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  1. Hi there I’ve just joined your forum and i’m very impressed with it.
    Is it possible to see a solo wpc set some time soon like you did with hannah many years ago.
    Sample pichttp://secure.surfnetcorp.com/evilmagic/images/RE_hannahwpc1i.jpg

    May be with speedcuffs behind the back instead.
    Would Hannah Claydon possibly fill the role?
    Let me know what you think
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Recently, I registered to the above site, then, I purchased a video download. However,several days later, my computer ‘crashed’ and when I attempted to enter the site to redownload the video, the site refuses to accept my email and password and even, refused request for a ‘new password’ as the page does not even recognize my email address. WHAT is the problem???

    • Hi,

      I emailed you a few days ago privately before approving the comment, to see if I could assist. I’ve not had a reply, so if you read this, please comment further…

      Of course we will issue a refund but I’d like to know why, if you wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes to explain?

      Is it a technical issue with failed downloads? If so, maybe support can help, or email me directly at webmaster@restrainedelegance.com and I will try to assist. You can open a support ticket here: http://estore.surfnetcorp.com/store/elegancestudios/contactus.cfm

      If it is that the film is somehow not what you expected or isn’t as described, we’d really like to know about that so we can fix it. Obviously we try to make our trailers and framegrabs look exciting but we also try to make sure they are a fair representation of the film itself. So we’d particularly like to know if you think the film doesn’t deliver on what we’ve promised so we can fix that.

      Regards, Hywel Phillips

  3. Hello, I would like Mr Hywel Phillips place again in updates of restrainedelegance.com pictures of “KOBE RIDE THE RAIL” kobe lee, was a great job, I would like to see again, please

    • Hi,

      I’m afraid we don’t really shoot male submissive stuff- I hope you have some luck finding someone to realise your fantasies elsewhere. If you’ve not already tried it, FetLife.com may be a good place to start?

  4. Hi,

    Recently, I wrote an email inquire about custom shoot on 26 November but I got no response. Please reply back whether you received it or not.

    Thank you,


  5. an idea for a future film. act out an age play story, where ariel is kidnapped or obtained in some way if set in past and made to be a little one for the pleasure of her master.

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately age play is something we could not possibly contemplate filming considering the current censorship regime in the UK, no matter how clear we made it that it is only over-age people roleplaying.


      Hywel Phillips

  6. Hi there,
    in the film bastinado high heels with electro shockers are shown.
    I would be interested in the shoes with the app; is there a source of supply or building instructions?
    Thanks for the answer

  7. Somewhere I saw mention of a clip titled ‘Ariel Anderssen Mentally Forced Striptease for Reality TV. It interested me but I can’t find it anywhere. I’m sure that with ‘Ariel Anderssen’ in the title, you probably have an idea where I can find it. I’ve already searched here. Thank you

  8. Thank you for finding it for me! I discovered Elegance Studios and Restrained Elegance through the Pony clips. I hope you will do more Pony work with the gorgeous Ariel (or whatever aka she wants to use). I especially like the use of the blackout contact lenses and forced self-stripping. A ponygirl doesn’t need to see in order to follow orders. Again, thank you for everything you do.

  9. Hi, is there any chance you can shed some light into where the steel shackles / cuffs / collar showcased in a lot of updates can be purchased? (For reference, they’re the ones with the padlock built into them.)

  10. Good afternoon Hywel Phillips ! Is it possible on your excellent resource restrainedelegance.com to use cable ties (clamps) to bind models? I would also like more photo sets of models dressed in strict office clothes (white shirt (blouse), vest and tie or scarf) with the word dressed in strict English style. Thank you in advance.

    p. s. Ariel Anderssen in this form in my opinion looked great.

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