival. It was very successful but also quite a lot of work to organise.

The fetish film community in Britain is now under a lot of pressure, and many film-makers have quit or moved operations abroad. The climate for holding a film festival in 2016 might not be as hospitable.

Should we do it? Is it worth trying to maintain community and coherence in the face of censorship and legal pressure? Or is it too much work, too much risk, and is it better to continue to build community online? (And maybe go en masse to events like BoundCon and Kiel Fetish Film Festival instead?)

I’ve made a survey here: to find out what you think, and to ask what activities we should have at the festival if we do run it again.

There’s only nine questions so it won’t take too long, and it would be really useful for us to find out how much interest and support there would be for a 2016 British Fetish Film Festival.

Thank You!

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