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We are very excited to announce the re-launch of SilkSoles.com, our foot fetish site.

I first launched SilkSoles almost a decade ago, in a big rush on enthusiasm having given up my day job as a Particle Physics lecturer. Revelling in the free time, I launched a couple of website projects to go along with RestrainedElegance.com (my barefoot bondage site).

A foot fetish site seemed like a logical extension, but I was pretty new at running a business and I didn’t really know on what the site should focus. I knew what I liked, but since I was running a business, surely I should figure out what the market was and go for that. There were lots of possibilities- shoes, stockings, crushing, baby oil, nude, clothed, girls-next-door, dominatrixes, foot worship, barefoot, girls on beaches, a thousand different things I could shoot.

I thought I’d just give it a go, play about a bit, see what people liked. As a businessman, I’d failed to do my market research properly. If I had, I’d have figured out that even back in 2003 the foot fetish area was already crowded and as a result was also pretty specialized. If you were interested in one of those fantasies, you could already find two or three sites that did just that and nothing else.

A site which did a little bit of this and a little bit of that? The window of opportunity for a site like that had already closed.

Furthermore, since I was shooting what I thought people might like to see, rather than what I was most passionate about, what I wanted to see, I probably wasn’t doing as good a job as the people running those specialist sites. There were some absolutely gorgeous sets (you’ll see them come around in the archives on the new SilkSoles) but the site wasn’t as focussed as it should have been. It did pretty well- we got up to 200 members or so, but it seemed to have stalled, and I wasn’t enjoying the shoots as much as I should have, either.

So with regret I decided to retire the site. I promised myself I might revisit the idea one day.

That day is today.

This time, SilkSoles has a clear, driving artistic vision behind it. It’s what I want to see, the site I’d join if I could find it, the sort of foot fetish photos and videos I love to watch and I love to make. I’m doing it for fun and for the passion of shooting my fantasies just the way I always wanted them to look.

Here’s my attempt to define the vision, a mission statement for the relaunch:

Gorgeous Girls

There’s nothing wrong with the girl next door, but my fantasies revolve around almost impossibly beautiful women. Real but unattainable at first glance- until you get a bit closer and think maybe, just maybe…. A girl you might see in an advert or on the TV or in a movie. The most gorgeous girls I can find to model for the site.

Perfectly Elegant

The lady you fantasise about at the office who never seems to have a hair out of place, immaculately dressed, who you see across the room but have not actually been introduced to yet. The sort of girl who seems to get out of bed in the morning perfectly groomed. Elegant and polished. A little bit on a pedestal, but not so far out of reach that you’d never get to meet her, talk to her, maybe get to know her a bit better.


In my fantasies, the stories I want to capture on film, the girls always end up barefoot. Maybe a little shoe dangling tease or some stockings to tantalise before she slowly peels them off for your pleasure, but she’s definitely going to end up bare foot- and you’ll get to see plenty of closeups of her feet, too. (In HUGE 31 megapixel poster closeup, in fact. You can see absolutely every detail.)


I grew up looking at classic mens’ magazines like Mayfair. I really liked it that the stories usually started with the girl elegantly dressed, something to enjoy before the delights are unwrapped. I like the progression from innocence to tease (or outrage). I like where those stories and fantasies lead. So much more interesting than just a naked porn star looking a bit bored.

Silk Soles

I like soles, soft soles like gently wrinkled silk. That’s why I chose the name for the site. This time, the site is really going to live up to it. There will be plenty of photos to please devotees of other forms of foot fetish, but the soles of the feet are going to be the most important thing.

The Romance Factor

Another thing I really enjoyed about classic Men’s Magazines is that the girls were described as people you might actually want to meet, talk to, go out to dinner with. A lot of porn these days focusses on “girls you want to fuck”. I’m more interested in “girls you’d love to go out with”, even “girls you might want to marry”. And girls who might just find that you’re the one she’s been waiting for, too. I’m a romantic at heart and I want that front and centre of the site this time.

Glowing Colours, Sharp Photos, Movie-Quality Video

I have an image quality fetish. I can’t help myself. I need the images to look like they are glowing jewels, vivid and sharp and as high resolution as my medium-format digital Hasselblad can capture. And we’ve finally raised the quality standard on the videos to match by shooting with a RED digital cine camera- the same technology used to film blockbuster movies. Shot in 4K UltraHD and delivered in 1080p full HD for your viewing pleasure (and smaller files if you want to watch them on your phone).

Well, here goes!

We’re launching with a special offer price of $9.95 recurring (or $14.95 for a one-off non-recurring month’s membership). If you join now you’l be able to keep that low rate for the whole of your membership- so get in early and get the best value.

There will be a new photo update every Tuesday and a new video update every Thursday. There will be an archive update every Sunday (until all the old sets are up), too.

So without further ado go take a look at the re-launched SilkSoles. If these are your fantasies too, I hope you’ll find it enjoyable and will join to enjoy them… which will help me book more shoots and find and photograph more stunning girls for the site. Thank you!

About Hywel

Particle physicist turned fetish photographer, producer and director. I run http://www.restrainedelegance.com and http://www.elegancestudios.com together with my wife, who is variously known as Ariel Anderssen or Amelia Jane Rutherford, depending on whether she's getting tied up or spanked at the time.

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