Megashoots coming soon!

Hi Everybody,

It’s been quite a strange year what with the pandemic and all. Ariel and I live where we shoot, and we live out in the country. So models usually need to come to stay when they shoot with us, and that’s been against regulations since March. We had to cancel the year’s big location shoots as well.

Fortunately, it’s time for some excellent news. Alexander Lightspear has had a break in lockdown, and lives in a city, so has been able to cram in a spectacular burst of shooting working with us! He’s shot 50 sets in the last week or two, with more to come.

Best of all, he’s found us some SPECTACULAR new models, as well as shooting more sets with gorgeous favourites like Irene, Cheryl and Delta.

I can’t wait to get processing these, they’ll be up in the New Year but in the meantime here’s a few tasters screen-grabbed as I looked through them!


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