Custom Shoots

“Custom Shoot” sounds amazing! It conjures images of your fantasy brought to life with the intensity and visual style of a Hollywood movie or a magazine photo spead. But how often have you received something slapped together in one rolling take on a webcam or cheap camcorder?

It is time to step it up and give your fantasies what they deserve. Bring them to life with a professional photographer/cinematographer shooting your fantasy with one of the world’s top fetish models. We will shoot your idea using a RED digital cine camera or a Hasselblad medium format digital stills camera, professionally lit and professionally edited to the standard you expect from Restrained Elegance.

That’s what our custom shoots deliver.

STEP 1: Choose a fantasy

Choose a fantasy you’d like to have Ariel Anderssen (or her spanking alter-ego, Amelia-Jane Rutherford) or another RE model fulfil for you. Write it up (see below for some of the things we need to know) and send it to me. If we like the sound of it and it’s something the model is happy to do, we will agree a fixed-price quote, lock the script, and produce it for you!

Q: Are other models available? 
A: Yes. Ariel lives here and is therefore available to shoot at short notice. So we can book shoots with other Restrained Elegance models it just might take a bit longer to organise your shoot. Please email me to discuss.

What Fantasies Are Available?

GUIDELINE COST: £250 or $300 or €350

  • Foot Fetish
  • Glamour or Striptease
  • Bondage
  • BDSM
  • Damsel-in-Distress, clothes cut off
  • Kidnapping
  • Self-bondage, consensual happy bondage, loving it
  • Dominance and Submission
  • Foot torture
  • Gag fetish
  • Hand spanking, light corporal punishment (flogger, broad strap, etc.)
  • Tickling
  • Fem domme monologue (see Mean Girls)

These are the fantasies we can shoot with Ariel. Shoots with other models will depend on the model’s limits.

GUIDELINE COST: £500 or $600 or €600

  • HARD spanking: cane, riding crop, paddle, carpet beater, tawse, etc.
  • Suspension
  • Multi-model storylines

Q: Why do these cost more? What counts as hard spanking?
A: Hard spanking is anything which is likely to leave marks or bruises. This costs more because we will have to carefully schedule it around Ariel’s other shoots. Suspension customs cost more because they take longer to rig and are also prone to leave marks. Videos featuring multiple models cost more because we have to pay more people.

Q: Are other fantasies available?
A: Quite possibly, it’ll depend on what it is and who the model is! Why not email us and tell us what you have in mind?

Q: What does the price include?
A: These prices are an estimate for a typical 10-20 minute single-scene solo girl bondage video. If we need extra resources (a second model, additional crew, props, costumes, locations, multiple scenes, etc.) we will add those to the basic price. Once we have your script I will provide you a definitive quote for approval before we proceed.

STEP 2: Choose a setting

One way we can keep the price down is by shooting at our studio at our house. These are the settings that are available:

Stone dungeon
Luxurious bedroom
Chinese room
Japanese room
Wood floored Georgian room, large windows, marble fireplace
Long corridor
Historical room/barn
Romantic Stairs and landing with large windows
Garden (currently only for clothed films/photosets)
Living room
Tiled entrance hall

STEP 3: Choose an outfit or character for the model to play

What sort of girl do you want to see? A brash girl who needs teaching a lesson? A submissive slave-girl? An elegant seductive foot fetish tease? What should she be wearing, or should she be nude?

We can cover many themes from Latex and PVC through silk, satin, secretary, ballerina, Medieval princess, bound bride, kinky schoolgirl tartan skirt, strict dominatrix, slinky super spy, plucky detective, airline hostess, policewoman…

If your fantasy is something very specific which we don’t have, you can send us the outfit you’d like Ariel to wear!

STEP 4: Describe the action

What do you want to happen? Describe your fantasy as it unfolds! What is she doing when the film starts? What happens to her? Does someone tie her up? Who? Why? What is she being punished for? Does she like it, or does she struggle and scream and kick?

We’ll do our best to hit every action point you describe!

There are a few limits:

  • We don’t shoot open leg explicit nudity, toys, or hardcore. Sorry.
  • Obviously we have to be able to shoot it safely, so it has to be something Ariel/the model can physically do without putting her at risk.
  • Any other person in the video will usually be Hywel or Ariel e.g. if someone ties Ariel up, it will be me playing that character. We can arrange multi-girl customs but they are more expensive as we have to pay the other model or models.
  • It has to be something the model and producer are completely happy to shoot. So we need to see your full script before we agree to go ahead so everyone can approve it. We reserve the right to produce only those customs which are within everyone’s levels and limits, of course.

Other than that the only limit is your imagination!

