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As always my blog post is starting with a tired apology; I’m not a good blogger.  All I can say in my defence is that as a model, I’m rather assiduous and prolific.  I wish those words could be used to describe my blogging, but at least I have insight into my condition and I know that they really, really can’t be.

Nevertheless, I’ve been being busy and useful elsewhere, and this is what I’ve been up to;-

Lots and lots and LOTS of modelling. I’ve been in Scotland, Belgium, Holland, Portugal and all OVER England since I last blogged.  Lots of the work has been of a non-kink sort but in the bondage genre I’ve worked for Chimera PetandPonygirls Bondage Chronicles Bondage Bob Jack Bond Limited Audience and, naturally, Restrained Elegance That’s only the ones I could think of off the top of my head by the way, I’m sure there were lots more than that but my diary’s on another floor of the house so I can’t be bothered to fetch it (bad blogger, you see)

For fans of spanking, I’ve also been busily shooting with all the best producers to make sure that the supply of ghastly Amelia’s wickedness doesn’t dry up.  Check out Spanked in Uniform SpankingSarah (who has the best picture of me ever on her masthead) www.northernspanking.com and Dreams of Spanking for lots of lovely updates with me in them.  Yep.

And whilst I’ve been doing all these shoots, I’ve also been finding my feet as a rigger.  Until last year, I’d only rigged for Restrained Elegance, and hadn’t really regarded myself as a rigger at all – just a model who’d picked up enough knowledge to help out when no one else was around to do the rope work.  But then, a couple of studio owners who were aware of my bondage work asked me to come and do a bit of self bondage for some of the photographers who used their studios regularly and were interested in shooting fetish images.  That led to my actually teaching a couple of interested photographers the basics of western rope bondage, and I’ve gradually found myself adding bundles of rope into my modelling bags on more and more occasions.

Finally, when I was booked by a superb photographer Carl Grim for a full day of bondage rigging/modelling and I decided it was time to actually buy my own rope. This shows just how horrifically spoilt one can become as a model – I’m sure that for most people who want to learn rigging for photography, they have to start by buying their own rope, then pay to get some tuition, then do lots of unpaid practicing and then finally, maybe, get paid for their skill.  Naughty, lucky me, eventually buying some rope of my own made me feel that now I could maybe start calling myself a rigger in my own head.

A note of caution; I know most people reading this won’t jump to conclusions, but please please, to those people who think this is a good opportunity to ask me to be their Domme, I’m still not dominant.  And in all honesty, I do find that repeated requests along these lines feel a bit bullying.  Sort of the same as being gay and being continually pestered by people who know you to ‘just have a go at heterosexuality’, and not to be such a stick-in-the-mud because you ‘can’t know what you’re into until you try it’.  I’m not a Domme, just a rather tall sub with a fantastic new collection of gorgeous un-dyed cotton rope which I cut into lengths myself, all giddy with the freedom of choosing lengths that were convenient for me rather than for someone else’s rigging style.

Anyway, so the Carl Grim shoot was fantastic fun for me; the responsibility of tying up a model who hadn’t done much in the way of fetish work before weighed quite heavily on me but both she and Carl Grim were so energetic, thoughtful and talented that I got happily swept along with the whole thing and these pictures are the result;-

And I love them love them love them.  Thanks to Kayleigh and Carl for such a lovely day, which made me feel brave and hopeful about doing more of this in 2013.

And the very next week, I had the chance to try out my ropes again, this time as a result of the wonderfully experimental Pandora Blake who booked me for a joyous, 2 day shoot for Dreams of Spanking with Caroline Grey (yes, I loved her so much I’ll go all hyperbolic if I try to count the ways) and my own lovely BDM Hywel Phillips .  Pandora had wanted to shoot a male bondage photoset and had booked male model Will Savage (can’t find a link for him, if you have one let me know and I’ll credit him properly).  I was kind of nervous about tying up a man for the first time because the bondage I’m used to doing for Restrained Elegance relies a lot upon the models’ having a fair amount of flexibility, especially in the shoulders.  Indeed, it proved fairly challenging; positions that are sustainable for many female models proved painful for Will and it forced me to tie faster than I normally do.  The results, however, are beautiful and I’ll most certainly hope to tie men up again in the future – I’m sure that if I think it through carefully I can find ties that will be comfortable for even the most musclebound chaps.  Anyway, here’s a picture, courtesy of Dreams of Spanking and shot by Hywel .
I’ve got more rigging in my future and I’m very excited about it; modelling is my first love but I’m hoping that in 2013, ropework will be something I also concentrate at getting better at.  We’ve got a lot more shoots for Restrained Elegance planned over the next few months, and I’m going to see if I can do ropework that improves upon these examples;-
I’ve been so keen on my whole new rigging life, I’ve created a pictures-only blog here;-
I know that I need to be sensible about this venture; as a model its hard to injure people but as a rigger I need to take on responsibility for other peoples’ safety and I want to take that seriously.  Modelling feels like a wonderful giddy, childish pursuit in contrast, which is making me love it even more than usual.
Thanks as always for reading my blog posts, I appreciate it very much.
And OMG, hysterical news flash, I’ve been invited to Fetishcon in Tampa this year! Do get in touch if you’ll be there too; I’m a bit incoherent with excitement about it all and can’t find a normal way to finish this sentence so……
Best wishes and Happy Easter everyone,

6 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To

  1. Wow, it seems that you have been very busy indeed! Very beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing them. I am sure you are a very talented and responsible rigger. It would be great to see more pictures of men who have been tied up by you. 🙂

  2. Hi Amelia and happy Easter! I have a question for you: did you have filmed a scene showing explicit sex action? I only saw scenes of bdsm.


  3. You’ve just given me the best reason to make an effort to be at FetishCon! Don’t know if I’ll make it, but I will try. Miss you professionally and personally 🙂

  4. hey… you missed your shoot with Molly Malone at my site aaaspanking.com 😉

    My you have been busy, haven’t you?

    I might ask you for some advice so will mail you, I hope you don’t mind!
    Chief. x

  5. Oh please please please come to Fetishcon CJ! Please! you’re one of my favourites in the world to work with. Oh golly, sorry for missing the update Chief. Of course, please do email me on arielanderssen@hotmail.co.uk

    Thanks Kaelah for your lovely comments (as always; you’re so kind)

    And Anonymous, thank you! I’m sorry that I don’t shoot explicit sex action, I’m just a boring BDSM model 😉

  6. Remember your health scare in 09-2010?

    Well, there’s been an interesting series on bbc 2 about the UK’s NHS (National Health Service).

    Here are the details:
    BBC Keeping Britain Alive The NHS In A Day 8 parts
    BBC Two

    The first of a landmark eight-part series, filmed on a single day in the NHS. 100 camera crews filming across the country capture the extraordinary breadth of demands placed on the country’s biggest institution on just one day at a critical time in its history. On this day, 1,300 of us will die, 2,000 will be born and one and a half million of us will be treated.

    ‘Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day’ provokes profound questions about what the NHS does for us now and what we expect of it in the future.

    Please, this is not spam. You might even want to repost it. There’s no link to an email for you. So i felt I had to post it here.

    I hope you are going okay.


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