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UPDATE: Windows, Linux and Android can’t unzip files bigger than 4 GB , at least not where the ZIP file was
built on Linux (as they are for RE) or MacOS. This is the first time we’ve burst through the 4 GB ZIP file size for a full-res set, because the Lesbian Vampire set is 500+ pics but is also very stylised, with heavy film grain added, which means a lot of non-compressible detail in the images, so each image is also bigger.

I’m therefore uploading a split version of the photoset so non-Mac users can download in two halves and unzip that way. I will ensure future sets are less than 4 GB in final ZIP size for the hi-res versions.

Many thanks to the members who helped figure all this out!


Original report:

I had a report of ZIP file issues with today’s awesome (and huge!) Lesbian Vampire set with Faye and Scarlett. I’ve just rebuilt and re-uploaded everything and downloaded it and it works for me – if you have any problems please let me know. Note that the HiDef ZIP file in particular for this set is almost 5 GB – it’s a huge set with lots of detail in the film grain etc. so the file sizes are similarly vast.


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2 thoughts on “ZIP file issue

  1. Hi Hywel,

    I’ve had an issue with a smaller zip file on my last order from your classic e-store site. Windows says it’s corrupt. I think it may be broken as it’s smaller (28mb) than advertised (94mb) and the other two were perfectly fine.

    I’ve reported to support but not heard anything yet. Can you help?

    Ha[[y to provide details on request.


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