We have all of Restrained Elegance’s bondage and BDSM equipment available for use, including:

Hemp rope in red or natural
Rainbow rope brightly coloured nylon rope in every colour of the rainbow
Leather bondage cuffs and collars, waitress trays, etc
Multiple spreader bars
Steel yokes and fiddles
Wide variety of handcuffs, leg irons and thumb/toe cuffs
Pinwheels and other electro items
SM Factory steel cuffs, collars, chains, padlocks
Heavyweight steel Clejuso cuffs for wrists and ankles
Silk scarves for gags and bondage in many colours
Bamboo poles
Globe cuffs
Floggers, whips, canes, paddles, tawses, carpet baeaters, and a wide variety of CP implements (we have a wide personal collection in addition to the ones which have appeared on RE)
Nipple clamps, clover clamps, weighted clamps
Bit gags
Ball gags in a whole spectrum of colours
Violet wand, candle wax, suspension cuffs, dental gags, ring gags, cock gags, mouth stuffing gags, historical manacles, darby cuffs, bondage tape, five-point shackle cuffs, clothes pegs, wheelchair, stocks-in-a-box, leather straps, and more…

If it isn’t on the list- please ask, we do have a LOT of gear. Again if there’s something specific you would like and we don’t have it, you can send it and we’ll shoot it!

STEP 5: Video or Still Photographs?

The above prices cover a 4K or full HD 1080p high bit rate video, typically 10-20 minutes, shot in the style of an indie film- so not just one boring static shot for the whole time! The exact length of video will depend on how long your story takes to tell- we want to shoot in pacy, exciting, adrenaline filled style rather than just pointing the camera until the 15 minutes are up for the sake of it. We won’t know the exact final running time until the film is edited but we’ll aim for at least 10 minutes.

For photographs you’ll get 75-150 stills images at full 42-megapixel resolution. Again, how many photos exactly will depend on what happens in your story- if Ariel really can’t move a muscle, we won’t shoot duplicate shots just to pad it out. We’re determined to deliver your fantasy in the best quality we can!

STEP 6: Get In Touch

Email Hywel at

We will agree the details with you, confirm that all involved are happy to shoot it, and confirm the price. At this point the script for the custom is “locked” – no more changes, so we can get on and produce it. (We need to source all the costumes and props, the bondage gear, book the model, etc..)

STEP 7: Payment

We will send you details of how to pay: bank transfer preferred.

Unfortunately we cannot accept payment by PayPal. Their terms and conditions forbid using their service for your requests or our business and they will suspend accounts if we try.

Once payment has cleared…

STEP 8: We shoot it

How soon we can do it will depend on the model’s schedule. For Ariel, we can usually shoot it in a few weeks. With busy travelling models, it may take a few months until we can get her. We’ll advise you of the timescale.

Once we’ve shot it, we will then edit it, which will fit in around our editing schedule for RE and SilkSoles but typically done within two weeks.

I will then upload the files ready for you to download.

STEP 9: Download and Enjoy. Again and Again!

Download your custom-shot mini-feature-film or exhibition quality still photos and enjoy them forever!

Terms And Conditions?

That’s pretty much it! The only other thing to mention is that the above prices assume that the video or photoset we shoot will be featuring on Restrained Elegance, Silk Soles or Elegance Studios in due course. The above prices assume that. We can shoot custom videos and photosets for purely private and exclusive use, too… but we’d have to charge you the full commercial rate if we can’t show it on our sites at all.

Please Email Hywel to discuss you ideas! We can’t wait to hear from you!

9 thoughts on “Custom Shoots

  1. I received my custom video a few weeks ago and i was very pleased with it.
    It was exactly as i described it in my mails.
    Very professional shooting, good acting and good value for money.

    Cheers, Markos

  2. My wife and I had two custom videos made: one was self-bondage and the other tickling. We gave relatively brief instructions. Hywel came back to us with ideas and confirmed prices before starting.

    We are both delighted with what we have got: they exceed our expectations in many ways. The bondage video features Ariel Anderssen on the sitting room sofa talking to camera while tying herself up. It is very clear and detailed including descriptions of the bondage and of Ariel’s feelings as if talking to a friend. For the tickling video,. set in the attic office, Hywel and Ariel created a suitable storyline for the action we wanted. The result was enormous fun.



  3. Well I have to say that you couldn’t have done this much better! This was the first time I ordered a custom video, and I knew why I choosed you guys.

    I can just say you two did a great job. I think I’m definitely going to order another. You really got the idea of what I wanted. Just superb!

  4. Thanks guys! It’s such a pleasure to appear in your custom shoots; I get a kick out of doing stuff I might not have even thought of before, and it’s a joy to appear in someone’s fantasy, trying to make the ideas in your head translate to on-screen. Thank you, and do keep sending them in 🙂

  5. Hi,

    Are you still doing Custom shoot?

    I have sent a mail but got no response back so I do not whether it reach you or not.

    Cheers, Shin

  6. I would like Hannah Claydon mummified. Or any of the Edited out video of The Island Of Dr Destructo. Especially the getting out of the Bath.

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