Silk Soles glitches

Hi Everyone,

UPDATE: we’ve moved DNS back to the old server, testing the new server, will bring into service once tested (as we usually would have, you shouldn’t
have had to be aware that anything was going on). Hopefully will all be seamless from your point of view. Let me know if you notice any bugs or
odd stuff happening in the meantime.

Here’s the original post about the problem:
The company that operates the websites decided to move to a new server without warning. Something broke in the process.

Looks like it might have been a one-light configuration error, but they really should have checked with us before moving DNS to the new server! (Which is standard procedure and the way we’ve always done it in the past).

It looks like it may now be fixed; we are testing.

You can access the old server members area directly via this link if necessary:


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