What Ho, Producer Head On

Good heavens, I am indeed alive. ¬†I actually have proof of this, having done a million things in the past 3 weeks. I think I’ll tell you about some of them now ūüôā

First of all, oh my goodness, I scripted and directed a bastinado movie. ¬†Bastinado is something I have an uneasy, love/hate type relationship with. ¬†I love the BDM¬†. ¬†He loves bastinado. ¬†I, therefore, have experienced lots of it, with various implements. ¬†Foot caning works beautifully for me, hooray, but I absolutely hate, hate, hate anything with leather straps involved. The BDM¬†loves leather strap bastinado beyond all other things as a result. ¬†BDSM’s awfully complicated, isn’t it?

So writing and directing my own bastinado movie¬†seemed like a good opportunity for me to explore my feelings for and tolerance of bastinado. ¬†With me as the lead actress, it was inevitable that I’d have to. ¬†(I know this is horrifically Kevin Costner-esque but I don’t know any other models who’re keen to try foot torture). I hoped that, by writing a story that appealed to me, I’d give myself the best possible chance of making it through the painful scenes.

So that’s what I did. ¬†I’ve been exploring the ‘visiting professional disciplinarian’ idea in fantasy and play over the last couple of years and it appeals to me massively; I love the idea of an incredibly detached, disinterested professional being in charge of administering carefully calculated punishments, so that’s the role I wrote for the BDM (I think it suits his scientific nature, so I had a good excuse for it). ¬†His character appealed to me enough to help me through the most painful bits of the movie.

I’m not clever enough to be able to capture the peculiarly cumulative, inescapable fire-y pain of bastinado in words alone, but in my experience it can be far, far more all-encompassingly painful than any kind of spanking I’ve ever experienced. ¬†If the potential success of a BDSM movie could be measured in the tears of pain shed during the shoot process, then we might have a blockbuster on our hands.

Here is a teaser trailer;-

(For a lovely big version, go directly here)

We shot a final scene today, and I’ll be editing the whole thing myself over the next few weeks. ¬†I’ve been editing videos for Restrained Elegance¬†for the last 6 months, but a feature-length movie will be a fab new challenge. ¬†It’s particularly exciting because the BDM has upgraded all his equipment, so the whole project was shot on a super new camera called a RED¬†which frankly I don’t understand awfully well. ¬†Except that;

a) its really easy to use, so I can operate it and get the shots I had in my head without feeling all sweaty and asthmatic.

b) it makes everything look absolutely beautiful, even suburbia in the rain.

c) it has a touch screen so you can pretend it’s a phone.

Lordy, that was a lot of talk about only one of the things I was planning to talk about. ¬†So I’ll finish (I’m baking our wedding cake at the same time as blogging, and I don’t want to burn it) by talking about last week, when Restrained Elegance¬†kindly took me on a week-long location trip to a lovely (except for the strangely ill-equipped kitchen) old house in the English West Country. ¬†And here are some frame grabs from the movie we started making there.

 The girls.  From left to right РHannah, Sophia, Scarlot, and meeeeeeeeee.

¬†Scarlot is failing her slave-position test, and it’s my job to tell Mistress Kate…

Here I am, considering whether I can face cleaning a customer’s shoes without the use of my hands.

It’s ¬†all about slave training; I’m the ‘resident slave’ who belongs to the auction house, and it’s my job to get the new girls ready for the sale. ¬†We were joined by the luminous Sophia Smith, delicious Hannah Claydon, patrician Anita de Bauch, and ingenuous Scarlot Rose, who got the lead role of the uncertain newcomer into the hedonistic auction-house world… Hooray, Temptress Kate¬†appeared too, as the icy-cool head slave-trainer!

It was a splendid week (punctuated by trying to prepare food with knives that’d probably be blunt enough to be sold at the Early Learning Centre¬†) and I’ve got high hopes that the videos we shot will be as fun to watch as they were to make.

Thanks as always for reading, and I’ll update again within the next few weeks with news of various extra-fun projects I’m working on.

All the best,


PS Re-reading this post, I discover that I’ve forgotten how to write anything that makes sense. ¬†And how did I end up writing such lonnnnnnnnnng sentences? I need some sort of strict tutor to help me with my grammar. ¬†Mmmmmmmmmm.


10 thoughts on “What Ho, Producer Head On

  1. Thanks for the post. Your writing was fine, IMHO.

    Interesting how we each have different scenarios that appeal to us. You like a dispassionate disciplinarian. As a top, I like the “executioner” role, inflicting a punishment determined by someone else. I think maybe it relieves me of the responsibility for the pain, while retaining the pleasure of inflicting it? The difference is, you live your scenarios and I fantasize mine. Who knows if I’d like them in reality?

    From what little I’ve seen of it, editing software seems complicated; my congratulations on learning to use it.

