Pony Girl

Starring: Ariel Anderssen, Michael Stamp, Hywel Phillips
Keywords: kidnap, slave training, pony girl, enforced pony play, blindfold, pony harness, bridle, pony gag, caning
Running time: 57 minutes
Directed, Produced by Hywel Phillips
Edited by Ariel Anderssen
Crew: Hywel, Michael Stamp, Ariel Anderssen



Pony Girl

The gymkhana. The village pony show. Horse riding in the afternoons. Going on hacks into the hills. Ariel is a very posh and very horse-y sort of girl.

But someone has their eyes on her and they are considering her in an entirely different light.

Soon she will discover what it is to be a captured and trained slave, an enforced Pony Girl!

Two operatives are assigned to her case. The first- a kidnap and take-down specialist. He surprises her in her house, captures her, locks her in chains.

When she awakes, he forces her to put in blackout contact lenses which totally blind her! Unable to see, disorientated and scared, he further smashes any resistance or rebellion by forcing her to strip off her riding boots, her jodhpurs, her blouse… and her underwear!

Naked, helpless, bewildered, blindfolded… he has her totally at his mercy! His job is done, he leads her through the halls to where the second specialist awaits- the Pony Trainer!

Strict and severe, he is an expert in training wayward fillies, breaking them in with harness, bridle and big gag until they are resigned to their new lives as sex slave Pony Girls.

The first training session is harsh and is designed to enforce compliance with the new rules that guide her life as a Pony Girl. She must learn to walk, holding her head high, stepping proudly… and of course, if she talks without permission or refuses an order, she will be punished!

Briefly Ariel fights her trainer, unwilling to accept her new station. She is not fully broken in to the whip as a Pony Girl yet!

The Pony Trainer will soon disabuse her of any delusions of grandeur. Still completely blinded by the blackout contact lenses, he administers a severe caning to her proud ass, the stripes standing out in perfect contrast to her pale English Rose complexion.

She still hasn’t learnt that talking without permission or refusal of orders will result in swift punishment- further hard strokes of the cane serve to drive that lesson home!

Finally submitting to her trainer’s will, she must walk in circles on the chain under his watchful eyes, head high in her Pony Girl harness, silenced by the bit gag and the dreaded horse spoon gag which prevents her talking and makes her drool!

Then it is time for the Pony Girl to be taken to the dungeon to sleep. Good night Pony Girl! And of course, she will only be fed from a nose-bag, like any other Pony!


Hywel says:

This film started off as a custom video shoot and turned into one of the most dramatic film shoots we have ever done.

Often when someone contacts us for a custom video, they forget we need to source every prop, costume, location and bit of bondage gear in the script. If we don’t already have it someone will have to obtain every last thing… and someone has to pay for it.

So when ambitious film ideas arrive, I’ve learned not to let myself get too excited. Often we can shoot something very similar with what we have to hand, but sometimes obtaining it would just blow the budget right out of the water.

This time not only was there a great idea, they very kindly offered to provide the custom-made Pony Girl harness and genuine horse spoon gags and blackout contact lenses to bring the idea to life.

We wanted to make the absolute best of such a wonderful offer, so we spent a while sending emails to and fro to develop the story idea and see what we could do to make the best film we could. Pony Girl is the final result.

It’s also the first film we shot in our new house, and the first where we were helped out by our new kinky neighbour Michael Stamp from Bars and Stripes, who not only helped out behind the camera while I was on screen but who also stepped in front of the camera as the stern pony trainer, enabling us to expand the “world” of the film as much as we could.

I haven’t done Pony play before, although Ariel loves it having shot it for other sites. I must say after this film I’m a complete convert and the custom pony harness and bridle will be seeing a lot more use in the future! I think the thing which really made it hot for me is the element of kidnapping and enforced conversion of a posh horse-y girl into a pony girl!

And those blackout contact lenses are absolutely kick-ass. I’ve never seen Ariel quite so helpless. She loved it so much she said she would try to keep them on through the caning, as she’d never experienced a properly blindfolded session with the cane before. She said it added a lot of scariness to the whole situation!























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17 thoughts on “Pony Girl

  1. Pra mim, o mais dificil foi aprender a sincronizar os passos. Levantar as patinhas com cadencia requereu um bom tempo (e algumas surras). Meu Mestre exigia um égua garbosa.

  2. I have only watched the Quick clip for about a minute.
    The Ponygirl was really good, a pitty it was not longer.

  3. hi just want to know any video with riding cart or sulky with ponygirls.
    Cos ponygirls is the most pleasureful bdsm play and love to see many pony play like racing, pulling wagons, pulling chariots with humiliation will make u r video more reality and sell more

  4. I reallt love the movie it was excellent I especially love the bits she was wearing would love to have them very good movie

    • In reality, non-consensually? I’ve no idea; I hope none, and I hope that none are doing so currently. It would be illegal and immoral.

      How many want to do this sort of play for fun as a roleplay with a partner within the context of a respectful and loving relationship? Quite a few!

      Context is everything. I used to do SCA medieval re-enactment fighting, hitting each other (full-speed, full-contact) with heavy rattan practice weapons. If you did that to a stranger in the streets, it would rightly be classed as assault and you’d be locked up. Doing it in a practice hall with fellow members of the club? Perfectly fine, despite the odd bruise. Context and consent are all important, and these stories are to be understood in that way.

  5. I have had dreams of being a ponygirl, the though excites me and think of it when I am on my morning run. Not sure of the reality but the thought does excite me.

  6. i have never seen such an elegant training. Her posture is just amazing and I love the harness over her body. Overall chemistry is just awesome. I just wish there was more training it felt like wow its already done. oh man

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