Double content weekend ends

Hi All,

If you were a member over the weekend, I hope you enjoyed the double content birthday celebration. I’ve now had to turn the extra archives back off again- sorry, can’t leave so much stuff up routinely because of the bandwidth bills. But I hope you had fun, and we’ve got some absolutely super stuff coming up for you in the rest of April- check out the forum for what’s coming up!

Cheers, Hywel

About Hywel

Particle physicist turned fetish photographer, producer and director. I run and together with my wife, who is variously known as Ariel Anderssen or Amelia Jane Rutherford, depending on whether she's getting tied up or spanked at the time.

One thought on “Double content weekend ends

  1. your bondage site might be said to be in top half dozen in the world for what might be described as star and glamour quality. Ariel has it consistently. and it shows——so many just put pictures/videos of tied up girls, and leave it at that, they get very boring, with no creativity. Others go for outright brutality which again is unreal.

    However, I think you overdo the glamour sometimes, (nice though it is–and I do appreciate that it is “restrained Elegance”) and forget that BDSM is often a more ‘earthy’ experience between lovers.Very few know how to put it over in storylines.

    I’m not a member yet, because your bondage is still unreal in the emotional sense. I know Ariel loves to be bound–all submissives do, but the reaction to it, from the viewers point of view isn’t real enough.

    Don’t know if you’ve come across the Marti Frazier videos. These were shot in the UK, I’m guessing about 30 years ago. Long retired by now I should think!
    Still probably the very best for action and storylines, and still staying within our pathetic UK censorship boundaries. Intensely sexual, with 100% real bondage, but only bondage and no sex.

    The most important aspect of Marti Frazier stuff is that none of it is posed. Maybe that is the ultimate secret of kinky videos.

    You have much the same setup as they had, or so it seems, certainly a husband/wife team using their own domestic situation. I think your videos would gain a wider audience if you somehow used some of the ideas and situations they used,

    The other aspect of bondage videos might be to have a storyline where the lady in question actively seeks it out (which is what normally happens in RL anyway, as you know.) this is almost never shown, Why should there always have to be that ‘resistance’ to being tied up? Or the girl is always under some kind of duress? I’ve never had to persuade anyone–quite the opposite! Or maybe that’s the fantasy of the majority, I don’t know, to always have to force a girl into bondage and have her always fighting against it.

    It’s very romantic for the submissive to take the initiative and seduce her lover into tying her up.–and in the context of your videos, that would maybe come across better as a girl/girl action, where one girl seduces the other into a bondage scene, rather than M/f? Then lots of orgasmic action while tied up…. very few videos seem to offer that sort of realism, only screaming resistance to being bound, whereas screaming sexual arousal is more normal.
    Or another scene where one girl persuades another to tie her up as a ‘homecoming’ gift for her boyfriend but then finds herself being ‘used’ after she’s been tied up, before boyfriend shows up—and who never actually shows up at all of course. They sort of forget about him.
    Don’t know your market, obviously, but I’m sure that would be popular.

    I hope you can accept my comments in the spirit in which they are intended. I’m a professional artist/writer/poet too—we all learn from other people.

    I am an experienced BDSM’er btw, not a fantasiser. And nice to see such quality being created by a local team (I’m in Telford)

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