    Based on your Tweets, your cake includes 4.4 pounds of currants, which Google refuses to positively identify — they may be some sort of dried berry? Four point four pounds sounds like a lot of any one ingredient (even if it was flour) for one cake. Did the entire cake fit in one oven all at once, or did you have to bake a dozen pans, 2 or 3 pans at a time?

    Time must be drawing near for the wedding. Time is also drawing near for the Texas All-State Spanking Party. I hope the TASSP will not interfere with your honeymoon!

    Good luck with the wedding preparations and all your other endeavors.

    Michael (from Texas)

  2. I need some sort of strict tutor to help me with my grammar. Mmmmmmmmmm.

    I can assure you there would be no shortage of candidates. ūüôā

    However, your writing in this post isn’t as bad as you think it is. You capture your own verbal narrative voice very well, while staying within the strictures of written grammar. This isn’t all that easy, as almost no-one talks like a book.

  3. Greetings from Texas,
    I wouldn’t worry about grammar to much. You have an easy going style that folks in my writing circles would kill for. And you can spell!
    Taking a cue from the Stephanie Plum Movie, “You look the way you look. You have an easy going writting style. You like to get tied up, and you can spell!”
    Hywel may have gotten himself the perfect woman.

    Now if we could just get a shot of you handcuffer naked to a shower rod…

  4. Hi, Amelia, this is Michael from the TASSP party. This is the only way I know to get in touch with you. Since you have to approve all comments, you can prevent this from ever appearing on the blog itself, which is good, since it’s irrelevant to this post and would annoy your other readers.

    Three things:

    I said “amateur” was from Greek. It’s from Latin. My bad.

    You expressed sympathy for Texas Longhorns because they were supplanted by more desirable beef brands. Longhorns did almost go extinct early in the 20th century, and survived as “pets” or from nostalgia. However, they have recently enjoyed a resurgence. The breeds that replaced them were prized for “marbling,” for having more tasty fat in their meat. Longhorns are naturally lean. But now, lean beef is popular, so Longhorn meat is once again valuable. Of course, when you are beef cattle, being desirable means being eaten, but at least they are useful again.

    Third, when you mentioned the country song, I thought “I may know which one that is,” but I didn’t mention it because I needed the Internet to look it up. Did it begin “This is for all you girls about thirteen”? If so it was by Martina McBride (good Scottish name) and here is a link to a YouTube of the song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaJijY0ZF0I That’s the only country song your description called to mind, so if that’s not it, I’m stumped.

    After getting to spend time with someone whose fan I am, I almost always feel like I made a fool of myself, but you are so gracious that even if I did, you probably refused to notice. I enjoyed very much visiting with you. I hope the trip was a success from your perspective.

  5. Hi everyone, thank you for your comments. LOL, sorry, Michael, I have published yours because it entertained me. But obviously, I’ll take it down if you prefer; I just liked the way it illustrates the randomness of our conversations at the Texas All State Spanking Party!

    It was super to meet you, and anyone else from TASSP who’s reading this ūüôā

  6. Amelia, I’m happy to have it published as long as you don’t think it detracts from the blog. The conversations were random but wonderful. I told you this in person and I’ll repeat it here for the permanent record — you’re a delightful person, and I am glad to have met you.

    Michael from Texas

  7. Here I am again, Michael from Texas, because this is my only way to tell you something. I’d Tweet you, but since you don’t follow me, that’s unreliable — you have to check your @Connect to see it.

    Anyway, just in case your ears were burning, someone on a tiny forum I belong to asked for a TASSP party report, and you figure prominently in it, so I felt I should inform you. I’m not asking you to read it, so much as just letting you know it’s there. The URL is http://www.happytails-spanking.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2503&p=12342#p12342 ; that should take you to the party report, but if not, scroll down. Then skim down to the paragraph that starts “The second, amazingly, was Amelia Jane Rutherford …” Or don’t; as I said, I’m not begging for attention, but I went on at some length and feel it’s unfair not to inform you.

    If you DO read it, and there’s something you don’t like about it (up to and including your being mentioned at all) I am a moderator on that forum so I can easily remove what you don’t like.

    I hope all is going well.

  8. Did you get off an inbound Piccadilly Line train at Hammersmith around 3pm Saturday? If so, we were on the same car, and I missed the opportunity of introducing myself. Also, if so, you look about five years younger in real life than you do on the screen, and – if possible -even more beautiful.

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    Happy spankings from azotesynalgadas.blogspot.com

  10. hi amazing girl lovely blog and very interesting with different items., btw it was great to work with you by MIKE in holland i hope to see you back in the future., i want to ask you for follow me on twitter . for now a l wish you and your boyfriend all the best. hugs from me. BEN from the netherlands.

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